How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Kroger? Kroger Age Requirement

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Old Do You Have To Work At Kroger

For teenagers, working part-time to earn extra income is extremely popular because this is how you can make a living or buy the things you want. Supermarkets such as Kroger, Walmart, or Cosco are among the most favored places to find part-time jobs.

How Old Do You Have To Work At Kroger? 

In short, most jobs will be for people 16 years of age and older. However, in some states, this supermarket also hires 14-year-old employees.

Can You Work At Kroger At 14?

Yes, in some places. Some states allow 14-year-olds to work (outside school hours)

  • Federal
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Washington
  • Utah
  • South Carolina
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota

Teenagers can find part-time jobs at this supermarket and its affiliates. These positions typically last three hours each day and call for work permits. The chance to work here is great for teenagers who want to make money and develop vital skills. 

Can You Work At Kroger At 15?

Certainly, but only in a few states. It permits employees as young as fourteen to work in some roles at the corporation in several areas, as mentioned.

If you can demonstrate that you have experience working in a high school setting, you can still work at this supermarket even if you are 15 years old.

Can You Work At Kroger At 16?

100% YES.

The majority of Kroger jobs need a minimum age of sixteen. You can bag goods and work three hours per day if you have a work permit.

Can You Work At Kroger At 17?

YES, it is legal.

Although individuals can fill some positions under the age of 17 with a work permit, Kroger usually hires individuals from the age of 18, especially for jobs involving operating large machinery.

However, depending on the state, a teen may not be permitted to work at the supermarket unless they have received their emancipation or have parental approval.

How Can I Find A Job At Kroger? 

You can browse openings in your area on its website if you’re seeking an entry-level position with the company. Basic personal information is requested on the application form, including your name, address, and the start date of your employment. 

Your school background, any specialized certificates, and additional criteria like honesty and work history are all significant considerations. Within a week after submitting the form, you will receive a response from the business.

Kroger hiring age is typically sixteen, but some jobs allow minors as young as fourteen. For instance, in the position of Candy Clerk, you would assemble pallets following store orders. Other positions at the company can require a background check and more experience.

Consider applying as a fresh associate if working in the fresh department is something you’re interested in. This position is in charge of maintaining stock levels and assisting clients with their shopping by bagging their items. To apply for this vacancy, you must be at least 18 years old.

Another position that offers top-notch customer service and necessitates at least a high school diploma is that of a courtesy clerk. Working in a checkout line or bagging goods is what you will do. A college degree will benefit if you’re aiming at roles with more responsibility.

Jobs For Teenagers At Kroger

Job NameSalary (Part-time)
Grocery Clerk$7-$17/hour
Deli Clerk$7-$14/hour
Pharmacy Assistant$11-$12/hour
Meat Specialist$15-$16/hour
Order Selector$12-$29/hour
Maintenance Mechanic$26-$29/hour


Part-time job: $7-$9/hour

To properly move the check lanes, cashiers must handle transactions, be familiar with the POS system, and work rapidly. 

They must also be knowledgeable about various payment options, have a positive customer-facing attitude, and adhere to restrictions on selling things like alcohol and tobacco. The Scan Coordinator must be notified of any pricing differences by the cashiers.

Grocery Clerk

Part-time job: $7-$17/hour

Kroger, a well-known grocery chain, provides clients with various departments. It employs grocery clerks to perform various jobs to support and maintain each department effectively. 

The main responsibilities of the store employees are floor sweeping, customer assistance, and shelf organization. It occasionally asks its supermarket employees to serve as cashiers. 

A few days of audio and visual orientation are typically included in training for jobs as grocery clerks. It would also be helpful to receive some practical training for the job.

Deli Clerk

Part-time job: $7-$14/hour

The duties of a deli clerk include filling out client orders, alerting customers about bakery offers, operating bakery equipment by business policies, and assessing the freshness of the goods by examining the “sell by” date.

Additionally, they must prepare, package, and price the ingredients for bakery goods and stock them as needed.

Pharmacy Assistant

Part-time job: $11-$12/hour

This job is to assist pharmacists and customers. You will carry out tasks such as arranging medicines, consulting, reporting the situation to the pharmacist, etc.

Of course, you will have to learn basic knowledge and information about pharmacy to advise and support customers effectively.

Meat Specialist

Part-time job: $15-$16/hour

In this position, you have to support the department manager to achieve the revenue and profit targets set for the division. You are responsible for ensuring the quality of the meat sold and arranging the meat on the counter.

This job may require you to have a little experience, or the training time will be longer.

Order Selector

Part-time job: $12-$29/hour

You will be responsible for using industrial equipment to accurately, quickly, and safely fill orders from retail stores. Set an example for others and exemplify the company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, and other people’s safety.

Your salary can fluctuate greatly depending on your experience, specific position, and region.

Maintenance Mechanic

Part-time job: $26-$29/hour

This position requires experience as well as technical expertise. You will be doing work related to repair or engineering, so to ensure safety, skills are important.

Among the tasks are plumbing, electrical, HVAC (apart from Freon repair), woodwork, painting, door, and dock leveler maintenance.

How Much Can I Earn At Kroger? 

How Much Can I Earn At Kroger

Minimum Salary And Store Credit 

While it pays only $8.75 an hour on average, it provides various advantages. This includes vacation days and a discount on goods.

Entry-level employees can make $200 per month. Although not guaranteed, bonuses complement the regular income and make up a sizable portion of the total compensation package. 

Other perks given to employees include dental, vision, and health insurance.

Additional Benefits

Most hourly workers make the minimum wage, whereas those at the top of the pay range make far more money. It also provides free at-home tests for illness symptoms and paid sick days. 

It recently awarded 1,000 fuel points, one dollar off a gallon of petrol, and a $100 in-store credit to hourly workers. Bonuses have also been given to some employees. Recent bonuses ranged from $1,760 for full-time hourly workers to $1,200 for part-time personnel.

The benefits can include:

  • Paid holidays and sick days.
  • Pension Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and Vacation
  • Dental, vision, and health insurance
  • Onsite medical care
  • Disability and Life Insurance

Interview Questions At Kroger: Examples And Tips 

Questions about managing challenging situations and getting along with others are frequent for most entry-level employment. Based on the answers to these inquiries, Kroger values (and seeks) workers who can remain composed in a hectic setting and have strong teamwork skills. 

Sometimes, inquiries are also more practical, such as asking an applicant how much weight they can lift at once or, if relevant, about previous experience.

Useful tips that you can apply for a better interview:

  • Attend your interview on time.
  • By dressing officially, you convey that you are committed to the position.
  • Be sure to research the company and the position you’re applying for. Someone will probably ask you why you want to work with Kroger.
  • Maintaining eye contact and answering properly will go a long way in effective communication.
  • Approach the situation with optimism. Your eagerness to help clients in any given case will make you stand out.

Frequently asked questions in Kroger interview:

  • How many hours are available each day, and what work experience do you have?
  • Tell me about an instance when you satisfied a client.
  • How can you help this business?
  • Why do you think we should recruit you?
  • What would you do if…(the hypothetical situation)


How old do you have to work at Kroger? At least 14 years old or 16 years old, depending on your state. Check the regulations in your place to see whether you can start to work and what documents and procedures are required.

And if you were lucky enough to be called for an interview by the company, do not forget to prepare well and carefully. Sincerity and effort are the keys to persuading employers to assign their position to you!

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