How Does Walmart Pickup Work? – An Ultimate Explanation

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Does Walmart Pickup Work

Walmart Pickup is the answer to your demand for shopping on the go. You can pick up groceries or other items quickly and easily at any Walmart store without having to wait in long lines or drive around looking for parking. You purchase online, choose a pickup time that works with your schedule, and then your order will be prepared! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Pickup

How Does Walmart Pickup Work?

At Walmart Pickup, customers can buy goods in a time-saving way by ordering online at or on the Walmart app. Then it would be best if you chose the delivery time frame between 8 am and 8 pm. For each such online order, your purchase amount needs to be at least $35. You will pick up items yourself at a Walmart of your choice. It would be best if you went to the roadside pickup area, and there will be Walmart staff to help you put the goods you ordered into the car.

This article will give you more details on using Walmart Pickup and all the costs involved at Walmart. Continue reading to make the most of Walmart’s services.

What Is Walmart Pickup?

The most outstanding advantage of Walmart pick-up orders is that they help you save more time and are convenient for those who do not want to wait in long lines for payment.

With just a few simple steps on the Walmart app or access to the Walmart website, you can place a purchase. First, you need to select the items you want to buy, click “Pick up,” and directly pay on your device. Finally, you need to go to the nearest Walmart to receive the goods.

When ordering online from Walmart, there is a small note that you need to determine which items are not sold online, and some Walmart branches will not have this ordering service. Therefore, you should consider and double-check your order carefully before confirming payment.

What Are The Options Of Walmart Pickup?

We will now detail the types of Walmart pick-up order options available at Walmart that you can use.

After accessing Walmart’s website, you add to your cart the products you want to buy and proceed to checkout. What you care about now is how to pick up items at Walmart when you want. Walmart will have two ways to choose to pick up your goods: Store and Curbside.

  • Store Pickup: This is very suitable for foods with a short-term life because staff will put same-day labels on them online. After placing an order on the Walmart app or website, your order will be prepared, and you will be notified when it is complete, and you need to go to the store of your choice to pick it up.
  • Curbside Pickup: Like the above method, you need to order online on the app or Walmart’s website. After payment, your order will be prepared and notified when completed. All you need to do is drive to the parking lot dedicated to receiving goods. At this time, the staff will bring your purchase carefully into your car.

Both store pickup and curbside pickup give you the convenience of shopping at Walmart. Especially for people who are busy or have health problems that do not allow walking and waiting in long lines, this is the best service for them.

What Can I Get On Walmart Pickup?

Most people wonder if all goods can be ordered online or only a few at Walmart. The answer is that it depends on how you place your order leading to certain limited types of products and your delivery time.

For the store pickup method, it will be more convenient to purchase most of the goods available at the store. Availability or out-of-stock status will be continuously updated on the Walmart website and app for customers to know.

Unlike store pickup, curbside pickup service has more limitations, such as shopping is mostly focused on picking up groceries at Walmart stores in the United States. But recently, Walmart has changed the number of products for curbside pickup to become more diverse and meet customers’ needs.

What Is The Best Way To Pick Up A Walmart Order?

Pick Up A Walmart Order

You don’t have to fret about getting your goods because it’s so easy to do. Pickup times are between 8 am and 8 pm; it’s applicable at most Walmart branches.

To avoid possible difficulties when placing an order, you need to determine that the store is operating hours and you can come to pick up the goods. Walmart Pickup service is available most days of the week.

  • Create an order for products to be purchased on the Walmart website or app
  • Choose the time frame to pick up the goods and the delivery method
  • Please wait for the staff to prepare the order until it is ready.
  • Check the information about the parking number reserved for you on the app
  • Go to the store, park your car in your designated place, and wait for the goods to be picked up.

Just follow these simple steps to know how to use Walmart pickup. In addition, the staff also provide indirect delivery.

Let’s prepare your identification so the staff can check when you make an age-restricted product through your car window.

What Does Walmart Pickup Cost?

You don’t need to worry about costs when using the Walmart Pickup service because it’s completely free. You don’t have to spend money on hidden fees or increased costs, and you don’t have to sign up for a membership at Walmart. Moreover, you don’t need to tip the Walmart employee who helps you bring your goods into the vehicle.

The only requirement is that each purchase must have a minimum value of $30 when shopping at Walmart.

Walmart also does not ask you for the number of items you buy, or the total cost must be at a specific threshold, and the number of times to use the service is also not limited.

How Can You Make Walmart Pickup Work For You?

Some tips and tricks will help you when using the Walmart Pickup service.

  • Checking your store’s uptime will be of great benefit to you. To ensure that your delivery fits your schedule, you can order the day before and pick it up today.
  • Many people who have used the Walmart Pickup service encourage ordering on the website rather than on the phone app because it brings convenience to you on the go.
  • You need to select some products that can be replaced when the products you need to buy are out of stock so that the Walmart staff will help you complete the order according to your wishes.

You will have a more enjoyable shopping experience and more benefits when you take advantage of the tips mentioned above. You can discover more tips at your local Walmart itself.

In some cases, your local Walmart will not operate within this general time frame, or the products may be different from others. Therefore, you need to check your purchase carefully before clicking pay.


Walmart Pickup is a convenient service that can save you time and money. With just a few simple steps to place an order and a few notes when making deliveries on the website or mobile app, you can make the most of this service to your advantage.

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