Where Are The Weight Scales In Walmart? – Ways To Find Them

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Where Are The Scales In Walmart

When going to Walmart or any other giant store, product searches may become difficult because of the sheer volume of physical products and large aisles. This can make locating products even more challenging than usual. 

When you have no idea what aisle are weight scales in Walmart, there are a few things you can do to help narrow down your search in order to get what you need quickly.

Where Are Scales In Walmart?

The store’s inventory of bathroom scales is located on the bottom shelf in the home goods aisle or the health care one.

If you are looking for a digital scale, you may likely find what you need at the store’s hardware section. For small ones to weigh ingredients, the kitchen area is where you should head to.

The Best Way To Locate A Product In Walmart

If you know an item is on one of the shelves of the store but cannot locate it, the retailer’s app can provide that item’s exact location so you can grab it during your next trip.

Let’s begin by downloading the app either on an Android or iOS device. After that, you can create an account via Facebook or email that links to your local zip code and shows which store is closest to you. 

Then you can search for whatever you need, for example, bathroom scales. The app will then display the product availability and location in the store for you to find easily.

With this convenient app, you will never struggle to find products in the store again.

How Much Are Scales At Walmart?

For kitchen scales (food scales), this retailer offers a wide range of options. The simplest option retails at $9, while the most high-end kitchen scale has a price tag of $55.

Bathroom scales, usually cost around $20-$30. Alternatively, depending on the type of product you need, you can purchase an advanced digital bathroom scale for the price of $70 or a $9 simply analog scale.

Does Walmart Sell Medical Grade Bathroom Scales?

It does sell some scales that are suited specifically for medical professionals. They are looking specifically for their accuracy and quality more than anything else. So the prices are much more expensive. They cost from as low as $200 up to around $700.

Can You Get A Scale From The Online Store?

How Much Are Scales At Walmart

You can purchase at the business online website. They also offer a 2-day free delivery for your order. So feel free to choose between a wide range of scales, from the bathroom to the gram ones.

Can I Return Scales To This Retailer?

If you don’t like your new scales, keep your receipt so you can return them right away. This business has a very easy policy for you to exchange or return any products purchased at their businesses. All you need to do is show your receipt and be sure to do it in 90 days after you place your order.

If a receipt is not available for your return, then you will receive a refund as a voucher, gift card, or credit. Please make sure you return them in their box so that the staff at the shop can inspect that they were actually purchased in one of their stores.


Walmart has a huge selection of scales. They are categorized in sections according to the different types of uses they have from the kitchen to the bathroom one. That is why you can easily find the one perfect for your answer.

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