How Much To Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
How much to tip Walmart grocery delivery

Tipping is an important part of customer service, and it’s something that many people do not take into account when ordering from restaurants or retailers. So, when it comes to Walmart services, it raises a question as well.

If you are interested in “Walmart delivery tipping?”, check out this article now as we give you the full and detailed answer!

Do You Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers In 2024?

It is possible to tip your Walmart delivery driver as a Walmart plus tipping strategy, in either cash or in cards! Depending on whichever is better suited to your condition, your shipping guy would love to receive a bonus from you. 

A small fact you should remember is that tipping your driver through card payment will make the money extracted for interest to the company. 

So, if you want to complement your driver, give him cash for tipping. If you would like to show them how much they mean to you, give them a little something for their service based on how satisfied you were. 

If there are any other questions about these guidelines, please don’t hesitate to keep following us for more details!

How Much To Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers?

In the US, it is common to tip your delivery driver, and the price can vary. 

Tipping will depend on how much you feel their service was worth, but 10% would be enough for most people as a general rule of thumb. 

If they did an excellent job and deserved more than that, 20% or higher can go into effect!

Do You Tip Walmart Delivery By Leaving Cash Or Credit Card?

The easiest way to do so in order from this retailer is through their app or website. You can decide whether you prefer cash, or credit card (except checks), and even tip your driver!

Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for the service received, especially with cash. 

However, some restaurants only accept credit cards, and these are easier than ever, so you don’t have to wait around at the end of dinner feeling guilty about not leaving any money on their tables!

Cash is the most simple way to thank a driver. Using this way, you may be certain that your additional cash has gone directly into their pockets rather than the pockets of the firms!

It means that depending on what type of service they have with third parties like Uber or Lyft, drivers may need to share some tips, but there isn’t much moderation involved in these transactions.

Since customers are only paying for rides anyway so no matter how little it would’ve been from start to finish will end up getting funnelled back through one point – straight into an individual worker’s bank account, but hey, at least everything goes towards something, right?

do you tip Walmart delivery

How Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery?

Add this as an alternative to ordering through into the W-app or online account to show appreciation to the driver.

You can change or remove it at three separate stages during the checkout process:

  • On the Review Order display screen during the checkout procedure
  • Following the checkout which is in the Transaction History
  • Within one day after delivery, at the time which has mentioned in your Transaction History

When you receive the package from a driver, be sure to give them some money to thank them for their effort! If it’s more convenient for both parties involved, place an envelope with cash inside.

How Much Will Walmart Delivery Service Get Paid in Tips?

The company hires many drivers from third-party carrier services in addition to their own. As a result, the driver may just receive a portion of the tip you paid them because the third-party carrier service you tipped them through will deduct a percentage of it.

If, on the other hand, you tip them straight with your debit or credit card, no deductions will be taken from your tip or sent to the third-party carrier service. 

Because it is difficult to anticipate whether or not your specific driver would lose some or all money, order from Walmart early enough to allow you to pay them directly!

Do Walmart Delivery Drivers Know If You Tip?


Through a third-party app, the drivers may see how much you tip.

They will also be able to view their earnings and history, including how much was left after each online order is completed, with a nice little surprise at the end of it all!

Who Does Walmart Grocery Deliveries?

As a result, Walmart expanded its grocery door-to-door business by hiring more third-party and freelance drivers.

They have a personal shipment service that operates itself and deals with third-party services like Point Pickup and Skip Cart

These are in charge of reducing the typical two-day shipping time to one day or even the same-day deliveries!

The W-shipment service is a great way to ensure your groceries get where they need to go. Not only does it provide 24/7 customer support, but it also ensures that the driver gets paid overtime if he has ordered over $25!

What Is The Operation Of Walmart Grocery?

When you place an order with this retailer, a shop associate will take each product and hold it for you until your shipment. The consignment service will bring your order to you.

You can expect to pay a fee to get the package, depending on your assets and whether or not you’re a member of our club. Individual consignment is $10 for clients who do not wish to subscribe.

Customers can leave tips for shipment service. It is a great convenience since it eliminates guesswork about how much to tip! The delivery tip amount you choose is entirely subjective, but it should be enough to express gratitude for your package arriving safely and provide some recognition of the time spent with them.

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