Walmart Preparing Order: Why Does It Take So Long?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Process An Order

Customers always look for faster ways to get their items handled by the retail chains they shop at. There is a lot of talk around Walmart preparing order because no one likes waiting for their item to be delivered.

If you have bought a product from this company, it may take longer than usual for you to pick up your item. You probably wonder, “why does Walmart take so long to ship?”. Keep on reading to find out the reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Preparing Order

Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process?

Walmart’s preparing goods process have to be made manually. It can cause shipment delays as the store may not yet have received the product they need to distribute. As a solution, the fulfilment centre cannot ship while the stock discrepancy is resolved. They are the reason why does the store take so long to ship.

Why Is My Walmart Order Still Stuck In The Processing Stage?

The possible answer is that the item is currently on “backorder”. An item classified as this kind isn’t in stock at the store and may be delivered to the store quickly.

Instead of cancelling all products out of stock, it often chooses to wait for the new stock of the items to arrive, then send these products to customers later.

However, this occurrence is not good for a store. Unfortunately, it is used mostly in large e-commerce stores. If the supplier doesn’t have an item available when it’s supposed to be delivered to the merchant, the company may need to slow down the shipping of other products and disrupt the stock levels.

Walmart Process An Order

What Is The Average Time It Takes Walmart To Process An Order?

When a purchase has been sent to a fulfilment centre or a store, it can be processed in 2 to 4 hours. Once processed, it will go straight to the “shipping” stage.

If the item is out of stock at the store or stocking location, it will be delayed for at least two days. Some customers have spent 2 – 10 days waiting for the “processing” stage to turn to the “shipping” stage.

However, it is really rare; a customer service representative will approach their customers right away if any long delays happen.

What Can I Do To Fix This?

Unfortunately, customers can’t accelerate the “processing” stage since the retailer is still waiting for the suppliers.

However, you can decide to stop buying that item and claim a refund and find your product in other places.

In addition, you can contact the service for customers (1-800-925-6278) unless you cancel your purchase. Because of the inconvenience, customers can also request a store credit or a discount on the product.

Customers have received a $20 discount on their total value when contacting customer service in several situations.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Track Of My Walmart Order?

If you want to track the status of your product, firstly, you must sign in to the account with which you purchased your product. Click the icon on the top of the right-hand corner, then choose the “track orders”.

You will be required to fill out your number; you can find it in the confirmation email sent to you when you finish purchasing. When you complete it, you will be able to know your purchase’s current position and track its status!


Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the USA. However, it still has some drawbacks. Time wait between the “processing” and “shipping” stages is typical. These are the most common reasons for delaying the process when purchasing a product at this store.

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