How Much Does Publix Pay 14 Year Olds? (2024 Updated)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
How Much Does Publix Pay 14 Year Olds

Publix is a large and fast-growing supermarket system that offers many job opportunities for people in the United States.

If you are 14 years old and looking for a job, you can consider Publix for non-management positions such as a front service clerk (or bagger), a cashier, or a floral clerk.

You can spend 3 hours per day and 18 hours per week here, with the minimum wage at $9 and the maximum wage at $14.

Is It Possible For A 14-Age To Work At Publix?

Absolutely. Publix hires people from 14 years old and above. Prior work experience is not required when you apply to Publix, but you need to meet some requirements to become their employee, such as:

  • Capability to read and write;
  • Capability to do simple math;
  • Friendly and well-interacted attitude towards customers;
  • Ability to understand and follow directions;
  • Ability to guide people to follow directions.

What Jobs Will Publix Hire A 14-Year-Old?

Although Publix opens opportunities for many positions monthly, a 14-year-old can apply to 3 of them only, including front service clerk (or also called bagger), cashier, and floral clerk. Here are the responsibilities for each.

Front Service Clerk (Bagger)

Baggers are the first and the last ones who interact with customers in their shopping journey at the supermarket. This position can quickly impress customers and contribute to customer satisfaction.

A Bagger takes responsible for:

  • Doing customer service such as greeting, answering questions, locating products for customers, etc.
  • Bagging groceries;
  • Delivering customer groceries to the parking lot and uploading all items to their vehicles;
  • Restocking bags;
  • Collecting carts from the parking lot;
  • Assisting in cleaning duties (if assigned);
  • Assisting other duties (if assigned).

Floral Clerk

A 14-year-old can apply for the floral clerk who is in charge of the presentation of products related to flowers, plants, and balloons in the stores. They also work as a sales staff to support customers choosing gifts and expression in the Floral Department.

The detailed job responsibility of a Floral clerk includes:

  • Doing customer services such as greeting, answering questions, etc.
  • Suggesting suitable products for customers;
  • Filling items;
  • Cleaning the Floral department on shelves, floor, and other areas;
  • Watering, trimming, and rearranging products;
  • Assisting other duties (if assigned).


Cashier at Publix

It is said that cashiers represent the business. They play a vital role in supplying premier customer services and profitability to distinguish Publix from other competitors. Thanks to cashiers, Publix can manage its stock, profit, and customer relationship. Hence, cashiers usually have higher wages compared with two other positions where a 14-year-old can get hired at Publix.

A cashier is responsible for:

  • Doing customer service such as greeting, answering questions, etc.
  • Weighing and scanning products;
  • Performing the payment process, including receiving payment, billing, and providing changes (if needed).
  • Handling cash;
  • Bagging groceries;
  • Cleaning their working areas and assist cleaning duties (if assigned);
  • Assisting other duties (if assigned).

What Types Of Working For A 14-Age At Publix?

They can work part-time only. According to federal law, a 14-year-old can work 3 hours per day during the school day. On Saturday, Sunday, and non-school days, they are allowed to work up to 8 hours. However, the total does not exceed 18 hours.

How Much Does Publix Pay A 14-age One?

Depending on the position and other factors (skills, for example), a 14-year-old can get a different wage.

If you work as a Bagger, you can earn around $9.82 with $9/hour at least to $11/hour at maximum.

Whilst, the average entry-level wage for Cashier is $11. If you have prior experience, you can have a chance to receive $14/hour for this position. 

A Floral clerk also has a better wage than a bagger, ranging from $10 to $12.

The monthly and annual income for 14-year-olds working at Publix depends on their hourly wage and the number of hours they spend at work.

If you are older (15, or 16 years old). It depends on your level, skills, positions, and many other factors. You can find more information about 15-year-olds working at Publix and 16-year-olds working at Publix.

Where Does Publix Hire In The United States?

Publix is available in many areas in the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia. All the system accepts 14-age employees. To get more information on their recruitment, you can access Publix’s official website to find suitable jobs.

How Can 14-Year-Olds Apply For Publix?

You just need to take a few simple steps to apply for a position at Publix.

  • Step 1: Access Publix’s official website
  • Step 2: Choose a suitable available job
  • Step 3: Fill out your application and submit it.

That’s it. Now, you can lay back and wait for Publix to respond.

In Conclusion

A 14-year-old can work at Publix as a Cashier, a Bagger, or a Floral clerk. Their wage varies depending on many factors, such as their experience, skills, positions, and so on. Hope you get hired soon!

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