Walmart Pre Order Policy – How Does It Work?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 11, 2023
Walmart Pre Order Policy

With more than 4700+ stores, Walmart (WM) is the largest and most popular retail chain in the US. This company always offers new items to its customers. Not only that, but you can also pre order these items well before the official release date.

This article will provide details about Walmart pre order policy, including how it works, the items, payment methods, etc. Stay on reading for more useful information.

Walmart Pre Order Policy In 2023

Starting in 2022, WM customers can pre-order books, video games, game consoles, etc. Prepaid or post-delivery payments are also accepted.

If you use a debit card, it will be charged immediately after the transaction. As for postpaid, customers can use credit cards, WM gift/Rewards cards, or Paypal to pay.

How Do Walmart Preorders Work?

To pre-shopping, you should access the company’s website: The website system will announce the release and order dates of the products in advance, especially being high-profile items.

You can add the product to your cart when the order date comes and pay as usual. If the item is discounted, it will be applied at the payment step.

Then, the company will send a confirmation email to you which contains information such as item name, quantity, order date, delivery date, payment method, etc.

The products may sell out quickly, even on the first date. Therefore, you should follow or set notifications to avoid missing out.

When Does Walmart Charge For Preorders?

This company will charge when you press the “payment” button if you use a debit card. If you want to use your WM Rewards/gift cards or through your PayPal account, your carts will be paid when the goods are received.

Meanwhile, the credit card is only paid when the order is in the system and ready to ship. Therefore, if the card exceeds its limit or expires before the delivery date, WM will cancel your cart immediately.

Therefore, even if the money has not been charged, you should still ensure that the bank balance is still enough for it when shopping by credit card.

Do Pre-Orders Arrive At The Same Time With Release Day?

The pre-orders at Walmart usually reach customers on the day of release. Before this day, you probably receive a delivery notice. However, when the demand is high, it is difficult for stores to deliver goods to customers on time. Then, the store can deliver your goods 2-3 days after release.

What Kind Of Commodities Can I Pre-Order At Walmart?

At WM, most new products will be announced on the website and quickly arranged to the shelves on release. Therefore, customers can completely buy the latest products here.

Besides, this retail chain also allows its customers to pre-buying new products on the market. Below list are some commodities for your reference:

  • Video Games
  • Apple Products
  • Music CD or Vinyl
  • Films
  • Game Consoles
  • Books

Can I Cancel Pre-Ordered Items At Walmart?

When the order is in processing, you can cancel it completely. To do this, you log into your account on the website or app and find out your purchase history.

The “Request Cancellation” button appears, which means you can cancel the cart. Otherwise, you can not cancel it.

You can contact customer service directly to request assistance. However, you cannot cancel the order while it is in delivery.

If your order is canceled, WM will refund the prepaid amounts immediately. Depending on the payment method and your bank, it may take up to 7 days for completion.

Besides, WM will also send email notifications when the stores cannot make your purchase. If you want to reorder, you can go to the shopping history.

May I Return The Pre-Ordered Items?

You can only return items shopped before their return period. This time is usually 90 days; however, it is 30 days for electronic products. It is counted from the date you receive goods or buy them at the store.

Customers can return items in-store or through shipping services such as USPS or FedEx mail for free. The returned product must include its receipt, original packaging, accessories, UPC number, etc.

To avoid some problems in the future, you should read the return policy of each commodity before ordering.

How Much Is The Shipping Fee, If My Cart Has To Be Delivered Many Times?

Shipping costs are calculated per cart rather than per item. Therefore, even if your order has to be delivered many times, the shipping fee will remain unchanged. WM will send to your email the shipping information for each package.


You can pre-buy at least six types of products on its website or app. It also applies payment methods such as credit/debit cards, WM gift cards or rewards, and a Paypal account. If the order is canceled, the time to receive your money back will be different, up to 7 days, depending on each payment method.

In addition, you should also refer to the return policy that applies to each item, including pre-ordered them.

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