Does Walmart Sell, Refill, Exchange Propane Tanks? How Much?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 10, 2023
Does Costco Refill Propane Tank

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. It can also be said that its success today is largely due to the effort of serving more people at a cheaper price. 

Walmart products are quite diverse such as electronic products, clothing, video games, furniture, auto accessories, beauty products, food, etc. Many people also ask: Does Walmart sell propane tanks? We will give you the most detailed answer in the article below.

Does Walmart Sell Propane Tanks?

The answer is YES. Walmart does sell propane tanks of many kinds.

Does Walmart refill propane tanks?

NO, Walmart will not refill propane tanks in 2023 because they cannot prepare enough equipment. 

Does Walmart exchange propane tanks?

YES, you can require another service in Walmart, such as changing empty propane tanks into new ones. You only need to pay a small amount of money, nearly $14.99, for a new 20lb propane tank.

You can bring your propane tanks to Walmart and require them to exchange a full one for you. Employees are always willing to help you at any time. Another benefit for you is that you can go to any stores under Walmart’s ownership to exchange propane tanks

However, exchanging propane tanks online is impossible because some space restrictions can happen. Propane tanks are more special than other goods because if you cannot return them, you can’t exchange them.

All propane tanks are available in Walmart, so you can easily exchange them. Some of the most popular propane tank brands include Blue Rhino, Flame King, Amerigas, and Backyard Grill.

What Is The Price Of Propane Tanks In Walmart?

Do you know how much are propane tanks? The price can differ according to the service you use, such as exchanging or buying a new one.

Propane Exchange Price

Propane Exchange Price

If your propane tank is still good and can work well, you can bring it to Walmart to exchange the tank. You do not need to worry about whether your propane tanks are used or not because Walmart accepts all of them. 

After that, you will receive a replacement tank from Walmart. All these propane tanks are full, safe, and cleaned so you can believe in their quality. 

The cost for the exchange service is cheap, only from $5 to $6 for each gallon in your empty tank. Exchanging tanks will be more beneficial than refilling them because Walmart sets up many stations everywhere. It allows you to get access to Walmart easier.

In addition, the price will be about $14.92 for an exchanged 5-gallon propane tank. You can also watch the instructions about filling a propane tank in Walmart on this website.

Propane Purchase Price

Apart from exchanging propane tanks, you can buy a new ones in Walmart stores and other retailers in your local area. You can also buy online through the official Walmart website or on the Walmart mobile application. 

We suggest buying propane tanks online because it will provide you with more choices than buying directly in stores. Walmart websites usually include diverse products both from third suppliers and from normal stores.

Some kinds of propane tanks that are stored on the Walmart website are:

  • Coleman Propane Camping Fuel – 4 packs (16oz): $13.87
  • Flame King Propane Cylinder (20lbs): $49.99
  • Flame King Horizontal, Refillable Cylinder, OPD Valve + Gauge (20lbs): $119.75
  • Manchester Tank (20lbs): $38.62

In addition, you can contact the nearest stores to ask for the product that you need. Another way is to check it through the Walmart website, in the Inventory checker.

Is It Cheaper To Refill Or Exchange Propane Tank?

Refilling propane tanks is cheaper than exchanging them. In particular, the difference between them is about $1.75 for each gallon. When you choose to refill the tank, you only need to pay money for the propane you want to replace, not for the whole tank. 

Employees will refill the tanks for you without losing anything in your equipment. Refilling tanks are also more convenient because gas stations are available everywhere. You do not need to go to Walmart or any stores to find a new tank.

However, exchanging a propane tank is also quick and easy, so many people choose it instead of refilling it. 

Are There Any Other Stores That Fill Propane Tanks?

There are many other choices for you to exchange your propane tanks. Instead of going to Walmart, you can go to any stores nearer to you. Some retailers worldwide provide this service, such as Costco, Ferrellgas, Ace Hardware, Amerigas, U-Haul, and Tractor Supply.


You can buy a new one or exchange a full propane tank in Walmart, but you cannot refill them. Many choices are suitable for your demand and your budget to pick one of them.

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