Costco Optical Return Policy – Detailed Requirements For Eyeglasses

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 6, 2023
Costco Optical Return Policy

Costco is a popular destination for customers seeking good deals on eyeglasses and contact lenses. As a result, the firm return policy is one of the most important.

If you bought eyeglasses from Costco recently and want to return or get a refund, here is the complete Costco Optical return policy with all the important details. Also, it comes with a few requirements that readers should know. So let’s check it out!

Costco Optical Return Policy 2023

In 2023, Costco doesn’t accept exchanges or refunds for any related to glasses. Still, if you go back to them and notice that the prescription was incorrect, they can replace or modify the eyewear you purchased. 

Furthermore, they will take back any unused contact lenses purchased at the store up to 5 years after being bought.

Can You Return Prescription Glasses At Costco? 

Like other customized goods, Costco does not allow exchanges or returns on any eyeglasses or sunglasses sold in their optical department.  

However, suppose Costco made your glasses prescription incorrectly, and you feel that it makes your vision blurry, causing light sensitivity, or even giving you a headache. In that case, they will happily remake your eyewear.

To have a Costco optician update the lens prescription on your glasses, you’ll need to make an appointment with the optician. The error will be fixed during your appointment.

Can You Return Your Costco Glasses If They Don’t Work For You? 

Readers, sun-shielding, and blue light reflecting glasses used in certain situations are all covered by Costco’s Satisfaction Guarantee. As a result, you can return them at any point if they don’t meet reasonable standards of usefulness.

Purchasing contact lenses or prescription glasses requires the consumer to be certain of their selection before purchasing. Unfortunately, when the seal on any eyewear is broken, or the glasses do not suit you, you cannot return them.

Depending on the location of Costco, you have 60 – 90 days to return your sunglass purchases for changes. When time is up, contact them regarding any issues with your product.

Can You Return Contact Lenses At Costco?

By law, all Costco contact lenses have a five-year expiration date, so be sure to return them if you haven’t used them by then. This is true if your lenses are unopened, unworn, and undamaged.

You may also ask Costco opticians for a pair of sample lenses to confirm that you are in love with the brand and comfort of your lenses before buying a larger order. 

On the other hand, bring your contact lenses and your membership card to Costco’s optical department to begin the return process.

If you bought your contact lenses online, you might initiate your return by signing into your Costco account. Additionally, customers don’t need to bring a receipt as long as they have a Costco membership card. All transactions are saved in the system.


Costco Optical Return Policy FAQs

What Benefits Does Optical Provide To Customers?

  • They accept a variety of vision insurance companies, so you can have yearly examinations, glasses, and contacts covered.
  • If clients have a Costco membership, they may receive amazing deals on prescription and frame lenses for their glasses. In addition, contact lenses are available.
  • Costco charges an average of $184 for eyewear, which is hundreds less than comparable shops.
  • You don’t need to be a Costco member to get yourself and your friends’ low-cost eyes exams.

Does Costco Have A Glass Warranty? 

Costco is unable to offer a warranty on its frames & lenses. This includes no coverage for scratches, broken lenses, or frames, even if purchased through Costco.

Do You Need A Costco Membership To Purchase Contact Lenses Or Glasses? 

Clients must have a Costco membership to buy contact lenses or glasses at Costco. Cost depends on which type one chooses and can be canceled and refunded within five days of purchase (for $60 per year).

Final Thoughts

In summary, that is all you should know about the Costco Optical return policy. Besides, you can read the full policy on their website.

We think it is so important to have good vision, and it is just as important to have the right pair of glasses for you. So contact Costco now if you are in the market for a new pair of glasses!

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