Walmart Tire Road Hazard Warranty Policy (Plan, Price, Cover, Claim…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 2, 2023
Walmart Tire Warranty

Walmart carries several popular tire brands at reasonable prices. With such a selection available, you will find what is right for you. When someone purchases a tire from Walmart, they get a lot of things. They get service from helpful staff, get a wheel at a reasonable price, and get a tire that should last quite a while. 

But, when you find the perfect wheel, you want it to last. That is where knowing Walmart Road Hazard Warranty Policy comes in handy.  Keep reading to learn more about this helpful guarantee.

Walmart Tire Road Hazard Warranty Policy

As of 2023, the Walmart offers 2 tire guarantee programs. One of the plans (Walmart Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty) is a basic limited-time warranty ($10/tire & $40/car) that covers flat tires as well as ordinary wear & tear during the tire’s lifetime. The second plan (Walmart Road Hazard Warranty) covers balancing & rotation services with $14/tire & $56/car.

Wheels are essential, so investing in them makes sense and getting the right ones for your vehicle. Furthermore, a guarantee will cover the manufacturer’s cost if any guarantees are voided due to wheel installation. 

How Does Walmart Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty Work? 

This option will cover your wheels for the life of your car. At $40 to $56/ car (based on your location), it’s specifically helpful in protecting against unscheduled or costly. 

In addition, it goes beyond the call of duty by allowing you to take advantage of tire balancing and rotation services at any Lube Express shop without any extra charges.

What Is Walmart Road Hazard Warranty On Tires?

Walmart’s road hazard warranty is about $56 per automobile and $14 per wheel. In addition, it covers regular tears & wears over time. 

This policy also provides flat wheel repairs or non-repairable wheels during the first 25 percent of tread degradation.

Furthermore, while having tires installed at Auto Care Centers, you can purchase a guarantee plan to cover either the entire vehicle or per wheel. 

What Are The Differences Between Walmart’s Tire Warranties?

Our study found pricing differences between both of the insurance policies at an average range of $40 to $56 in annual premiums (four wheels total).

The firm suggests customers both guarantee options. However, according to them, Lifetime Balance is a more necessary and fundamental choice in actual wheel fitting. In contrast, a Road Hazard Guarantee option ensures any wheel defects that may occur over time.

  • You can view Road Hazard plan in a detailed pdf file here

How Long Is The Warranty On Tire Lifetime Balance Option?

This option is valid for the life tires purchased (25.000 miles lifespan) or until you opt to purchase a different or replacement wheel during this time. 

What Is The Duration Of Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty?

This option covers the lifespan of the tire that the warranty is bought with until the customer decides to change the wheel completely (estimated 25,000-mile lifespan). 

Walmart Road Hazard Warranty

What Is Covered By Tire Road Hazard Warranty?

Compared to the Lifetime Balance option, this plan is seen just as an “extra” or “additional” guarantee. 

However, it is ideal for customers who prefer to use the same wheels for an extended period because it includes a repair service if the wheel can be repaired or replaced if it cannot.  

Moreover, under this guarantee, your wheels are protected against damage caused by regular wear & tear and potholes as well.

Another advantage is that after all services are completed, you will receive a small discount on your next set of wheels purchased at one of their locations.

What Are The Options For Filing A Walmart Tire Warranty Claim In Person?

If you have not already arranged an appointment by phone, it’s best to do so in person by visiting your nearest Auto Repair Center. 

Depending on the availability of staff as well as how busy the center is, there is a chance of getting treated immediately. Consequently, it would help to schedule an appointment in advance. 

What Is Tire Exchange And Return Policy?

Some store locations will allow you to return an unused, unmounted tire within 90 days of your purchase date as long as it has its original receipt and original tags. 

However, you should call ahead to ensure that your local store will give you a refund for a manager’s approval instead of just returning it. 

Under the Road Hazard guarantee, damaged tires can be exchanged or repaired. 

Is There Anything You Can Do If Walmart Refuses Your Tire Warranty Claim?

If the firm has problems with your guarantee claim, third parties like DoNotPay can help you with these issues. Though they may not be official, these types of services are almost as good.

Even though you may wish to pursue a claim with the company directly, keep in mind that there are other external services outside of corporate branches that may be able to help you if necessary. For instance, a phone call/in-person meeting is possible.

Final Thoughts

The wheel industry is constantly booming, with the leading brands in the industry constantly competing for customer loyalty. So the firm offers two similar plans that help protect and maintain the health of your wheels. 

If you are in the market for car wheels, you may have considered a Walmart road hazard warranty plan as an alternative to just paying the full retail price upfront.

This covers all the basics of your wheels, how they are balanced and installed on your vehicle. It is ideal for those who want to ensure they have the healthiest tires possible.

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