How Much Is Plan B At Costco? – An Ultimate Explanation

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Mar 28, 2023
How Much Is Plan B At Costco

Plan B is one of the most popular emergency contraceptives on the market. It’s also one of the most expensive, with a price tag of around $40 – $50. But do you know exactly “how much is Plan B at Costco?”.

So whether you have a membership card or not and need an affordable option or want to save some money, read on for all the details to know if you should buy Costco Plan B.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plan B At Costco

Does Costco Sell Plan B?


As of 2023, Costco sells both members and non-members a generically labeled form of the emergency contraceptive pill known as “Plan B.” Customers could purchase One-Step Emergency Contraception from any of their four sites since 2013: CostCo Pharmacy (non-prescription), Mail Order/Central Fill, and Online (no prescriptions needed).

How Much Is Plan B At Costco?

$7.99 – $40

It is very difficult to determine the Costco Plan B price. This information came about through our research at these stores in different states. However, the price of Plan B can be sold for $7.99 – $40 between stores.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you bought a Plan B in one state for $8 and bought it at a store in another state for a higher price. That doesn’t mean the quality or effectiveness of Plan B Costco is different.

Some discussion on Reddit:

But we can put an average selling price of One-Step Emergency Contraceptive at around $48. You should be aware of this information to avoid overpricing at other retailers.

Is Costco Membership Required To Purchase Plan B?


Difference from the other drug suppliers or famous pharmacies, where there will be mandatory requirements for an age-limited membership card or doctor’s prescription to buy medicine from here.

In most of Costco’s pharmacies, the requirements will be as simple as possible to provide everyone’s needs without having to be cumbersomely regulated. You don’t need a card because their target clients are all public members, as required by state law.

However, there will be some reduced programs and special offers for customers with membership cards at this chain. When you come here to buy medicine, you need to show your membership card to receive a discount. But there is an important note that you must make sure the drugs you need to buy are those prescribed by your doctor.

Therefore, Plan B will not be eligible for this promotion because you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription even though you own a Costco membership card.

Is The Pharmacy At Costco A Good Deal?

Does Costco pharmacy bring benefits to customers when buying drugs here? The answer is definitely yes because many people are satisfied with what the chain brings to customers, whether they have a membership card or not.

You can easily come here to buy other drugs and Costco Plan B that is considered the best in the US. As demonstrated by a Consumer Reports investigation, you can absolutely trust this information.

Besides, you can buy medicine on an online service website,, which is a bit more affordable than Costco. But anyway, you won’t find a drug store with prices suitable for everyone. Although there is a slight difference in price between Costco stores, it is not significant.

You can contact the local Costco pharmacy for more information on the pricing of plan b or other drugs. It brings a lot of benefits to you.


If you are looking for the best place to get Plan B, look no further than these shops. Not only does this pharmacy offer high-quality contraceptive options like Costco Plan B, but they also provide another special discount for people who have a card. You don’t have to sign up here to become a member, but you still get a suitable price when you buy here.

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