How Old To Work At CVS – CVS Age Requirement 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
How Old To Work At CVS - Detailed Answer For Job Seekers

CVS sets a great stepping stone to entering the labor market or enhancing your career path. With three divisions, it offers multiple job titles for candidates. Are there any chances for teenage job seekers? Scroll down for CVS’s hiring age. 

CVS Health Corporation At Quick Glance

Consumer Value Stores Health Corporation is an American healthcare corporation headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It was founded in 1963 by a partnership of Ralph Hoagland and brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein. The cooperation first started in the health and beauty industry. Then it made a turn to the pharmaceutical market. 

After joining Melville Corporation to facilitate development, the company split and became an independent legal entity in 1996. In 2014, the company completed a major overhaul: removing tobacco from its portfolio and changing its name to CVS Corporation.

Currently, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its properties include three divisions: CVS Caremark – a pharmacy benefit management branch; CVS Drugstore – the pharmacy chain; and Aetna – the health insurance service.

What Age Does CVS Hire? 

The minimum age to apply to CVS Health’s three business groups is 16. The pharmacy department usually requires applicants to be 18 years or older.

No matter where you aim, you should have a clear mindset: patience and compassion for everyone’s well-being. You will be part of a team that embraces unique approaches to healthcare.

Entry-Level Positions At CVS

Retail Store Associate

Those in charge of this job act as facilitators of clients with health needs. In simple terms, the retail pharmacy store associate provides impeccable service by anticipating customer needs, expressing concern, and solving specific problems.

Retail Store Associate

Specifically, the job responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide essential information to customers about all categories and customer loyalty programs.
  • Remain observant, willing to help, and assist in product locations.
  • Act as a careful cashier: handle cash flow transactions according to standardized company processes.
  • Maintained fully stocked shelves, checked inventory, and updated prices and sales programs under the guidance of the store manager.
  • Responsible for closing and opening the store when required.
  • Support pharmacy staff when needed. Note that this task may require frequent shifts.
  • Embrace new services and programs.

The corporation considers applicants 16 years of age or older. This business requires a customer-oriented mindset, the ability to work independently, and a teamwork spirit to bring positive impacts to the health of others.

Shift Supervisor (Management Trainee) 

This short-term position prepares a solid foundation of experience and knowledge necessary for higher supervisor ranks. These trainees perform basic monitoring activities and participate in key aspects of business and management skills training.

The main role of this candidate group is to support the management of stores and consumers according to the direct guidance of the onsite manager. The detailed job description includes the following tasks:

  • Learn from store managers and cooperate with store staff to maintain good service.
  • Supervise store operation through work assignments and progress monitoring
  • Maintain the effectiveness of the information pipeline from the management to the staff.
  • Participate in customer support and complaint settlement. Handling services according to policies adopted by the headquarters.
  • Ensure customer information security.
  • Enhance excellent customer service at the store with positive company culture (thanks, friendly proposal, eye contact, etc.)

This position only accepts participants over 16 years old. Requirements for education include a high school diploma or GED at least.

Pharmacy Technician

This proposal offers you a leading pharmaceutical working environment. Compliance with expertise and morality is closely involved with health laws and regional regulations.

The mission of Pharmacy Technicians is to satisfy patients through professional drug demands and other health regulations. Depending on the input experience, the manager sets a specific duty list for each individual. Daily activities may include labelling, drug classification, purchase calls, analyzing the effects, operation through drive-thru Windows, etc.

According to state law, the corporation sets a minimum recruitment requirement: 18+ years and a pharmacist license or registration. After selecting candidates, this corporation conducts the CVS Pharmacy Technician Training Program. It requires the compulsory participation of the offer recipients. 

This course provides clinical expertise and the necessary tools to expand your knowledge and techniques for a glorious career. Your responsibility will be expanded after completing the necessary procedures.

FAQs 150w

Where Can I Submit My Cv To CVS?

You should send your CV to CVS at its official portal. This is also where the leading pharmaceutical corporation announced the vacant positions.

Here is how you proceed with the application process:

  • Visit the recruitment page of CVS Health
  • Search for a job title suitable for your location and experience
  • Careful attention to the required qualifications
  • Tap on the onsite Apply button and fill in the required information.

How Much Does CVS Pay For Entry-Level Positions?

Specific salary range wage for each title shows up in the recruitment news. Here is a summary of the paid level for the entry-level positions: 

  • Retail store associate: $16 per hour (If your previous work experience is zero, the average reaches up to $10).
  • Shift Supervisor (Trainee program): $9-20 per hour, averaging $14.
  • Pharmacy Technician: $9-22 per hour with an average of $14 (You may be paid lower during the training period).

What Benefits Does CVS Offer To Employees?

People working for this company have the right to access a great benefits package, including:

  • Staff support program
  • Health insurance and some other types
  • Sick day and paid time off 
  • Short-term vacation
  • Health savings account
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Flexible schedule

Additionally, many other attractive policies depend on your title. For Instance, it offers a package of commodity discounts for full-time employees. 


The age to work at CVS varies from each department, even if they are in the same entry-level position. It is best also to consider other qualifications. Good preparation increases your chances of getting hired. What’s now? Go straight to the CVS portal and submit your resume.

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