Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay?: A Hot Question in 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 22, 2023
Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Many people like to use their phones with Apple Pay installed as a checkout method for things they buy because it is convenient and quick. However, some retailers do not take this type of payment which can be frustrating when you are trying to make a purchase with your app.

How about the retailer – Dollar General? It is a discount retailer that competes in the same space as stores like Target and Walmart.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not accepted by Dollar General. Instead, you can use debit and credit cards, cash, and check.

Apple Pay

However, they retracted and said they did not plan to introduce this kind of payment into their stores.

Unsure about how else you can utilize your smartphone to shop at this store? Keep reading to learn more now!

Are There Any Payment Options I Can Use?

Yes, it has its iOS and Android app called DG Go which lets you scan the items on your list while you buy and charge through your mobile phone at the end. 

However, only chosen stores to accept payments using this method, so double-check whether your local store accepts it.

Besides DG Go, there aren’t any other payment options at this store: neither Google Pay nor Samsung Pay is accepted at the till or online. Additionally, this company does not take PayPal as a payment option on their online site either.

Steps To Pay With Your Phone Using DG Go App

DG Go App

The General store has a new process that doesn’t require any special equipment or downloads. Instead, just follow these easy steps:

  • Install the DG Go application from the online application store and save yourself some time.
  • Check to see whether your shop accepts DG Go payments—if it doesn’t, you’ll have to use your phone at a different store.
  • Add a method like a bank account or credit card.
  • Pick up some digital coupons and save them to your account before you head out.
  • Look for product barcodes on the screens of your shopping basket and add the above voucher.
  • Scan the barcode at the checkout screen to pay and receive a receipt.

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If you’re looking to use Apple or Google Pay at the General store, you won’t be able to. The retailer appears to have no plans to introduce support for these apps. 

However, it creates its app, which can scan QR products while buying and use a QR code to checkout. We hope you have found the answer in our blog post. Thank you for your attention, and don’t forget to check our following posts!

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