Where To Buy Postcards Near Me? Top 20 Stores Sell Postcards

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Where To Buy Postcards Near Me

The creative, impressive, and aesthetic postcards always make a huge impression on receivers, so people take advantage of them as sources of greeting, celebrating, and writing messages. Moreover, postcards can be beneficial for marketing, promoting a business’s reputation, or inviting clients to an event. 

If you are going to use postcards for these purposes but haven’t found where to purchase them, this blog will help you out the answer to your question, “Where to buy postcards near me?

Where To Buy Postcards Near Me?

Online ShopOffline ShopOnline & Offline Shop
AmazonPost OfficeOffice Depot OfficeMax
HallmarkTourist Information OfficeWalgreens
TargetMuseum & Gift ShopsWalmart
eBayStationery StoresUSPS
PostalyticsBook StoresCVS
EtsyNewspaper & Magazine KioskBarnes & Noble
Convenience Stores

Online Shop

#1. Amazon

How To Share An Amazon Cart

Amazon is a preferable place for anyone who wants to buy a lot of postcards at once. This online shopping platform also divides postcards into different categories, such as:

  • Vintage travel postcards: These postcards bring the 1940s vibe with the graphics of posters at that time. The vintage travel postcards are suitable for collecting, invitations, and scrapbooking.
  • Funny word-play postcards: You can express your love and care funny to your close and beloved people via these postcards. Moreover, the materials for making funny word-play postcards are often high-quality cardstock, so they can last longer as a memorable gift.

Animal postcards: Commonly, animal postcards contain animal images and fun facts about them. Therefore, this type of postcard can be appropriate for children’s education. Or, you can present animal postcards to a pet-lover friend.

#2. Hallmark


Hallmark is one of the largest and most reputable companies in the USA that specializes in manufacturing greeting cards. However, you can only purchase postcards on Hallmark online shopping website. There are some types of postcards you can find on Hallmark online, such as blank postcards, holiday postcards, travel postcards, and vintage postcards.

#3. Target

Target register

From 1962 to today, Target has risen to the eighth position on the largest US retailer list. Like Hallmark, Target only sells postcards on its online shopping website. Target offers its customers a diverse selection of postcards, such as pep talk postcards, NASA postcards, puppy postcards, happy birthday postcards, animal postcards, etc.

#4. eBay

eBay is a globally well-known online market, so that you can opt for different postcards on the platform. Many postcard sellers can introduce their products with reasonable prices, decent quality, and various designs.

#5. Postalytics

If the mass-produced postcards don’t interest you anymore, you can rely on Postalytics for custom postcards. After you finish designing the postcards on Postalytics’ online platform and complete the payment stage, the company will deliver the final product to you. 

Postalytics can be an appropriate option for people finding a postcard-manufacturing agency for their business.

#6. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that sells customized items, and postcards are always one of its best-seller items. Besides blank postcards for customers’ customization, Etsy also provides pre-printed products. 

Offline Shop

If you are not acquainted with shopping online, and these online markets are not the answers to your question, where can I find postcards nearby?” check out these in-store pickup places.

#1. Post Office

The Post Office is a noteworthy place to find postcards because every area has its local Post Office. Postcards and letters are often favorite combos for people sending messages. 

Commonly, you can opt for vintage postcards, travel postcards, happy birthday postcards, Merry Christmas postcards, or Happy New Year postcards at the Post Office.

#2. Tourist Information Office

When you are going on a vacation, the local Tourist Information Office can be the place for you to pick up a postcard. Apart from providing tourism services, the Tourist Information Office sells postcards and other souvenirs with graphics about the beauty spots of the region as a way to advertise the area’s tourism potential. 

Of course, you can only purchase travel postcards at a Tourist Information Office.

#3. Museum & Gift Shops

Other places selling postcards are museums and gift shops. You can find postcards at the museum’s souvenir corners. Postcards sold at the museum are vintage postcards, retro postcards, postcards with a great man’s famous quote, and postcards with remarkable historical marks.

#4. Stationery Stores

Since postcards can be considered a stationery item, you can choose many postcard types at a stationary store. 

#5. Book Stores

A bookstore can offer educational postcards for kids, funny postcards, Happy Birthday postcards, Christmas postcards, Thanksgiving postcards, celebrity postcards, cartoon character postcards, etc.

#6. Newspaper And Magazine Kiosk

Sometimes, you can buy postcards at a newspaper or magazine kiosk. Typically, these places can provide you with postcards related to the types of newspaper or magazine they sell, such as famous athletes’ postcards, celebrity postcards, car postcards, travel postcards, movie character postcards, etc.

#7. Convenience Stores

You can shop for many things at a convenience store; perhaps postcards are also there. 

#8. Airports

Airports have many kiosks for people to buy souvenirs and local traditional food while waiting for their flights. Therefore, you can purchase travel postcards at an airport.

Online And Offline Shop

#1. Office Depot OfficeMax

You can customize your postcards on the Office Depot OfficeMax website, and then the company will process and ship the postcard to you. Or else, you can pick premade postcards at any Office Depot OfficeMax near you.

#2. Walgreens

Does Walgreens Sell Flowers

Walgreens is another postcard company that allows you to create a unique postcard for yourself. After designing your postcards on the Walgreens website, you can order the brand to deliver the postcard to you or leave it at a closed Walgreen store for your convenient pick-up. 

Impressively, Walgreens also lets you customize your postcard at its offline store and take the postcard the same day. 

#3. Walmart

How Much Money Does Walmart Make In A Day

Walmart may be the most customer-friendly postcard-making store for you. The company introduced a separate branch for photo-customizing purposes called Walmart Photo. 

This is where you can customize your postcards as you wish. If your order is simple, Walmart staff will complete it in-day, or they will deliver the item to you a few days later. 

Besides the Walmart Photo website, the Walmart Photo department also offers postcard-customizing services. However, the difference is that staff at Walmart’s Photo department will carry out the designing task for you. All you have to do is to bring your photos to the department.

#4. USPS

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS

There are many United States Postal Service offices across the USA, so you can easily choose postcards there. Yet, you have to notice that some USPS offices don’t have a wide range of postcard selection like others’.

#5. CVS

Does CVS Take Apple Pay

There are several templates on the CVS website beneficial for your personalizing postcards. The procedure is to opt for a suitable template and upload your photo on the CVS website. Next, you can decide which stores you can pick the processed postcard.

#6. Barnes & Noble

There is no doubt about the scale of the USA Barnes & Noble bookstore chains. Postcards like Christmas postcards, Wedding postcards, and Birthday postcards are always available at Barnes & Noble stores. 

If you can’t find your favorite postcard at a Barnes & Noble store, you can order it online and choose the B & N location you want the postcard delivered to for your pick-up.

Bottom Lines

We bet that the list of 20 locations for buying postcards can somehow answer your question, “Where to buy postcards near me?”. 

Even if you are not familiar with online shopping or you don’t want to spend time going out for a postcard, our list will definitely satisfy you.

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Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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