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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Since Costco is a CPG (consumer packaged goods) company if you choose to purchase items from there, rest assured that you’re making a great investment. 

Costco is well-known for being one of the top shopping destinations in the country. With affordable pricing on a huge selection of hard-to-find items, it’s simple to see why customers seldom leave dissatisfied. 

Do You Need A Receipt To Return At Costco

According to Costco’s return policy 2022, you don’t need to provide a receipt with your return. Show up at your local location and enjoy what you purchased. 

They know you’ve bought stuff from them previously, so they can check up on your previous purchases in their database, which means you won’t have to rush around town looking for proof you spent money at Costco. Moreover, members who save with an Executive membership card will receive further savings and discounts on all returned products.

How Do You Return Items To Costco Without A Receipt? 

Here is a basic walkthrough of the way to do it.

The first item you should remember to bring back with you when returning goods to non-receipt Costco is our Costco membership card. It is not required. However, it will assist us in making your return procedure much smoother.

If the goods you’re returning were a unique purchase, or if it’s something exceptional, we’d want to see the original packing and accessories, in addition to your Costco member or card number.

When you arrive in-store, a CostcoTM staff member will do their utmost to confirm that you are, in fact, a Costco client. Suppose the staff sees authenticating documentation of your Costco membership

In that case, they will be eager to begin the return procedure and restore your money to your original mode of payment because Costco stores every item purchased in its database; returning an item is a breeze, whether online or in-store!

How To Return Or Replace Items From Costco Online Order?

Returns made easy. If you haven’t opened the package and want to return it, looking for a refund or maybe an exchange, Costco has you covered.

First, if you don’t have an account, sign up for one at the Costco Corporate site. Then, in the order tracking section, click on the Return order. In case you have your confirmation email from, which will include a barcode (if available) for orders of great value

How Costco Can Find Your Purchase Without A Receipt?

Being a Warehouse member entitles you to various benefits, particularly when determining whether or not you purchased an item from Costco. You may not only purchase there, but you can also go onto our website and view your transaction history at any time!

It’s usually simple to figure out where your refunds went because they’re back on the payment cards you used to shop at Costco!

What Can I Return At Costco?

What Can I Return At Costco

Return Within 90 Days

Since most products come with a lifetime guarantee, some products only have a 90-day return window, specifically when purchased at Costco.

MP3 playersCameras

Cannot Be Returned To Costco Without a Receipt. 

In addition, some products cannot be returned, and they require proof of receipt. Certainly so, as these are exceptional products:

Special ordersLimited lifetime products


Are 2 Years Too Long To Return Something To Costco?

Two years shouldn’t be a big deal because all Costco members enjoy the company’s policy: return items anytime; however, they must be unused or lightly used.

Does Costco Give Cash Back For Returns?

Sure, you can get cashback! As long as you paid with a credit card, even if it’s expired or not declined by your bank, we can promise that we’ll look up your purchase with your Costco membership card. The money will then be refunded to your account, not cash.

In Conclusion

People who shop at Costco are smart. Because if you’re shopping there, then certainly you care about getting the best value for money that you can! The return policy without a receipt will help you feel secure with all your choices; no need to worry about losing your bill anymore. Shopping is more enjoyable than ever.

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