Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards? – Various Locations To Choose!

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
where can i buy target gift cards

Target is already a well-known chain of stores across the United States. Each year, they give out a set number of Target gift cards, which you can buy for a loved one or use for yourself. 

But, if you are having a hard time, and don’t know who sells Target gift cards? there are a lot of places, which will be listed in this article!

Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target In 2024?

Target Gift Cards are distributed in over 10,000 retailers across the United States. These cards are available at Target retail locations and select national merchants such as Safeway grocery and Staples office supplies.

These are excellent choices for folks who may not have access to a physical place nearby or who prefer to purchase online! Target not only has distribution centers at numerous grocery stores and convenience stores, but it also mails gifts right to your home.

Where Are Target Gift Cards Sold Beside Target?

Target has so many locations t, that you’d think it’d never run out of space to add more. 

Target, in reality, has over 10,000 outlets in the United States as of 2026, and they also offer gift cards to a few additional partners. You may find a list of them here.

LowesOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not onlineThere will be differences between storesNo extra fees
KrogerBoth physical and online storesBetween 15-500 USDNo extra fees
Pick N SaveCustomers need to make an order online first and then pick up later at physical storesBetween 15-500 USD0.1$ (refund later)
Rite AidOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not onlineThere will be differences between storesNo extra fees
MeijerOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not onlineThere will be differences between storesNo extra fees
StaplesCustomers need to make an online order first and then the Gift Card will be sent through email$5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, and $200No extra fees
SafewayOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not onlineThere will be differences between storesNo extra fees
WalgreensOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not online$25, $50, $100 fixed and may vary between 15-500USDNo extra fees
WawaOnly some stores are available at physical stores and not onlineThere will be differences between stores. Both fixed and openNo extra fees

So, when someone asks you where to get target gift cards or what stores sell target gift cards, feel free to recommend them to any of the locations above. Some of them only have online or offline options; some of them have both, so choose wisely to meet your needs.

Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Online?

Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Online

There are several ways to purchase a Target eGift card, and they usually take 4 hours or so to send out via email. You can also buy a physical Target gift card through the mail, and it should arrive in 5-7 business days. 

In addition, you have the option of purchasing a Gift Card from one of many third-party sellers who sell Target Gift Cards online.

Outside of Amazon and eBay, popular retailers such as Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, TJ Maxx, Gyft.com, egifter.com, giftcardmail.com, and more offer Target Gift Cards for sale at a 20-30% markup compared to buying them directly from your local Target store.

Where Can I Buy Digital And Target eGift Cards?

Target gift cards may be ordered online and delivered via Target.com or the Target app. An eGift card is typically delivered via email within one business day. In contrast, a text message gift card is often delivered within five minutes of purchase (depending on where you are located).

When getting Target Present Cards, several alternatives are available, depending on whether you want to offer the renowned retailer as a gift or obtain it for yourself. 

Keep in mind that each has its level of convenience and the time limit in which the receiver will receive them.

How Can I Use My Target Gift Card?

People unfamiliar with gift cards may be perplexed when determining whether they may be used at Target. We want to make sure that everyone can discover all of the information they want, so we’ll offer you a tip in this article.

If you’re going to Target and have a Target gift card that you’d like to spend, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! You may use your Target gift card in various ways, including scanning it as payment during checkout.

As a result, it will be utilized as a tender before other methods like credit cards or debit cards, which must still be manually input. Furthermore, if you pay online, you can use up to ten Target gift cards for each transaction.

What Can I Use My Target Gift Card for?

You can use target Gift Cards to purchase a variety of items from Target stores and Target.com, including:

  • Alcoholic beverages (make sure you are old enough)
  • Stores within Targets (Starbucks, Coffee shops, Pharmacy, Optical)

In Conclusion

Whether you want to give the popular retailer as a gift or get it for yourself, there are multiple options available when it comes down to purchasing Target Gift Cards. 

Target GiftCards are solely for use at Target and on the Target website, where you can redeem them for all or part of their value.

Thank you for reading this helpful article, and we wish you the best gift cards for the present!

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