Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene Near Me: Latest Updated List 2023

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Mar 26, 2023
Gas Stations With Kerosene Near Me

You might be shocked to learn that numerous petrol stations around provide kerosene, also called paraffin oil if you’re trying to find a place to buy it. The best value for your spending is what matters in life, not necessarily going for such cheapest or lowest-quality options.

Kerosene is still used by a large number of people in the USA and throughout the world. The key reason is that kerosene offers various indoor and outdoor uses.

You might be stunned to learn that it’s relatively simple to locate at a gas station if you’re trying to buy kerosene. Here’s where to buy kerosene at a petrol station close to you so you can save considerable money.

List of 17 Gas Stations With Kerosene Near Me

We advise saving a drive and ensuring they provide it where you are before driving to your neighborhood gas station. Finding gas stations that sell kerosene near me is simple with the help of the fuel station finder on the company’s mobile app or website.

As a solution, think about giving the place a call and finding out if they offer kerosene or not. Below is a list of 19 places that sell kerosene.

NoGas Station BrandGas Stations Locator
1SpeedwayView nearest location
2ARCOView nearest location
3CitgoView nearest location
4ShellView nearest location
5SunocoView nearest location
6TexacoView nearest location
7Buc-ee’sView nearest location
8ConocoView nearest location
9Family ExpressView nearest location
10Go-MartView nearest location
11LukoilView nearest location
12MeijerView nearest location
13Pilot Flying JView nearest location
14Road RangerView nearest location
15Terrible HerbstView nearest location
1676 Gas StationView nearest location
17Weigel’sView nearest location

1. Speedway


Speedway has nearly 4000 petrol stations and grocery stores from place to place, and it is among the least expensive places to purchase kerosene. Approximately $4 per gallon is the cost.

However, kerosene is not always offered at the pump at Speedways. Only a few of its stations offer kerosene. Fortunately, Speedway does let you search the specific places by the ones that provide kerosene using its store finder. The Speedway store finder includes a kerosene selection that can be found under “Fuel Options” or “Location Amenities.”



On the western coast, with more than 1300 outlets, ARCO is a chain of petrol stations. At several of its stations, ARCO offers kerosene for sale. Kerosene is $5 per gallon of fuel. However, not every station offers kerosene at the pump, so to be sure and to learn about prices, you’ll need to give the place you’re considering contact ahead to confirm.

Visit the ARCO homepage and input your location, region, or zip code to discover ARCO stations nearby. The ARCO finder can be used to locate kerosene gas stations near me. 

The most possibilities for selling kerosene may be found in the southwest in states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Along with Mexico, ARCO also operates in the regions to the east and west of the Rockies.

3. Citgo

In addition to its label, Citgo also manages 5,000 or so petrol stations in 30 states under the Mystik and Clarion names. CITGO still sells kerosene at a few stations as of 2022, K1, K2, Low Sulfur, and Ultra Low Sulfur are the available kerosene grades. At Citgo locations, kerosene costs roughly $5 per gallon.

You can use the Citgo search tool to look up gas stations within two hundred miles of your area that offer kerosene by entering your address, state, or zip code. There is also a neighboring petrol station where you may cash checks. It’s wise to contact in advance to ensure, as not all Citgo petrol stations provide kerosene at the pump.

If you regularly refuel your vehicle at Citgo, you might want to think about joining their loyalty program, known as Club CITGO. With a cap of 20 gallons each month, members receive discounts on specific days of the week.

4. Shell


The likelihood of finding kerosene close to you is increased by the company’s approximately 25,000 Shell gas pumps in the United States. However, kerosene is now only available from Shell at a limited handful of its sites nationwide.

Once more, not all stores will offer kerosene, so be certain to ask first. You can go to Shell’s homepage, use the gas station locator to enter your address and find pump kerosene near me.

You can also call 888-GO-SHELL to speak with customer care to find out if kerosene is offered at the Shell station that is most convenient for you.

If you have enrolled in the Shell Fuel Rewards Program, you can save up to 5 cents a gallon on fuel purchases. You can also save an extra $0.10 per gallon by purchasing the Shell App.

5. Sunoco

One of the best spots to get kerosene is Sunoco, which has more than 5,000 outlets spread over more than 30 states. Kerosene is still not sold by Sunoco at all of its outlets as of 2022, but many do. Additionally, it’s simple to locate a Sunoco store near you.

Sunoco is presently among the most economical places to buy kerosene. At Sunoco, kerosene gallon prices should be around $4. However, prices can change based on where you are and what kind of kerosene you want. 

Kerosene isn’t always available at the pump, but you may use the website’s search box to find one nearby. Using their search tool, you can look for kerosene-selling petrol stations and locations with ATMs. When the kerosene option is chosen, some places might not appear on the map. In this situation, you might think about making direct phone contact with them to verify.

Additionally, diesel is available at all Sunoco stores. Sunoco also provides other services like car washes, ATMs, and auto repairs. Along with credit cards, Apple Pay is a payment option that Sunoco accepts.

6. Texaco


Do you call Texas home? Then perhaps, Texaco might be your best option for places near me that sell kerosene. There are more than 1,300 Texaco outlets around the US, with Texas having more than any other. 

Some Texaco gas stations sell K1-grade kerosene and are a component of the Chevron petrol pump network. Costs of about $4 to $5 per gallon are estimated.

Kerosene is not always available, so consider calling your local Texaco petrol station in advance to confirm whether they sell kerosene because not all of them do.

You can locate a Texaco fueling station by inputting your location on their website. You may also install the Texaco Station Finder app to locate stations while you’re on the go. The petrol station offers cash back while you’re on the road.

7. Buc-ee’s

In a few states like Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, you might find about 40 Buc-ee’s outlets and petrol stations. If you reside in one of these locations, think about visiting one of their nearby gas pumps to purchase kerosene. 

Ensure to ring the petrol station you intend to go to confirm that they do offer kerosene there. Always give a call in advance to make sure your trip won’t be in vain. To discover a station close to you, you can use Buc-ee’s search feature as well.

8. Conoco


Conoco currently operates more than 2000 outlets around the country, many of which offer paraffin oil at the pumps. Kerosene is sold at some of these places, but it’s better to give the place you want to go a call first to make absolutely sure they are keeping it in stock.

You can find a handy spot close to you with the Conoco station search. The cost per gallon may differ from one pump to another. Additionally, you may use the My Conoco App to save up to 25 cents per gallon on paraffin by downloading it.

9. Family Express

Do you reside in Indiana or close by? Take a look at nearby Family Express gas stations that sell kerosene near me. There are over 70 Family Express gas stations and retail locations in Indiana. 

Some of their stations provide kerosene, but it’s advisable to give the one you intend to go to a call beforehand to make sure they have any in stock.

You can also use the Family Express store locator or mobile app to find out who sells kerosene near me. Start by locating a location close to you. Once you have identified potential locations, you can proceed to check the station’s availability of kerosene at the pumps and the price per gallon. Download the Family Express App to enjoy significant savings of up to $0.05 off every gallon.

10. Go-Mart


In Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky, Go-Mart has about 100 petrol stations and retail stores where customers may buy magazines, snacks, and beverages. 

To find out which Go-Mart station offers paraffin oil, you can check out their website and use their Storefront to find one close to you. If not, download the Go-Mart app to locate a store when you’re on the run.

11. Lukoil

As of 2022, over 2,000 stations for Lukoil exist countrywide. Since kerosene is not always available for purchase at the pump at Lukoil filling stations, so be certain to ask ahead of time to find out whether your chosen sites do. Before your arrival, give the center a ring to confirm if kerosene is being sold there.

Another way to locate which Lukoil pump kerosene near me, you can also use their location finder. Simply go to the Lukoil website and enter your address, city, or zip code to search for a gas station nearest you.

12. Meijer


Meijer has more than 200 gas stations and retail stores in the Midwest. Some grocery store chain sites have kerosene, gasoline, diesel, and E-85.

Since kerosene might only be available at a Meijer gas station close to you, simply call the particular location you intend to visit to make sure they offer it. You can also use the Meijer store location to look out for a 24/7 petrol station close to you that provides kerosene at the pump in your area. 

13. Pilot Flying J

Over 750 transportation centers are run by Flying J in more than 40 states. Kerosene is available for purchase at various Pilot Flying J locations. So, before traveling, get in contact to figure out if your desired location offers kerosene or not. It’s possible that not all Pilot Flying J stations sell kerosene; however, you can always phone ahead and ask.

You can also use their app to locate a gas station while you’re on the move, plan your trip, and save up to 3 cents per gallon while doing so.

14. Road Ranger

Road Ranger

Road Ranger operates more than 40 transportation and convenience centers in several states, for example, Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, etc. Kerosene might be available for purchase at some Road Ranger locations.

If you are in one of these states, you can use the location finder on their webpage to discover a Road Ranger petrol station that sells kerosene.

To locate a Road Ranger station around 10 to 100 miles, simply input your city, state, or Area code. Additionally, you can focus your search on features like bill-dispensing ATMs.

15. Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst is a possible additional source for kerosene. The majority of Terrible Herbst sites are in the southwest. They run over 100 petrol stations and grocery stores where customers can buy goods, including snacks and motorcycle fuel. 

You can always check to see if the station sells kerosene by giving it a call or visiting the Terrible Herbst website. You can also get excellent access to regular offers, discounts, and more by downloading Terribles’ Social House App.

16. 76 Gas Station

Around 1,800 outlets nationwide are run by 76 Gas Station; however, only a handful of them still sell kerosene at the pump as of 2022. Make careful to phone ahead and inquire about the spot you intend to visit because not each offers paraffin for sale at the pump.

Visit their website and use their Station Locator to check by area to locate a nearby place. Using the My 76 App would make it easier to find fantastic bargains and save more money, up to 25 cents each gallon.

17. Weigel’s


Based in Tennessee, Weigel’s is a franchise of petrol pumps and grocery stores. In eastern Tennessee, there are roughly 70 Weigel’s service station sites.

Weigel’s provides a wide range of goods and services, such as gasoline, vehicle washes, oil changes, and ATMs. Weigel’s also carries 1K kerosene. But not all places are assured of having this fuel available.

To find the closest Weigel’s, if you are nearby, you only need to go to their website and input your zip code. On its website, Weigel’s also provides a list of well-known convenience retail stores. Check to see whether they have a location close by, if they provide kerosene, and the cost per gallon.

Other Stores To Buy Kerosene

Given how inexpensive it is, buying kerosene at the petrol station is an excellent idea. Not all outlets will offer it, though. There are additional locations in your area besides the petrol stations listed above that provide kerosene. 

When it involves making an accurate purchasing decision, having options is crucial. Kerosene can also be purchased through retail establishments like home improvement stores, online retailers, and supermarkets. You can easily find it at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, or Tractor Supply Co. 

However, the cost per gallon of kerosene can be higher. Home improvement store gallon prices can be almost twice as high as gas station prices. 

For instance, kerosene costs between $4 and $5 per gallon at the pump, but it costs around $10 per gallon in retail businesses.


Which Gasoline Stations Don’t Provide Kerosene?

Kerosene is a product that many gas stations rarely stock on most of their sites. You shouldn’t waste your time and effort traveling to many of them because they are enormous chains of corner shops or petrol stations.

The following petrol stations don’t offer kerosene, although they typically sell gasoline and diesel: Valero, Chevron, Sam’s Club Gas, Wawa, etc. 

It’s vital to remember that although many manufacture kerosene, they do not offer it to consumers at the pump.

Which Types Of Kerosene Are Sold?

Kerosene comes in four different varieties in the United States: White Paraffin, K1 Kerosene, Ultra Pure Kerosene, and SAE 15W-40.

  • White Paraffin: Kerosene is most frequently used in the form of white paraffin. If appropriately maintained, it may last up to two years. When it comes to purity and burning quality, it is inferior to K1.
  • K1 Kerosene: Also known as Kerosene 1, it has the highest purity and a lifespan of up to five years.
  • Ultra Pure Kerosene: This premium kerosene has a purity level of 99% or more and, when correctly kept, can last for seven months.
  • SAE 15W-40: This oil has excellent lubricating qualities and burns cleanly with minimum smoke. If stored correctly, it has a lifespan of two years.

How To Store Kerosene Correctly?

Kerosene fuel must be kept in a dry, dark, and cool environment. Its quality will be harmed if you keep it in a place that is excessively hot or damp.

Final Thought

Finding gas stations with kerosene near me can be helpful whether you purchase it frequently or occasionally throughout the year. Kerosene is sold at the pump at several popular petrol stations on a few of their sites.

Therefore, if you ever asked, “Where can I get kerosene close by?” try the gas stations and retailers on our list of recommendations above.

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