Can You Get Into Costco If You Forgot Costco Card? – The Answer Is Here

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What To Do When You Forgot Costco Card

No matter what your necessity is, this warehouse can provide! With great products at prices that cannot be beaten, this wholesale store has it all.

Because it has a membership-only service, you’ll have to register beforehand and bring the plastic along whenever you visit the store. But can you Get Into Costco if you forgot your card? Will they accept your purchase? Here’s the answer for you.

Can You Get Into Costco Without Your Card?

Yes, you can.

If you forgot your Costco card, the warehouse still lets you do some shopping at the store. All you need to do is go up to a customer service counter and tell them about your situation. 

The employee will take down all of your information for identification purposes and check your customer number so that they can print off a reminder from the computer system. 

Lastly, they’ll help out by handing over a temporary one so you can finish your shopping once and for all!

What Should I Do If I Forgot?

If you forgot Costco card at home, it could be pesky, but fortunately, you can still enter the store. One option is to ask for a whole new one if you’ve lost the plastic already. 

Another option is to stop by the counter service desk at the store, where an attendant can look up your number, and you can choose a complimentary one if yours isn’t handy. 

You might even download their app from iTunes or Google Play and set up an account so you’ll never have to worry about leaving behind the plastic again.

There are also some integrated details for you to explore on the app, which will make your shopping easier.

Now instead of making you take a trip back home or waiting for them to send you another replacement, all it takes is a couple of taps at your phone screen, and bam – you’ve got yourself a digital replacement on hand. 

Can I Shop Without Registering For Costco Membership?

Costco Membership

You can still buy stuff at this warehouse unless a registered member goes with you. Prove that one of you has registered, and they will let you in.

Technically, you can also bring in two people with you as long as you have a paying member. Remember that there’s no allowance for a non-member to visit alone because they only allow discounts for those who pay an annual fee.

If you’re looking for a wholesale bulk product, you would have to register to be their member, which will cost $60 every year. 

They don’t offer you trials like other services, but memberships can be canceled online at any time before the next renewal date!

If you don’t enjoy the much loved wholesale experience but the fees concern you, don’t fret because the fee refund procedure is not complicated. They will give back your $60 whenever you want to. 

There’s a policy on this which you can find on their website, or ask the employee for more information.

What Benefits Can I Enjoy With The Membership?

If you are tired of shopping in other stores and paying a lot for a couple of items, this warehouse is the place where you can shop and avoid losing your wallet. You can find everything in this warehouse, from food to clothing and even appliances.

Also, to make your shopping experience better, the warehouse allows you to enjoy discounts on most things available there. In addition, members are given the benefit of saving money on fuel when they purchase gas or diesel at every location.

The $60 fee is not a big deal, compared to the discount they offer you. So don’t worry too much about the pros and cons; visit their website to check what you can benefit from and make your decision.

The warehouse also offers a Visa credit card that rewards members with cashback every time they use their service. Unlike others, this offers rewards on various day-to-day transactions such as gas, food, travel, and online shopping purchases.

That way, you can enjoy some advantages when doing things you normally do, like going to the grocery store or ordering food online!


Is there any fee if you forgot your Costco card? – No, there isn’t, unless you lost it and ask for a new one. You can also use a digital one for convenience.

Non-members who go with a registered member can enter, too.

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