How Much Does Walmart Charge To Mount & Balance Tires 2024 ?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Does Walmart Balance Tires

When it comes to Walmart, cost-effective items for daily life come up in most people’s minds first. However, they still offer services that might blow your mind, such as Tire balance.

Does Walmart Balance Tires?

Yes, Walmart has an Auto Care Center inside all of their stores which offers tire balance service. You have to spend $14 to adjust one tire, which means you might pay up to $56 to readjust all four tires of your car.

However, you have to wait from 40 minutes to 2 hours to get things done. That’s quite a long time, and you might get frustrated if you are in a rush.

A piece of advice is that you should call to book in advance before bringing your car to the store as it will save you a lot of time and effort.

You might still be craving more info about this service. Keep reading, and you will find what you are looking for about wheel balancing services offered at Auto Care Center inside their stores.

Money And Time For Balancing Tires

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Tire Balancing? 

Tire balancing is included in some packages offered by their Auto Care Centers. However, if you need your rubber covers to get balanced, the Lifetime Balance/Rotation pack is the right one for you.

With just $14 for each tire, fixing balance and rotation issues of your  thick rubber rings are no longer your concern, as they will take care of them every 7,500 miles until they are completely worn out. Moreover, this pack will charge no fee. What a bargain!

If replacing old wheel covers is what you want. Fortunately, they have a Basic Tire Installation Package to satisfy your needs, for the balancing cost of $15/tire, they will mount, stabilize, rotate and re-torque your wheels, as well as install valve stems.

If you intend to save some money, make sure that you buy these thick rubber rings at their online or offline stores, or else you will be charged $10.

With $25 per tire is the price of the Value Tire Installation Package, you will also receive a road hazard protection warranty and all the Basic package features. Nevertheless, it is only for their customers or those who purchase these products through their website.

With all the info above, the tire balancing cost varies among different packages, and you can choose the most suitable one based on your need.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get My Tires Balanced? 

Many factors will affect the time of the tire balancing process at their stores, like the number of rubber covers that must be balanced, the condition of your tire, and the crowding of this center you visit.

Therefore, they can not give you an exact time this process will take, but 40 minutes and up to 2 hours are what customers feedback about waiting for their rubber covers to get balanced.

Your tires will likely need less time to adjust if they are new and in good condition than older ones frequently driven on rough and bumpy roads.

Other Relevant Questions

Walmart tire balancing cost

What Is The Location Of Walmart’s Tire Balancers?

Most of their larger Superstores have an Auto Care Center inside, which means to get your tire balanced, drive your car in there.

If you have no idea whether their store in your neighborhood has this center or not, their website will help you out.

Just adding all details about where you live, like Zipcode or state on their website, you can know the exact address before paying a visit.

Can I Balance Tires Bought From Other Stores? 

If you buy the thick rubber rings from other stores, they can stabilize that for you. Let’s take the Lifetime Balance & Rotation pack as an example. With that pack, they will adjust the tires from their stores or not, and no extra fee is charged.

If you pick the Basic Tire Installation pack, the fee you have to pay is $10 if these are not their products.

When it comes to the Value Tire Installation Pack, it’s a different story as they warrant their tires for unexpected hazards on the road, which makes these wheel covers worn out quickly. Therefore, only online or offline tires bought at their store are eligible for this service.


Inside their Superstores, Auto Care Centers provide tire balancing service, with the starting price being $14 for each tire. If you choose the Lifetime Balance & Rotation service pack, that’s the case.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay any fee if your tires get balanced every 7,500 miles. You can pick other packages, and the price is slightly higher. There, though, you will not spend more than $25 for each tire to get balanced.

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