Gas Station With Vacuum Near Me – Top 6 Places & Price, Time…

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Gas Station With Vacuum Near Me

It’s essential to keep your car interior clean. And using vacuuming cleaners is effortless to clean its interiors thoroughly. It will be a treat to your cars for longer use!

But where to get this service? There are many gas stations with vacuum available in the US, but not all. Now if you are typing in the search bar: gas station with vacuum cleaner near me, check in the list below!

How Much Does it Charge For Vacuuming Service?

The cost to use the gas station car vacuums differs for different locations. Yet, it will range from $0.75 to $1.25, which runs for three to five minutes. You might find some individual stations might have free vacuuming services, but we can’t identify exactly where they are, as it varies based on your location. 

The benefit of those vacuuming cleaners is that they offer 24/7, so you can use them regardless of the place. There are now some places requiring coins for the machines, so bring some with you when you want to clean your automobile!

Top 6 Local Gas Stations With Vacuum Service

No.Gas Station BrandCostTime on runningGas Stations Locator
1Kwik Trip$13-5 minutesView nearest location
2Phillips 66$0.752-3 minutesView nearest location
3BP$1-$2 2-5 minutesView nearest location
4Citgo$13-5 minuteView nearest location
5Chevron$15 minutesView nearest location
67-Eleven$1 – $22 minutesView nearest location

Apart from gas stations, do Sheetz and Wawa have car vacuums? We are afraid not

Besides, we have noticed that those having a car wash are more likely to provide vacuums, too. So you can check them out!

Tips for Using a Station Vacuum

Tips for Using a Station Vacuum

You might find cleaning the automobile’s exterior is more important than the interior part. Yet, it’s just as equally as crucial to your car. Some harmful particles such as grime, dust, or mold will also enter and deteriorate both parts of your automobile.

Some tips you can take advantage of using car vacuuming are as followings:

Make Use of The Credit Card Machines For Paying The Vacuums

It is the best option to pay for the vacuum cleaner to refresh your vehicle after you pour it at the location. 

One little tip you might not think of is using the machines that are operated at the stations. Those machines often offer credit card readers, so you can be straightforward about paying for the cleaner.

Some gift cards will be given to you after using the vacuuming service as a claim. So please bring it with you for the next cleaning; it can be a bonus on the bill paid!

Don’t Have The Vacuuming Cleaner on The Windshield

When you use it on the windshield, it can cause some risks and damage to your vehicle, as it is more likely to break the glass. However, consider using it for the windows. It can do the window well!

Be Careful Not To Use Chemical-Packed Cleaners On Sensitive Materials 

If your seat’s cover is leather, avoid using cleaners, as leather is sensitive to chemicals. Instead, you can find some soft pieces of cloth to clear those stuff.


When it comes to cleaning cars’ interior, using a gas station car vacuum service is an ideal choice. As it will easily clear out any unwanted particles from your seats and carpets and protect your vehicle from degradation.

Using vacuum cleaners is super clean, convenient, and fast! 

If you don’t know where to find a gas station with vacuum near you, we hope you now find the answer after reading our post

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