Walmart Shoplifting Policy for Those Stealing From Store – Updated 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
how does Walmart track shoplifting

Walmart is one of the most well-known retail chains in the United States with very large net sales. That’s why it suffers a significant amount of stealing instances due to its size.

So, how does Walmart track shoplifting? To figure out the most precise answer, let’s look through our detailed information on Walmart’s shoplifting policy below!

Walmart Shoplifting Policy 2024 ?

As for Walmart shoplifting policy 2024, the store will use Loss Prevention Associates, security scanners, and surveillance cameras at the entrances to track shoplifters. Walmart also utilizes cameras and AI technology at those self-checkouts to detect whether there is something placed on a customer’s bag without being scanned before that.

Every year, Walmart has experienced a significant loss of money due to stealing. With the advent of the self-checkout facilities, these losses have escalated.

Walmart has now employed picture recognition technology from the Irish firm Everseen to combat self-checkout theft. Over 1000 establishments have these cameras around the self-chechout service and the cashier to identify stealing behavior with AI technology.

Instead of tracking individuals, the cameras will identify products on customers’ bags that didn’t surpass the scanning process beforehand. If the software flags such cases, it will notify a staff of that attempted theft.

Walmart also employs Department 51, Code 300, and other intercom codes to alert employees to potential stealing in the store.

Loss Prevention Procedures & Policy Of Walmart

Qualified Personnel

There is a Walmart theft policy of hiring loss prevention workers trained to spot and identify shoplifters. They will include the store manager, assistant manager, and other loss prevention professionals who have been specially assigned to the job.

They keep track of potential shoplifters, call the business if they spot anything suspicious, and catch shoplifters who leave. They are the only ones who have been permitted to observe, follow, and catch potential shoplifters.

The main process includes:

  • They will not act if they are unsure about an individual’s shoplifting.
  • They have to stay calm until their customer leaves the store. 
  • At every apprehension, one witness or member of management should be present.

So, Walmart’s principal method of preventing stealing is through qualified workers. They can deter anyone considering shoplifting just by being present.

Police Calls

Walmart shops provide a lot more potential for stealing because of their size. Whenever its employees suspect a misdemeanor or criminal, they are eager to call the cops.

To be on call and save time in a loss prevention incident, police officers and patrol cars constantly drift near retailers. This is in addition to their policy of hiring qualified loss prevention staff.

Walmart police

Restricted Access

A “Notification of Restriction from Property” may be issued to anyone who used to try to steal things from Walmart. It means they are no longer permitted to visit a Walmart for any purpose, including shopping.

Compared to calling the cops or filing charges, this is a far easier and simpler option to help handle shoplifting. It also means Walmart won’t have to worry as much about repeat offenders.

Non-Human Measures

Personnel does not always catch shoplifters in the act. Walmart is experimenting with picture recognition of shop products as one of the latest loss prevention tactics. Before passing through the checkout counter, the scanner monitors whether an item from the shelf is placed in a bag.

If the individual completes the checkout process and attempts to leave the shop, Walmart has the authority to hold them. In an earlier campaign, the store sought to persuade first-time shoplifters to pay for a store-sponsored anti-shoplifting course.

The legislation has been overturned for probable extortionist leanings because of the fear that the store will generate more money from the fees than they saved on shoplifted merchandise.


1, What If Walmart Catches Me Shoplifting?

Anyone caught stealing is quickly prosecuted by Walmart. They’re also less likely than other shops to dismiss petty theft accusations. Meaning you might end up with a criminal record. This will make it difficult to get a job afterwards.

If you are over 16, the item’s value you shoplift will decide how long you might be jailed. But if you are caught shoplifting in Walmart while under the age of 16, the store will encourage you to give that back and leave the place.

2, If Walmart’s Camera Captures Me Shoplifting, Can I See The Footage?

Walmart is under no obligation to share any footage of your stealing.

If Walmart files charges, they will give the police that footage as evidence but not to the stealer. You will have to hire a defense attorney to watch it.

3, Does Walmart Call The Police When Experiencing Shoplifting?  

Walmart does contact the police on shoplifters. If barcode detectors work and security camera evidence of you conducting a Walmart stealing act, they will immediately call the police. Then, you will almost certainly get caught.

In case they wrongly accuse you, just stay calm and immediately ask to talk with the cops. Request that the police question the store’s security. If it does not work, you need to hire an attorney. If you feel you are totally innocent, you must not sign anything under any circumstances.

Walmart can also contact the cops if they find someone dumpster diving or attempting to steal pallets from the loading dock.

Here is a story about stealing at Walmart that got many comments:


Walmart works relentlessly to limit the effects of loss on its annual revenues. Numerous security cameras, barcode scanners, and image recognition have been installed to prevent any shoplifting. Therefore, it’s not wise to intentionally or even accidentally commit such acts!

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