Does Target Have Layaway? Payment Plans & Guide

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Does Target Have Layaway

You usually get Layaway support to get your favorite items in stores. However, not all stores support this form, including Target, one of the biggest malls in the US.

If you are looking to shop and wonder, “Does Target Do Layaway?”. Read on to find the answer to this question right away!

Does Target Have Layaway In 2024?

As of 2024, a Layaway (lay-by) is not offered and supported by Target (TGT). However, you can use monthly expenditure schedules with other third parties such as QuadPay, Klarna, and Affirm. Sales objects that are not stocked at the store will be regularly rain-checked by Target within 30 to 45 days. 

Continue reading below to discover how they work, about the payment, rain check, and more.

How Do Target’s Compensation Plans Work?

It’s great because you can buy goods instantly and get full payment after Target has entered into partnerships with third-party financial services parties.

This financial linkage has brought many conveniences in transactions and payments. Either online or offline, you can use Klarna34, Affirm, and QuadPay to make payments for your selected products. It is worth mentioning that these payment support services do not charge interest.

Feel free to buy it now if you love something because when using QuadPay, you can pay more easily. 

Specifically, the cost will be divided into four payments, and you need to pay within six weeks. You can generally use QuadPay at all Target stores because it’s accepted and supported anywhere Visa is available.

For payment at Affirm, you can pay on the website or the app when making a purchase. As for Klarna, it supports you to pay by dividing the payments into four times.

As mentioned, these third parties will not charge interest, but you will incur fees if you miss a payment.

Usually, these companies will regularly send notifications to your email or phone number. They will probably send a note to your door if you don’t reply regularly, in which you need to pay close attention to these issues and pay the charge on time.

What Items Do Payment Plans By Target? 

You can still have a chance to choose and buy what you like with payment methods like QuadPay, Affirm, and Klarna U.S.

In some cases, products offered by Plus Partners may not be eligible for immediate purchase, so you may be able to pay for the product after the third party starts selling them. Everything becomes clear when paying online that are eligible expenditure choices.

Payment Plans By Target

Does Store Support Rainchecks?

The answer is yes. When an item is on sale, and they’re not obtainable at the store, Target supports rainchecks. You can keep a raincheck to own attractive offers within 30 to 45 days. This issue depends on where/state you live in the US, and any Target store will support it.

Remember that Target will not notify you that products are present and will not show them as “hold”. The manager of the store may negotiate replacements if feasible.

The items that are not eligible for the rain check in Target’s policy are the types of discounted, cleared, and even low-priced everyday items excluded by the state.

In particular, the store only accepts your rain checks in the form of paper offers. On the other hand, the merchandise sold online or rain checks on the phone will not be accepted.

How To Save Money When Shopping?

Currently, lay-by and in-store hold on paid purchases are unavailable at Target.

If you want to get 5% off and “save money”, you can avail yourself of a “Red Card”. In addition, you can also access exclusive offers or many other promotional products. Depending on how you shop, you can choose this card with Debit or Credit types.

At Which Stores Is Layaway Supported? 

Customers can easily control their payment expenses anytime with “lay-by”. Although this method is quite convenient, some retailers have not supported and abandoned it because they are quite complicated compared to other costing methods.

In addition, several other retailers support this form, namely:


It’s a pity that you can’t use Layaway, but you can still use other financial services offered by Target.

Not only that, but you can also enjoy many impressive discounts from the store. If you are interested in retail chain services, you can refer to our related articles. Hope this news is valuable to you!

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