Bags Of Ice Near Me? – Top 31 Places Sell Ice, Price and Locations

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Bags Of Ice Near Me

It’s been a long time since ice made our lives different. It makes our drinks tastier, especially at summer parties, picnics or campings, even in making dishes. However, the amount that our fridge offers usually isn’t enough for outdoor activities or gathering parties. So, most people choose to buy bagged ice outside.

If you’re also looking for bags of ice near me, this post presents common possible locations and the price for you. Let’s check it out!

How Much Is A Bag Of Ice?

The answer depends on the size, weight, and selling stores. 

Like other goods, there are many components to determine the price. Basically, the cost may depend on the amount you buy, suppliers, and bag sizes. It’s necessary to notice the filled ice in a bag. 

Sometimes, the big bag isn’t equivalent to the full bagged ice. As a result, giving the price per pound may be more informative.

The price usually ranges from $0.16 to $0.40 per pound. For instance, the 7-Eleven stores provide an ice bag of 10 pounds with the price of $2.5 to $4. More affordable, the Walmart supermarkets offer the same weight at $1.5.

In addition, most people like buying out because the taste of bagged ice is somehow better than the homemade one. The reason may come from the factory’s pure water made of ice cubes.

Top 31 Places That Sell Bags Of Ice

No.StoreBag SizePriceStore Locator
1Kwik Trip10 and 20 lbsView locations
2Wawa5 to 20 lbsView locations
3Sheetz5 to 20 lbsView locations
4Cumberland Farms5 to 20 lbsView locations
5ExxonMobil10 to 20 lbsView locations
6Chevron10 and 20 lbsView locations
7Circle K10 lbs$3.99View locations
87-Eleven10 lbs$2.5 – $4View locations
9Hy-Vee8 and 20 lbs$2.19 and $4.99View locations
10H-E-B7 lbs$2.05View locations
11PublixFlexible$1.5 to $2.00 / lbsView locations
12Price Chopper7 and 20 lbs$2.79 and $5.29View locations
13Costco 20 lbs$2View locations
14Albertsons10 lbsView locations
15Fred Meyer$2.0View locations
16Food Lion7 and 16 lbs$2.59 and $4.49View locations
17Whole Foods market7 and 10 lbsView locations
18Sam’s Club6 and 20 lbsView locations
19Safeway7 and 20 lbsView locations
20Target10 lbsView locations
21Walgreens10 lbs$2.49View locations
22Walmart10 lbsView locations
23Wendy’s10 lbs$1.99View locations
24Sonic Drive-In10 lbsView locations
25Steak ‘n ShakeView locations
26Dunkin’View locations
27McDonald’s10 lbs$0.99 to $1.49View locations
28Dairy Queen8 lbs$3.00View locations
29Burger King10 lbsView locations
30Chick-fil-A5 lbs$1.59View locations
31Arby’s10 lbs$1View locations

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores Sell Ice

1. Kwik Trip

kwik Trip

A private company takes responsibility for producing multiple products for its shops, including bottled milk and water, pastries, common desserts, and cubed ice. Kwik Trip owns more than 300 convenience shops in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Its ice is packaged into two bag sizes, 10 pounds, a pretty rare size, and 20-pound bags.

2. Wawa

A Pennsylvania-based gas station chain named Wawa. It offers cubed and crushed ice packages weighing 5 to 20 pounds. It also sells beverages, different kinds of juice, iced tea, milk, and snacks. Besides, Wawa is renowned for its top-notch customer service.

3. Sheetz


Similarly, ice cubes are sold by Sheetz in bags of 5 pounds and 20 pounds. Sheetz is a chain of American convenience stores and coffee shops. The business also offers foods, drinks, and all the goods as other convenience stores.

4. Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms can’t be mentioned when talking about ice bags near me. Ice bags sold by this business also come in 5-pound and 20-pound packages. Cumberland Farms also offers bakery items, snacks, sweets, and different kinds of drinks, such as soda, coffee, and soft drinks.

5. ExxonMobil

The leading corporation in the oil and gas industry, headquartered in Texas. ExxonMobil provides ice in 10 and 20 pounds per bag.

6. Chevron

This name is quite familiar to most American families. Chevron is in the second position of the top 3 companies working in the oil industry. Its headquarter is in California. The business offers various finished products for engines, such as diesel, petrol, and fuel additives. YES! They also sell ice cubes in bags of 10 and 20 pounds.

7. Circle K


This is one of the most famous convenience shops – Circle K chain offers only one weight option for ice bags. The fixed amount is 10 pounds with a price of $3.99. Ideally, this company has branches in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

8. 7-Eleven


This chain sells a bag of 10 pounds for $2.5 and below $4. 7-Eleven opens 24/7. Besides, it sells different goods, including canned and packaged foods, hot and cold drinks, candies, and other items like tissue, hand sanitizer, etc.

Grocery Stores Sell Ice

9. Hy-Vee

This brand owns more than 280 grocery stores around the US, including Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. The grocery offers two sizes of bags for cubed ice, 8 and 20 pounds, with the price correspondingly $2.19 and $4.99. In addition, this chain is famous for its good customer service, various products, quality, and accessibility.

10. H-E-B

Another top-of-mind when talking of bagged ice near me is H-E-B, a Texas-based supermarket chain. H-E-B operates around 340 stores, offering 7-pound ice bags for $2.05. Like other supermarkets, they sell various products, such as chips, snacks, beverages, frozen items, organics, etc.

11. Publix

How Much Is A Money Order At Publix

Publix is a supermarket chain that provides dry ice. They sell dry ice from $1.5 to $2.00 per pound in most branches, especially on the beach, lake, park, and mountain areas.

12. Price Chopper Supermarkets

The store markets cubed ice in bags of 7 and 20 pounds. Specifically, the corresponding prices are $2.79 and $5.29. These New York-headquartered supermarkets supply various dairy products, grocery goods, foods, and drinks.

13. Costco

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One of the cheapest prices for ice is at Costco. In some of its branches, Costco charges $2 for 20 pounds of the ice bag. It is a place that offers many high-end local and national brands. 

Stationery, clothing, housewares, furniture, candies, snacks, household appliances, groceries, books, cameras, and even jewelry are all things that Costco puts on sale. In addition, it also manages self-service petrol stations in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and Iceland.

14. Albertsons

With its headquarters in Idaho, Albertsons is the second-largest grocery chain in North America. It offers ice in 10-pound bags for sale. Additionally, the store sells various pastries, dairy items, drinks, multiple consumer packaged goods, etc.

15. Fred Meyer

fred Meyer

Fred Meyer put bagged ice on sale with the price of $2.0 for a 10-pound package. The company has its base in Portland and many shops in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Washington.

16. Food Lion

This grocery shop chain has its base in North Carolina. It sells two bag weights of ice, $2.59 for a 7-pound package and $4.49 for a 16-pound one.

17. Whole Foods market

With its corporate headquarters in Texas, Whole Foods Market is a large grocery chain operating in the United States. It operates stores in the US, the UK, and Canada. Particularly, ice cubes are available at Whole Foods Market in bags weighing 7 and 10 pounds.

18. Sam’s Club

Sam's Club

Arctic Glacier Premium Ice is offered by Sam’s Club in bags of six and twenty pounds. The ice is perfect for catering services, eateries, and events. Water softeners and carbon filters are two technologies used to process the water before freezing into the ice. Buyers can keep this brand’s large ice bags in the freezer until used.

19. Safeway

Safeway Return Policy

Crushed ice is offered by Safeway, a long-lasting supermarket chain,  in bags of 7 pounds and 20 pounds. At some of its branches, it also offers dry ice.

20. Target

Who Owns Target

Sparkletts Premium Ice, which is ideal for usage at celebrations and gatherings, is available at Target. You can use it to make your drinks cool during parties. Additionally, it doesn’t include any significant food allergies. It is easy to handle, tasteless, and odorless. So it doesn’t ruin your favorite drink’s taste.

21. Walgreens

Does Walgreens Sell Flowers

The Reddy Ice brand is on sale in the Walgreens system. It comes in 10-pound bags and costs $2.49. Walgreens is a drugstore system in the United States that provides picture services, wellness goods, and prescription drugs.

22. Walmart

Walmart Video Game Purchase

Similarly, Walmart also sells bagged ice from the Reddy Ice brand. There is only one size option, a bag of 10 pounds.

Restaurants Sell Ice

In addition to gas stations and grocery shops, some fast-food restaurants come up with ice to increase their revenue. Check out some possible names below.

23. Wendy’s

This eating place gained popularity thanks to its fries and iced dairy dessert. After, this chain vends a 10-pound package of ice for $1.99.

24. Sonic Drive-In

This drive-in brand is owned by Inspire Brands company, based in Oklahoma. The brand offers pellet ice, also known as nugget ice, in bags of 10 lbs. It’s perfect to have a cocktail or a cup of soda with that type of ice.

25. Steak ‘n Shake

The Steak ‘n Shake milkshake business sells a bag of ice for 99 cents. The affordable prices aren’t strange as it’s a casual restaurant.

26. Dunkin’


The drink and donut chain Dunkin’ provides cubed ice bags weighing 10 lbs. However, it’s crucial to note that prices can vary from one branch to another.

27. McDonald’s

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The majority of McDonald’s sites offer ice cubes in 10-pound bags. A bag of ice can cost from $0.99 to $1.49. Compared to ice from other grocery stores, McDonald’s is nicer and clearer. The buckets and scoops are cleaned and sanitized every day. Every month, the ice maker is also rinsed. 

McDonald’s does not offer crushed ice, though. Don’t forget to ask the store nearby to know whether they provide it before arriving.

28. Dairy Queen

A top-notch store selling classic fast foods and ice-creams also participates in the bagged ice market. The stores have packages of 8 pounds on sale for $3.00.

29. Burger King

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Most Burger King outlets offer customers a 10-pound sack of ice. Several suppliers provide ice to Burger King, including Arctic Ice, Cape Cod Ice Company, Reddy Ice, Penguin Ice, and Diamond. You can purchase it inside the eatery or at the drive-through.

30. Chick-fil-A

Dishwasher chick fil a

One of the largest fast-food restaurant groups in the US, Chick-fil-A is well-known thanks to the chicken sandwiches. In the US, there are more than 2,774 stores. The company sells in 5-pound packs,  costing $1.59. Chick-fil-A’s texture ice is better than the regular ones. The ice can be obtained either in-store or by the drive-through.

31. Arby’s

These sandwich restaurants sell a 10-pound sack for $1. They have more than 3,300 shops all over the world.


Convenience stores like Kwik Trip, 7-Eleven, Wawa, and Circle K are some common answers to the question “Where to purchase a bag of ice near me?”. 

Additionally, bigger supermarkets or retailers, such as Target, Costco, Safeway, Sam’s Club, etc., may offer bagged ice at a more affordable price. 

In some urgent cases, you can totally count on petrol stations or famous fast-food restaurants. Recommended names are Cumberland Farms, Dairy Queen, Burger King, and McDonald’s. 

Hope that you can prepare well the chilled drinks, party, or just simple dishes with bagged ice

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