Walmart Laptop Return Policy 2024: Unveil The Answer

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Walmart Laptop Return Policy

Walmart is committed to providing a diverse range of products such as groceries, office supplies, and automotive accessories. It is well-known for various advantageous policies such as the Walmart point system, cashback, and, especially the laptop return policy. 

People use this return policy to return almost any item they’ve purchased at Walmart stores. It does satisfy many customers.

Don’t miss out on this post if you want to return your laptop to Walmart or intend to buy one! We would be willing to assist you in gathering the information you want and other important details!

What Is The Time Limit For Returning A Laptop Or Computer To Walmart?

There is no doubt that Walmart’s usual return policy states that you can return anything bought online or delivered within 90 days of purchase. Still, products such as laptops, computers, and tablets, are an exception to this rule. The return period for these items is only 15 days.

In detail, Walmart offers a return policy that allows consumers to repurchase any laptop purchased in-store or online within 15 days. Notice that there are no exceptions to this rule for certain laptop types, models, or brands.

The policy begins on the day of purchase. For the order for purchases made through Walmart’s web store, the 15-day period starts when you receive the laptop at your address.

Therefore, if a laptop is determined to be faulty, ineffective, or non-functioning and you want to return it, don’t skip out on this part!

Is It Necessary To Have The Original Packaging In Order To Return A Laptop at Walmart?

laptop Original Packaging

When you buy a laptop at Walmart and want to return it to a store, you should also include the packing. There is no way you will be able to return the laptop if you lost the original packaging. 

Besides that, returning is up to each particular Walmart store manager to determine whether or not to accept your laptop. 

Hence, you should contact your local Walmart for further information on how to return a laptop that doesn’t come with its original packing. This method is also applied for the situation if you buy online and receive but do not have the packing slip.

Do You Need The Accessories To Return The Laptop Or Computer?

Oftentimes, laptops or computers often come with accessories to aid customers in using them effectively.

Such electronic accessories typically include a keyboard, mouse, charging cable, and monitor. Make sure to bring them with your laptop upon exchange and return.

Laptop accessories

However, if these accessories were bought separately from your laptop, such as headphones or speakers, etc., these will be required with individual returns. Some accessories also only feature a 15-day policy, such as computer hardware or tablets.

What about thumb drives, mouses, and keyboards? You will get the standard policy of 90-day! Keep in mind that returns are not approved on some accessories – software or IT items you receive through emails, as well as any visual graphics cards. Under the Walmart return policy, these things are not eligible for the return policy, and the store will turn your inquiry down.

To make the return process easier and smoother, ensure all accessories are kept undamaged when you first open the laptop package. Also, check everything again carefully before returning.

Does Walmart Require A Receipt When Returning A Laptop or Computer?

We can not deny that keeping the receipt of your purchase assists customers in receiving a full cash refund. In addition, returning a receipt is reliable proof that you bought the laptop from Walmart. 

However, laptops may be returned without a receipt at Walmart. Customers must present a valid photo ID in addition to the previously specified return conditions. 

Without the receipt, dating the purchase is difficult. Therefore, any extra information you can provide would make this method of return easier during the whole process.

Can You Return Laptops During The Holiday Season?

In the Walmart return policy computers, the holiday season is the only exception to this policy. Specifically, the return time has been extended by ten days for several holiday purchases. 

For example, laptops were previously limited to Walmart’s 15-day return policy. Any laptop purchased will be restricted to a new 25-day policy during the holiday season.

Note that if you purchase something from the 1st of November to the 24th of December, you can still refund when it’s the 9th of January. This is because the store restarts the process on the 26th of December.

Final Words

To summarize, before intending to visit Walmart for a return in-store or online, be sure to include all the accessories, information, and packaging which came with your laptop. 

Don’t forget your return period lasts a long 15 days for electronic devices. So, utilize the useful information to have a smooth return process! If there are any questions regarding the Walmart laptop return policy, please feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll be glad to assist you further.


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