Is ALDI Closing Stores 2024 – Are They Going Out of Business?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 10, 2023
Is Aldi Closing Stores

Is ALDI closing stores? The headline has appeared prevalent on the Internet recently. ALDI has become much more viral than ever after this giant corporation is reported to close some of its stores suddenly. 

The outbreak of this information with shocking headlines has made people panic! What is the case? This blog will reveal a trustworthy answer.

Is ALDI Closing Stores?

The answer is an absolute NO

ALDI is one of the biggest German-based grocers, which has brought anything more than groceries to the table. With this popularity, the company undoubtedly has various media reports every day.

Especially with the unprecedented outbreak of the Internet, the terrific source of global news comes out with outright lies and misleading information.  

ALDI will not be closing stores as the suggested headline. On the reverse, it will continue its American expansion in 2022. Since then, the company has opened 200 new stores, summing up to 2100 stores in the US. The company will become the third-largest grocery chain in the US with this impressive figure.

Why Is The Rumor?

The pandemic has witnessed many chains, retailers, and restaurants running out of business. The viral impact of the Internet makes this information spread faster than ever. Information about ALDI is not an exception. 

Which ALDI stores are closing? Despite its overall performance, the retailer has a rumor about its closure due sudden closing of some grocery stores. The one in the South Side Fresham is the first closing spot. The event causes residents a big shock about their future shopping patterns.

Various locations were also closed. They include Ashland Ave, the city’s South and West sides, and West Garfield Park.

However, these closures are not indications of the retailer’s total collapse. ALDI decided to take these actions due to the declining sales and repeated burglaries instead. For these reasons, keeping these locations no longer proves its sustainability.

What Is The Future Of ALDI Stores?

The Future Of ALDI Stores

Unlike other retailers’ performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, ALDI announced plans to open 70 new stores. Currently, most companies find it hard to cope with the digital shopping trend.

ALDI promised to break new ground in Louisiana and Arizona. Besides these new stores, a new distribution center would be under construction. It will be available to support the Southeast and southwest operations.

These pieces of evidence have made it clear that ALDI is still hale and hearty with its $5 billion plan announcement. Besides, the partnership with Instacart for delivery will prove its power. It helps expand its access to a popular delivery method during the pandemic – curbside pickup.

Is ALDI Closing In Australia?

The company will likely close some individual stores in one of the strictest markets like Australia. Yet, overall, it continues its thriving path in that country. 

It plans to invest a large amount of money into the expansion process in Australia with the further implemented online ordering. There are new store formats launched for some heavily populated spots.

Based on those figures and evidence, ALDI will surely make great profits. In particular, the company witnessed a 15% increase in net sales during 2020 and 2021. The number for US net sales is not revealed, yet it is estimated to be billions.


Is ALDI closing stores? Without a shade of doubt, the answer is NO. This giant grocery retailer has no reason to close any of its stores. Is ALDI going out of business? Surely NO. 

Rumors will surely continue around this profitable company due to the eye-catching clickbait in 2021. Yet, we have enough evidence and confidence to ensure that the company grows and expands its system.


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