Do CVS Sell Money Orders? – An A To Z Guide For Your Payment

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
Does CVS Do Money Orders

Many retail chains in the U.S. now offer check orders as a service to their customers. That’s why “Does CVS sell money orders?” is a commonly asked question these days. 

For further information, please check out our guide to fully using this financial service.

Does CVS Do Money Orders 2024?

Yes, through MoneyGram, CVS does provide this service at almost every local store in 2024. 

Customers can visit the store and get them at a price of $1.25, with up to $500 in total for each time. You can buy this service at any of their checkout counters, providing that you bring a proper ID.

If this information is all you’re looking for, keep reading because we’ll go over all the details you need to know in this article.

Do All CVS Stores Sell Them?

The answer is yes, of course, you can find it at every CVS pharmacy. 

In addition to providing other services, the pharmacy makes it easier for customers to get what they need without going to a bank by offering this service at places open nationwide.

Many stores are open around-the-clock – convenient for customers to obtain CVS money orders at their needs, at any time they want. 

Nearly 10000 places are available in the U.S., so don’t worry about the location. Check it out; we’re pretty sure that you can find what you need near your place.

CVS money orders

How To Get?

You’ll need to visit the store and show the cashier your ID to get one. The cashier will check for your ID validation before accepting the transaction. You will have to pay a $1.25 fee, and you can buy up to $500 in total.

So, remember to bring everything as required, and you will be able to get as many transactions as you want.

How To Pay?

Keep in mind that you must prepare your amount beforehand if you want to purchase. The drugstore has to assure your sufficiency before they complete the transaction. 

Unfortunately, credit cards, debit cards, checks, and gift cards are not accepted. If you can’t prove your available funds, the pharmacy can’t accept your purchase.

The fee for each purchase is quite small, so don’t worry, prepare everything properly before visiting.

The cashier will ask you to pay $1.25 for each purchase, but don’t mistake this fee for the whole transaction itself. Instead, it is paid to individuals, which means it requires multiple times you pay if you perform more than one purchase.

For instance, you will have to pay $6.25 for five individual purchases. The fee is either applied on top of the total or subtracted. 

So, be sure to take this into account while purchasing because you may not prepare enough beforehand to pay for it.

How To Pay Money_order

Is There Any Price Limit?

You will be limited to $500 each time you buy. It means that if you’re about to send a huge payment, you will need to purchase more than once.

For example, if you aim for a $900 purchase, you have to pay twice, one for $500, the other for $400, which means the additional fee is doubled.

Keep in mind that the more you buy, the more fees you will have to pay, with multiple fees multiple times.

Does CVS Do Money Orders

Does CVS Cash Them?

The bad news is that they don’t offer this service. However, other places can help you with this.

Many banks and lending institutions accept this procedure if you provide your identification. If you haven’t registered a bank account, you may have to pay a small fee to do this.

Some supermarkets, convenience stores, and check-cashing stores also provide this service, providing that you have a proper form of ID. Identification is required to protect the customer and the seller against potential fraud.

So, if you want to do this anywhere else, remember to bring your government-issued ID along. Prove your identification, and all stores are willing to help.

How Can Others Use My Money Order?

If you want to let others use your check orders, make sure you have all of the necessary information written down and sign it properly. Then give it to the cashier, and they will finish your request.

When you receive the receipt, others can now use it for whatever purpose they want.  Yet, please keep your receipt to keep an eye on the whole progress and report if any problem happens.

Do They Expire?

There’s no expiry date at all. Yet, you will have to pay MoneyGram a monthly service charge if you don’t use them for a whole year. 

If you don’t want to pay for extra fees, you should use them all within a year. Or else, this service will ask you to pay a small charge.


Bring your ID along, and you can get what you need at the register – the cashier will help you. Remember, CVS can’t cash your money order, but other places like banks and credit unions can help. 

That’s all you need to know about this financial service.

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