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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

Walmart is a great store to buy many auto accessories, especially batteries. If you have bought a battery for your auto, but it does not fit the place or meet the requirements, then the first thing to think about is returning it.

Please refer to the Walmart car battery return policy below to answer these issues! Once you have read this article, your worries will go away!

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy In Recent

You can return Walmart car batteries to the store specifically within 90 days after purchasing batteries. If they are defective, you can completely exchange them. 

Remember that Walmart will accept these products if they are in conditions such as being inappropriate to your car, inoperative, and poor battery state. 

You also need to prepare all relevant information such as receipts and packaging so that the staff can exchange the products for you and make a refund if you return them.

Refer to more details with information about this policy right here.

Conditions In Which Walmart Will Accept Auto Batteries Returns

Everything is clearly defined and evaluated, so if you want to proceed with a replacement, you can follow the battery return policy, specifically:

  • Unsatisfactory product: Condition is intact, has not been installed and used. 
  • Doesn’t fit: It won’t fit into the compartment.
  • Can’t charge: Can’t work.
  • Poor product condition: After testing, the capacity is only about 75% (shown at 12. 45 volts or maybe less).

After 90-day of purchasing a product, you can proceed to Walmart to exchange if you check the above conditions, and they will fully accept this issue. 

If you’re wondering about refunds, that’s great because you’ll be paid the same way you originally paid if there’s a receipt. In case there is no receipt, Walmart will pay via store credit.

Store Offers Warranties On Car Batteries For How Long?

If you buy batteries at Walmart, you do not worry about cumbersome warranty papers, but only need to depend on the type of batteries you buy to carry out the warranty.

In general, there are usually two ways to proceed with the warranty:

  • First: Provide free replacement to customers. Usually, there are free intervals for one year, two years, and three years from the time of purchase.
  • Second: Support proportional replacement service.

For instance, for your item with a 4-year warranty, you will receive the first two years of free replacement and the remaining two years on a prorated basis. 

Does Walmart Pay For Old Batteries?

Does Walmart Pay For Old Batteries

If you were expecting a refund for old batteries, this is not supported as the battery replacement policy does not offer this feature. However, you may still receive a fee for returning old cores to Walmart.

This fee aims to promote the exchange of old cores for recycling instead of disposing of them, causing harm to the environment.   

When you need to buy a new battery, you can exchange the old core at Walmart and receive $5 to $20 (the charge will vary depending on the state). Moreover, you can also choose to receive that money back by choosing cash or a discount when buying a new one.

What Should I Do To Claim A Battery Warranty At Walmart? 

You need to go to any Walmart Auto Care Centers location to process your warranty claim. Staff at the service desk will initiate checks to verify your warranty status is valid or not. 

Warranty provisioning begins with purchase date verification, and if you’re still covered, you’ll receive a free replacement shortly after that. 

Does Walmart Support Change Auto Batteries?

Surely the answer is “yes”. Specifically, you’ll enjoy a free installation service at a Walmart car care center if you purchase batteries from their store. If you buy from outside and install at their center, you must pay about $10 for change and installation. 

Does Store Accept Household Battery Return?

The answer to this problem is “yes”! In general, most of these products are subject to Walmart battery exchange policy and are implemented within 90-days of product purchase. Remember that your product must be in its original packaging for staff to accept returns.

Refunds will be made the same way you would pay for the product, as long as there is a receipt. On the other hand, staff will check your transactions without a receipt, and you will receive your refund via store credit. Additionally, purchases under $25 will receive a cash refund.


If you intend to exchange auto or household battery products, you can freely go to the Walmart store to do it.

If you are interested in the policies at Walmart, especially battery-related products, you can refer to our related topics for more information. Wish you the best service experience.


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