Does Target Sell Stamps? – Let’s Find Out More About Their Business

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Target Sell Stamps

Postal services nowadays are quite out of fashion due to the skyrocketing of information technology. However, many people still rely on this means of communication to keep in touch with their friends from other states or other countries.

For that reason, we are here today to give you the answer to that query above and other questions too.

Does Target Sell Stamps?

The answer is yes; you can find all of the sticky pieces of paper of different types at most of their stores. Despite this, buying stamps via their website is impossible, claiming the reward points from these postal stickers.

The reason for that is that you can buy the set, pack, book, or sheet of stamps with the price fluctuating from $2 to $25.

But that’s not everything we want to share; keep scrolling down, and you will find more information about its location in the shop, what emblems are available on sale, and the difference in price based on the quality.

Price, Kind, And Size Of Stamp Set At Target

Which Stamps Are For Sale At Target?

You can purchase various types of emblems at their stores that meet your needs. In addition, These sticky pieces of paper come from the US or other countries.

Buying stamps at Target is divided into two major classes. The First Class is used for mailing inside the US, which means you can send a standard letter to your friends in any state in North America. In contrast, First-Class Forever is for international mail.

Stamp Set At Target

How Much Money Do I Have To Pay For Stamps?

These small pieces of paper at their stores have the same price as the ones sold at the US Post Office, which is from $0.40 for a postcard to $1.30 for an international letter. 

However, we can not buy a single emblem at their retailers, but purchase a set or a sheet instead. The price for the whole set is in the range of $2 and $25. You can save some of your pennies when getting them at this retailer, even with the special editions.

How Are Stamps Sold At Target?

Buying stamps at Target must be in booklets, rolls, or coils because they don’t offer individual emblems. Depending on the number of stamps required, the size will range from less than ten to more than twenty.

Other Relevant Questions

Where Is The Location of the Stamp Shelf?

Most of their shops display stamps at the cash register, so what you should do when entering the shop is ask the cashier to give you the kinds you want.

If the cashier says no emblem left, find the Customer Service section as this is where they usually keep the extra ones.

Nevertheless, some of their shops don’t offer this postage item. Thus, it would be best if you double-checked by calling the Customer Service Desk of the store near you with the help of Target Store Locator.

Are Stamps Available Online?

You can’t find any emblem on because they don’t provide this product for online pick-up. But you can buy other things for your mailing like envelopes or address labels.

Is It Possible To Earn Circle Rewards Points By Purchasing Stamps?

The bad news is you can’t get any Circle Rewards Points when getting some emblems alone at their store. Even with the Target RedCard users, it is also no exception. 

However, if these stamps are included in a bigger item, reward points will be added for any other qualifying goods.


Emblems are always at their stores, not online whenever you need to send a letter or postcard. However, you can not buy a single one but a whole set instead.

The amount of money you have to pay for these little sticky pieces will be around $2 to $25. The price will depend on the appearance and the quantity.

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