Does Costco Sell Ice? – Costco Bagged Ice Price & Location

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Costco Sell Ice

One day, you find a shortage of ice for the weekend party. At that time, the curious question “which Costco sells ice?” arose in your mind. Knowing that Costco is a famous retail brand for almost everything you need in daily life. But, whether you can find ice at its store or not. 

This interesting post gives you essential information about its selling ice, its price, and where you can take it. Scroll down now to find the correct answer to this question

Does Costco Sell Ice? 

Our answer is “yes”. As the third largest retailer in the world, Costco offers almost everything from necessities to expensive items like bags and auto parts, etc.

However, due to its melting characteristics and storage condition, ice is only available in high-traffic areas like stores near the beach or parks.

Keep reading to find out the selling price of bags of ice at Costco, the place to buy, or some of Costco don’t sell ice.  

Why Don’t All Costco Sell Ice?

Does Costco Have A One Day Pass

The fact that demand for ice is not high and stable enough for all Costco warehouses to sell it. Normally, at big events and parties prepared for a large number of people, the ice is in high demand. 

Otherwise, only in the popular outdoor recreation spots or on summer days do people need more ice to cool down the heat once the weather heats up. 

In terms of probability, even selling bulk ice does generate huge amounts of income. Meanwhile, Costco spends big investments to equip ice makers and store them. With all these facts, Costco will not sell ice in all of its outlets. 

How Much Does Costco Sell Ice For? (50W)

The price of bags of ice at Costco varies from US$ 1.79 to US$ 2.49 for a 20lb depending on the warehouse location. Compared with other retailers, ice purchasing at Costco saves you US$ 1- US$ 2.

Where Can You Find Ice In The Costco? 

As a regular habit, we usually find it in the freezer aisle. You will take it from the cooler near the exit. 

Find Costco locations here:

You must order a number of bags and pay for them at the register once you check–out of the store. Otherwise, you must come back and settle the payment at customer service.


So now you know that not all Costco sells ice. So, you can rest assured to go to the nearest Costco warehouse to ensure you can buy it there. 

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