Does Costco Do Oil Changes? Oil Change Price in 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 22, 2023
Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

Costco, where you can find anything for your daily life, from what you eat, the furniture you love to the new tires. Additionally, it offers maintenance for your car and various motor oils from premium manufacturers. 

Now might be thinking, can I get an oil change at Costco, given its reputation for price, high quality, and involvement in the automobile industry? Read on to get the newest updated information.

Does Costco Do Oil Changes? 

No, Costco doesn’t provide oil changes any longer. Nevertheless, its shops provide trusted motor oil from manufacturers like Kirkland, Mobil, and Castrol

You will no longer see the Costco oil change or anything similar on its website. Before 2016, Costco offered oil changes to its clients, but since then, the 3rd world’s biggest retailer has gradually ceased this service. 

Why Did Costco Discontinue Oil Changes?

The reason Costco stopped offering oil changes is unclear. The broader public has made their conjectures. People presume it is due to the following: 

  • A drop in demand 
  • Low return
  • Instead of focusing on highly customized services, Costco’s business strategy is selling products in large quantities or at wholesale prices.
  • Tire Center of Cosco, the place that offers the service, has a checkered history.
  • Costco warehouses have limited retail space.
  • Customers were frustrated by variations in the customer experience across different shops.

Although many stores on the Eastern Seaboard or in Canada provided oil changes until the middle of 2019, it currently appears that Costco stores will no longer offer this service starting in 2022.

Is Motor Oil Available At Costco?

Yes. Costco sells motor oil. Although oil change service is off the table, Costco has a fantastic selection and great prices for motor oil. You can find several options here. 

The price is pretty attractive. You should take advantage of well-known motor oils at discounted warehouse pricing. Some of the most tempting offers that we recommend are:

  • For $38.99, you can purchase 10 quarts of full synthetic oil 5W-20 of Kirkland. 
  • At $41.99, you may purchase 6 gallons of Mobil full synthetic oil 10W30 if you prefer a premium brand.

There are two types of oil available: full synthetic and diesel oil. Diesel engine oil costs an average of $39.99. Full synthetic oil searchers could expect to pay between $38.99 and $46.99.

The cost of engine oil varies based on the kind, brand, and amount. Two famous names you can find at Costco are Mobil 1 and Kirkland. Mobil 1 is well-known motor oil, while Kirkland is Costco’s private-label brand. They are both good in quality and price.

Where Can You Change Your Oil?

There are several options for you to get the oil change. They are:

Find An Oil Change Service Company

Customers can switch to other famous oil-changing stores like Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, or Walmart. This kind of business has the advantage of frequently being less expensive than dealerships. 

Furthermore, they specialize in this field. It will be smarter to get the service there if your automobile only requires the oil change service.

In addition, Costco occasionally offers discounts via gift cards for commercial businesses like the above three names. Even if the company doesn’t offer the service directly, you may save money on an oil change with their indirect deals.

Look For A Reliable Mechanic

Finding someone you trust to maintain and fix your vehicle is worth investing time in. Putting the basic service like an oil change aside, your automobile will inevitably necessitate repairs. Hence, you should find a reputable, reasonably priced contractor in your neighborhood. That is where you can go for every need your steed calls for.

Do It By Yourself

The last way is to change the oil by yourself. You can purchase the oil suitable for your vehicle at a discounted price from Costco or other retail corporations such as Amazon and Walmart. 

If changing the oil is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. Thanks to the Internet, Youtubers will assist you. Or, make a phone call to a buddy who excels in it and ask for help. 

The cost of maintaining a vehicle may be significantly decreased by performing your auto upkeep. It’s beneficial to understand at least the fundamentals.  

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost?

At stores, it’s between $20 & $100. The price spans from $30 to $45 if drivers DIY. Several variables, such as the following, can be responsible for the substantial price difference:

Car’s Age And Type

Your vehicle’s model, year, and make will directly affect your cost of changing the oil. Larger cars eat up more oil. 

An expensive car will require more premium auto oil. Your mechanic may advise you to use a more luxury oil for a Porsche, but just normal oil for a Mercedes, for instance. 

Motor Oil Type

Full synthetic oil generally includes additional additives to safeguard an automobile’s engine. It is also the most high-end oil. Then, we have synthetic blends and conventional oil, respectively. 

Synthetic blends are the middle class which will have some benefits of full synthetic oil, while conventional oil has some basic oil features at the lowest price.

Where You Live

Oil change price differs in the region. If you live upstate or on Long Island, you may have to pay higher due to the higher real estate cost, labor cost, and cost of living. Even within the same area, prices fluctuate amongst branches of Jiffy Lube corporation.

How To Reduce Cost Of Oil Changes?

Voucher Or Gift Cards

You can get three typical discounted forms to save money on the oil change. As discussed previously, Costco occasionally offers gift cards for Jiffy Lube and other businesses regarding oil change service. Search for local discounts when your steed is in the oil change phase. 

Ask For A Promotion Program

Find out whether your dealership or mechanic offers a discounted deal. Asking doesn’t harm you, and they could grant you occasionally.

Don’t Fall For The Upsell Trick

It is the strategy of the mechanic regimes. They always suggest you more than your actual need. 

It may not be strange that your mechanic may advise you to get additional service every time you go for an oil change. Therefore, even if you are terrible at resisting tempting offers and sweet voices, you should know what your automobile needs, when your vehicle requires a new one, a replacement, or maintenance. 

If you often get misled, always ask a trusted person for the idea before rushing to any decision.

Prepare Your Own Motor Oil When Your Steed Needs An Oil Change

The last tip to reduce the cost of an oil change is you can buy the oil and bring it along to the mechanic store.

In most cases, you can bring your favorite brand and only need to pay for the mechanics’ service without buying their products. 

Hence, follow and get a discounted motor oil deal at Costco to save money. Then, you can take the oil to a mechanic shop to change the old one.


How Frequently Should I Change My Car’s Oil?

Between 7,500 and 10,000 miles is the time drivers should change the oil. It is the recommended number by several automakers.  

According to conventional wisdom, every automobile was supposed to have its oil changed after 3,000 miles. However, most modern vehicles may now travel from 7,500 to 10,000 miles before needing another oil change. 

Several people overspend on oil changes for their vehicles. Still, it is not necessary. 

You should indeed do routine/periodic oil changes. But you are not required to replace it every time your steed reaches 3,000 miles. 

The sweet point is necessary while avoid causing harm to your automobile. You need to understand your car’s features. A phone call to the manufacturers may be a great support. Perhaps, your car works just fine when you change the oil every 7,500 miles.

What Synthetic Oil Does Costco Use?

Kirkland 5W30. It is designed to decrease wear on vital components while increasing fuel efficiency. Costco’s full synthetic oil protects and performs the engine for a long time.


Costco is a multinational corporation that provides various goods and services. Costco oil change service no longer exists, but it does sell trusted quality engine oil at extremely reasonable costs. 

Besides, it offers balancing and tire rotation services. More importantly, Costco members can also get attractive deals on used and new automobiles.

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