Do You Have To Show Your Receipt At Walmart? – Know Your Rights!

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: June 18, 2022
Do You Have To Show Your Receipt At Walmart

You may go shopping to buy surprising kinds of merchandise with special prices both online and in-store, but you could be required to present a related receipt before going out at one of the physical stores of Walmart.

Therefore, do you have to show your receipt at Walmart? This post provides exactly all the things definitely necessary for you to learn!

Do I Have To Show My Receipt At Walmart?

The employees can request to check it before your leave, because that is Walmart receipt checking policy. However, you have the right not to accept it.

Does Walmart have the right to check receipts? The answer is yes but just in some certain situations. Because of the “Shopkeeper’s Privilege”, the company can even force buyers to present it or detain them in-store in case the staff suspects something wrong.

Does Walmart Receipt Checking Policy Mean The Staff Suspects You Of Shoplifting?

The associates only check buyers’ receipts to deter and catch these shoplifters so it is unnecessary to think that this retailer suspected customers of shoplifting in case they applied Walmart receipt checking policy.

According to  Shopkeeper’s Privilege, checking action is wholly voluntary and employees need to take extra action if they find a probable reason.

There are different rules in other stores like Costco. To become its member, you are forced to present it.

Does Walmart Have The Right To Scan Your Receipt?

Once you activate the sensors near the door when you leave the store, scanning it will be essential, which doesn’t mean they suspect you of theft.

Sometimes, it is just necessary to inspect whether the cashier, calling you, skips scanning your items but scanning it doesn’t happen in all stores. Finally, the company needs to ensure that the customers have paid for all goods.

In Case You Can Not Find Your Receipt Before You Leave Walmart, What Will Happen?

Don’t worry! Your credit card can help you retrieve the payment proof in this situation.

All you need to do is enter the details and location of your purchase into an online tool named Receipt Lookup. Then, you can have a digital copy and present it to the associate instead.

You may have the associate serving you verify that you have paid for your items.

Can Walmart Detain You In-store?

Suppose you don’t accept their checking request. The company doesn’t have the right to force you because presenting buyers’ receipts is voluntary.

But if it is reasonable to suspect you of shoplifting, they will prevent you from leaving the store according to Shopkeeper’s Privilege.

“Reasonable suspicion” differs from state to state will be identified by the following observations of 

  • Surveillance footage
  • The Merchandise 
  • Staff or customer statements 

The Reason For Receipt Check At Walmart Nowadays

Receipt Check At Walmart

Checking action didn’t always happen at Walmart before like they do at the present.

This action enhances methods against theft. In 2015, the company lost about $3 billion, which accounted for 1% of the total revenue because of shoplifting behaviors. 

Recently, self-checkout machines have been applied to many stores. It’s easier and simpler to move an item in your basket that you don’t need to scan with this introduction.

Many associates probably do Walmart checking receipts at door by waiting for the shoppers at the exit to check the merchandise in the bags, which was definitely the situation in Canadian stores.

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Before leaving the store, Walmart can have the right to request your receipt check because this company sometimes loses considerable revenue due to the theft. 

Still, you aren’t forced to do it and they will not carry on more action if you don’t accept.

However, if the employee has probable proof to prove that you shoplifted a product or some products at the store, they can prevent you from leaving.

We hope you will find the “Do you have to show your receipt at Walmart?” article insightful and informative! Remember to stay tuned to our next post!

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL ), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores, products and services.