Is Costco Gas Good Quality? (Compare to Shell, BP, Esso, Chevron..)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 6, 2023
Is Costco Gas Good

Costco members, as you may know, get discounted gasoline. But is Costco gas good or bad? In this blog post, we’ll examine Costco’s petrol quality in 2023 and compare it to that of other bargain retailers. We’ll also look into the advantages and disadvantages of the chain’s petrol membership program. Continue reading for more information about refuelling at Costco fuel stations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Gas Quality

Is Costco Gas Good quality?

Costco gasoline meets the Top Tier grade, which means it complies with US regulatory additive regulations. Furthermore, this petrol is several cents cheaper per gallon than other competitors.

What Is The Cost Of Gas At Costco?

The pricing of Kirkland Signature petrol at the retailer will vary, as it will for other types of gas, due to a few factors beyond the control of retailers.

Regardless of how volatile the price of gasoline is, Costco’s merchants may still sell it at a lower price than others.

According to the survey, Costco’s gasoline costs are around 21 cents per gallon less than others in 2018.

The price variation between gasoline stations can range from 10 cents to 15. Regardless, the savings add up some impressive cash in your pocket for you. 

What Causes Costco’s Gas Prices To Be So Low?

This gas brand has managed to keep its costs competitively low by charging people who apply a membership fee. Only members of this chain can get Costco’s Kirkland Signature gasoline. 

$60 to $120 every year is the membership price, and it depends on what you would like to access. 

Membership accounts cost consumers around 75% of the profits of Costco. This price allows the retailers to control the lower price from fuel to groceries. 

Nevertheless, Costco’s membership is not worth it for you to register if you don’t fill your means of transportation up at this retailer regularly. 

Of course, to get full advantage of the membership account, you need to fulfil gasoline at Costco’s stations over 35 times per year. Suppose that you only register this account for fuel purchasing. 

Costco Gas Vs Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, And Exxon

According to many users of Reddit, petrol at Costco is as high-quality as many major oil companies such as Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, BP, Esso and Exxon. In addition, this chain has brought its fuel from refineries and renamed it after its Kirkland Brand.

Costco adds more fuel on-site to be economical instead of refining the fuel rack like Shell. This is the only real difference between them.

In addition, like Texaco, Mobil, and Shell, Costco meets the additive requirements of the US government.

Costco Gas Quality

Is Costco Gas Ethanol Available?

By online reports, the 91 unleaded gasoline at the retailer does not contain ethanol because they state it as a “Top Tier” gasoline.

Nevertheless, Costco’s Kirkland Signature gasoline brand still adds 10% ethanol, suitable for Energy Independence

In addition, if you refuel at Costco Stations, there is a combination of fuel in all pumps.

Is Costco Gas Harmful to Your Vehicle?

Costco gas isn’t hurting your car with a great number of detergent additives! It can be considered as Top Tier.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature gasoline contains a healthy dose of cleansers and polishes that will keep the engine running smoothly while also keeping things clean inside.

Especially, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for short, has some strict requirements when it comes to adding extra chemicals into your fuel tank. And Costco’s petrol brand surpasses as little additive as possible to meet those requirements. 

In a study by AAA that compared the dissimilarity between Top Tier gas and normal petrol, which only met the minimum requirements of the US government, engines in Top Tier petrol were 19 times fewer intake valve deposits on average.

Is Regular Gas at Costco As Good As Premium One?

The high-quality fuel at the chain is perfect for your car, no matter what type you buy. Whether it’s premium or regular Kirkland Signature gasoline of this popular membership warehouse store, customers can make sure they’re getting great quality petrol with detergent additives that meet Top Tier standards.

The only contrast between normal and premium petrol is octane levels. Use the right kind for your car at all times to avoid engine damage.

What Are Some Other Gas Stations That Sell “Top Tier” Gas?

In the US, apart from Costco, there are a variety of other stores selling top Tier standardised fuel. They are higher standards than the minimum requirements for gasoline quality of the US government. 

To understand their stringent features, you can access the Top Tier website. 

Since January 2020, many retailers have been selling Top Tier at their petrol stations, such as 76, BP, ARCO, Chevron, and Esso. In addition, Mobil, Texaco, and Wow are also on that list. 

You can buy certified high-quality fuel from many different locations around town besides the chain. However, the prices of Costco gasoline will be a considerable bargain because Costco fuel costs much lower every gallon than others. 

Is Costco Gas Common?

The answer is yes. It’s not surprising that so many people love to shop at Costco. The store is known for its great prices and high-quality goods, but it has one major drawback: everyone wants what they have on offer. 

You probably have to queue for quite a long while to fill your car up in Costco fuel stations. It could even take you an hour to wait.

However, it’s always a good idea to get somebody in the car to run into every necessary shopping while you are waiting.


We hope that this article has helped you get the answer. Because Costco fuel does not cost as much as others, you can save lots of money when buying at its petrol stations. Why don’t we try to take full advantage of it? If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to support you.


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