Aldi Air Conditioner Portable: Everything You Should Know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
Aldi Air Conditioner Portable: Everything You Should Know


Installing an AC requires some space behind the wall of the mounting location. This task becomes unavailable in fixed structures or confined areas. So you have to endure hot days? Give credit to Aldi portable air conditioner as it checks all the boxes. Scroll down to learn more about this unique device. 

Aldi Portable AC At Quick Glance 

Aldi founded an Easy Home Brand in charge of air conditioners and some other household products. Some sources show that AC’s manufacturer is Danby from 2019 and earlier. Since 2020, there has been no accurate information about the production company.

Great Features Of Easy Home Portable Air Cooler

3-In-1 Operation

The portable AC from Aldi offers three modes for your wide range of usage, including: 

  • Cool mode blows cold airflow to change the current temperature. The adjustable range runs from 17-30 degrees Celsius. The compressor turns on non-stop and stops only when the environment reaches the required threshold. Switch on cool mode during harsh weather or cool down the room fast.
  • Fan mode promotes short-term air circulation. AC blower operates while the compressor is off. 
  • Dry mode sucks out the amount of moisture in the air. Most users activate it during the wet and rainy seasons.

Two Flexible Settings

Users can add two more settings depending on the applied mode to enhance their experience.

  • The auto mode comes with Cool and Fan modes. The device automatically adjusts the blower’s temperature, humidity, and rotation speed through an intelligent sensor system.
  • Sleeping mode reduces energy consumption during off-peak periods. In detail, the temperature drops 1 degree from the original level every 30 minutes. This action repeats twice. The device then stays on for the next 7 hours. Remember that this function is only available in Cool mode.

Note: Only the remote control allows these two settings to be done. The first one does not appear on the LED control panel.

Timer Function

This portable unit performs a timer on and off according to your actions on the remote control. Each of your presses increases the set time by 0.5 hours. The maximum level is up to 24 hours.

Nothing can stop you from setting up two timers at the same time. The LED screen then shows the number of hours that will pass from the current time before the action takes effect.

Additionally, you should consider the Auto-Restart function if your area suffers from an unstable current. If power is suddenly disconnected and restored, the unit resumes operation after three minutes.

Shortcut & Follow Me Function 

There are two non-skippable buttons on the remote. SHORTCUT function stores your favorite setting, including temperature and fan speed. If there are no input settings, pressing this button causes your unit to run in auto mode.

Meanwhile, Follow Me adjust the temperature based on the condition at your current location. This function comes into play in large spaces. The appliance runs unimpeded if you carry the remote by the side.

LED Display

Most of the above settings come right on the built-in screen afterward. The clear information display turns your usage to be effortless. You do not have to get out of bed for stuff. Adjust via responsive remote control and track on the electronic control panel.

In general, Aldi AC is a cooling appliance worth your money. It operates within 200 ft, and the built-in wheels support moving this unit in multi directions. 

However, it possesses drawbacks. Some customers complain about the noise emanating from the unstable shell. It is also odd when the air does not blow in straight. The flow comes sideways from the front, so people struggle to find the right placement.

How To Shop For The Aldi Easy Home Portable Air Conditioner

Aldi often sells portable air conditioners in the summer. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not launch on e-commerce sites or any intermediaries. Hence, it would be best if you visited the official store in the sale season to own one. The purchase seems bulky, so you should consider the means to take it home.

It is redundant to worry about the price. Compared to most other ACs on the market, the price range of the Aldi portable AC 2023 runs between $ 199- $ 229.


Does The Easy Home Portable Air Conditioner Offer Warranty?

Always. Every appliance comes with a 1-year warranty. Though it does not last long, it is a good deal at a moderate price. If you face technical errors, consider the user manual. Some tips in the Troubleshooting section may help. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer at the attached phone number.

Does The Easy Home 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Come With A Window Installation Kit?

YES. You will receive a full pack of window unit, including an exhaust hose, two hose adaptors, two dowels, and four castors. These components may take you 20 minutes to install.

Do I Need To Install Window Ventilation To Use Aldi Coolers?

As you can speculate from the above components, the answer is yes. The good news is that the Aldi windows kit is compact. It does not take up much space.


Various modes of Aldi portable air conditioner 2023 satisfy the basic demand for a cooling device. Despite the disadvantages, you can enjoy good functions at affordable prices. As this appliance is often available in the two-week special buys, set the memorandum in your calendar not to miss it.

* Disclaimer: We do not buy, sell or provide service, we only share with you our trusted sources, and experience. In case of any changes in the products or services of the companies, all the information below is supposed to change at any time.

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