Costco AirPods Return Policy 2024 (Without Receipt)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Costco AirPods Return Policy

If you want to buy electronic products like AirPod, phones, watches, and many more Apple products, COST will be one of the best stores you can buy easily.

Besides buying a satisfactory Bluetooth headset, many people will feel dissatisfied or for some other reason after buying. They immediately thought about whether I could repay the product. Instantly refer to the latest updates on the Costco AirPods return policy right below to get your answer!

Can You Return Airpods to Costco?

The answer is YES, you absolutely can do this because they have a “100% satisfaction” policy for both electronic devices, including Apple Bluetooth headset products.

This type of procedure makes it possible for you to return your AirPod for free for 90 days (from the date of buy) at the stores nearest to you. When you buy a product at, you can repay it to any 800 storehouses worldwide.

You need to return all product accessories, including the box and receipt, to proceed with the repayment process. Once the store has completed verifying your transaction through your membership card and receipt, you can receive your money.

When Does Costco Accept AirPods Returns?

Returning AirPods to Costco takes place within 90 days of completing a purchase. This refund policy is part of the “100%-satisfaction” procedure for many product lines, including Apple-branded electronic devices.

You should note that COST will not accept any form of AirPod refund once the duration is over. Nevertheless, there are exceptions if you have a proper reason to repay after the specified 90-day period. It would be best to negotiate with the store manager to accept your reasoning.

How Can You Return AirPods To Costco?

At the store

The return policy allows you to proceed with the product refund process at all stores across the United States. Even if you bought your AirPod online at the website, you’d still be able to handle it in-store.

Before going to the store to give back the product, you need to bring all the evidence related to AirPod, including the type of debit/credit card you used to pay for the purchase and identification.

You need to know that returns and exchanges for Apple products can only occur at the customer service counter, not the self-checkout counter.

Via mail

Many people who are not convenient go to the store can repay their AirPod via mail. With this form, you can use your account to conduct the process of giving back items via mail. Follow the steps below in detail:

  • Log in to the website, then select “orders & returns”.
  • Select the type of AirPod you want, then choose “return product”.
  • Decide to replace a new product or want a full refund.
  • Download the information shown to print into a label and attach it to the packaging.
  • Ship packages through COST’s primary carriers, USPS or UPS.
  • COST accepts the product and issues a refund once the confirmation process is complete.

Remember that the payment method you originally purchased the item will be the same method that COST will pay back for you.

What Method Does COST Use For Repayments?

Once you have proven your product transaction, they will refund your full portion, including shipping costs. The repayment will be processed via the original payment method when purchasing the AirPod. 

If you want the fastest refunds, you should choose COST warehouse processing, and cash payment will be the fastest way to be refunded at this place.

Besides, you will need to bring a full credit/debit card if your original buy method uses these cards for expenditure. With payments made through this card method, it will take approximately 48 hours to enter the card. 

While warehouse processing is fast, mail returns take up to 3 weeks. This process takes quite a while because you need to send the item, wait for the carrier to arrive at the warehouse, and wait for COST approval.

Answer Other Related Queries

Can I Return Opened AirPod

Can I Return Opened/Used AirPod?

Fortunately, you can return an opened AirPod to Costco, but you will need to return all relevant accessories such as manuals, boxes, chargers, etc.

Apple Bluetooth headset is a high-end item, and probably you’ll have to go through a few registration steps to repay them. Further, you can still give back used (in acceptable condition), unsatisfied quality, or damaged products.

Is It Possible To Give Back The AirPod I Obtained As A Gift To Costco?

Apple’s Bluetooth headset repay policy at Costco allows you to give back an item you obtained as a gift. The subjects covered by this policy are members and non-members of Costco.

When returning items within the specified 90 days, you will need to provide the buyer’s membership number or the initial receipt of the Bluetooth headset. Be aware that the principal to a cash card functions similarly to a gift card, and you can solely utilize it in-store.

Particularly for non-members, they will be presented with a temporary membership to use the money to buy other products at the store. 

Can I Repay An AirPod Without A Receipt?

If you want to give back your Apple Bluetooth headset but lost your receipt, the staff can confirm by looking up the transaction using your membership number. 

In the worst-case scenario, if COST fails to verify that you are the original purchaser of this product at the store/web, the repayment transaction will be declined.

Do I Need To Provide A Reason When Returning?

Most products repay policies are quite forgiving on returns, but it’s a necessity that every employee asks you.

You can select from the following kinds of reasons to present in the store and on the web, specifically:

  • Received the incorrect item.
  • The product is damaged.
  • Not delighted with the item.
  • Don’t want AirPods.
  • Incidental purchase.
  • AirPods lack features or sound problematic.


The Costco AirPods return policy will allow you to give back Apple Bluetooth headset with easy-to-follow rules. You only need to comply within the specified 90 days, provide all relevant accessories, and provide receipts.

Many people adore shopping at Costco because of these favors and conveniences. If you plan to buy AirPod, the store or will be a great choice.


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