90+ Dutch Bros Secret Menu That You Should Never Miss

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
dutch bros secret menu

Dutch Bros is a chain of coffee shops with more than 390 branches spread across seven states in the western United States. Since its establishment in 1992, it has drawn a large number of people thanks to the delicious Dutch Bros secret menu you won’t find elsewhere.

If you are a coffee lover, you will surely be curious about the secret recipes used for making such drinks. Just scroll down, our article will help clear up your questions!

Best Dutch Bros Secret Menu Coffee

Everyone knows that Dutch Bros has a secret recipe behind every common drink you see on their menu. These mysterious recipes have become legendary and are being made in the form of delicious hot and cold drinks.

Most of these secrets were passed on to Dutch Bros. Thanks to that, the secret of their coffee recipe is exposed with nearly 100 unique recipes below!

All Dutch Bros Frost Secret Menu

Dutch Bros “Coffee” Secret Menu


It consists of dark chocolate mocha combined with bananas and topped with whipped cream. This drink has a very attractive fruity smell mixed with the rich sweetness of chocolate.

Banana Bread

This fruit brace is fermented with “creme de banana syrup” and hazelnut as the main ingredients. When served, it gives an extremely rich, unique flavor and contains a lot of fat.

Bob Marley (Bob) 

Dutch Bros always serve this drink with the same Cocomo, including banana, coconut, and chocolate. Give it a try, and you will love this unique combination

Candy Cane

This drink can be understood as a cool mint mocha. If you order this drink with the “frost” option, you will get extra dark chocolate on the inside of your drink.

Caramel Nog

Sipping a caramel eggnog latte is perfect for cold winter days. This drink’s strong and sweet taste will surely bring you the warm feeling of sitting by the fireplace.

Chai Nog

If you are looking for a classic drink in bottle form, then Dutch Bros is pleased to serve you with an eggnog latte.


This delightful brew is made from fermented macadamia nuts combined with white chocolate. It looks like a delicious chocolate chip cookie in a glass when presented to customers.

Crazy Hawaiian (Wallaby)

This mocha is a sweet blend of dark chocolate, caramel, and macadamia nuts.

The Cure

This espresso has two more interesting additions – cinnamon and chocolate. Besides increasing sweetness for guests who prefer a gentle taste, it also has a seductive aroma that no one can ignore.

Dirty Macchiato

This dish is a combination of breve, English caramel, and toffee. Order now to enjoy this unique mixture

The Fleck

This brew is brewed from hazelnuts, coconut, and added white chocolate. It is especially fragrant and fleshy, promising to suit every customer’s taste.

French Toast Breve

You’ll find this unique breve tastes just like your breakfast. Or if you want something more interesting, put it as a mocha.

German Chocolate

Dutch Bros uses three main ingredients for this dish: dark chocolate, caramel, and coconut. Believe us, the sweet combination of chocolate and coconut will not be disappointing.

Golden Eagle

It is a breve with caramel, milk, vanilla syrup, espresso, and a whipped cream topping.

The Grand Canyon (Dutch Canyon)

This favorite is a white chocolate Annihilator served with caramel and chocolate milk.

The Grasshopper

This dish is a creme de menthe mocha made with dark chocolate and mint.

Molten Lava

Mocha combined with chocolate and cinnamon – a breakthrough combination of aroma and taste!

Ninja Turtle

The creme de menthe and white chocolate mocha are what you get when you order a drink with this interesting name.

The Nutty Irishman

This breve will be served to you with hazelnuts and Irish cream.

Picture Perfect

When you order this drink, what you get is a latte paired with drips of dark chocolate, caramel, and whipped cream topping.

Pocahontas (Trifecta)

This cake is a combination of white, dark chocolate, and caramel.

Pumpkin Pie Breve

It looks like a slice of pumpkin luster inside a cup.

S’more Breve Latte

This specialty dish is made from white chocolate, macadamia chocolate, dark chocolate, a little cinnamon syrup, and brown sugar.


If you like drinks that taste like candy, then Snickers is the smartest decision. It has main ingredients from pho nuts, dark chocolate, and caramel.

Sugar Cookie

This coffee is made with vanilla, white chocolate, and Roca macaroons. Believe us; it’s great taste will satisfy you from the first try.

The Vader

This choice is only for the adventurous. With the main ingredients of mint, espresso, and dark chocolate, The Vader offers a special strong flavor you will not find in any other drink.

White Coffee Cookie Breve

Looking for a fresh cookie-like taste? Try the White Coffee Cookie breve. The combination of macadamia nuts and white chocolate will not disappoint.

White Coffee S’mores Breve

The breve is derived from white and dark chocolate, ooze macadamia, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

White Russian

If you are a fan of “Kicker” at Dutch Bros, you definitely can’t miss this drink! When ordering White Russian, ask for some white chocolate to enhance its taste.

White Zombie

This interesting drink has the main white color extracted from vanilla and white chocolate.

Dutch Bros “Frost” Secret Menu

Dutch Bros owns extremely creative “frost” drink recipes, promising to give you explosive sensations from the first drink. Scroll down and discover the secret recipe that makes all the difference in their milkshakes

Birthday Cake Frost

It’s a great decision if you’re looking for a cool treat that can serve as a birthday cake. It has flavors of whipped Roca macaroons, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, and beautiful confetti topped.

Bubble Gum Frost

It’s made with delicious ingredients like strawberries, bananas, cream, and vanilla.

Cake Batter Frost

This amazing frosting drink is inspired by white chocolate and almond mocha cakes.

Capt’N Crunch Frost

The main ingredients of this drink include hazelnuts and strawberries. On the first try, it will give you the feeling of sipping a delicious strawberry.

Cinnamon Frost

A cool drink made with salted caramel and brown cinnamon sugar is what you’ll get.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost

Consider this option, and you’ll get a drink made with brown cinnamon sugar and white chocolate. The espresso will not be available in the product in the “frost” form but only in the “freeze” form.

Cotton Candy Frost

This drink is made with white chocolate and raspberries. It has a very eye-catching color – navy blue mixed with beautiful white chocolate.

Creamsicle Frost

The refreshing sensation of this white and orange chocolate product promises to bring you back to your youth.

Freedom Frost

If you are looking for a bold color combination, then Freedom Frost is the answer. It always attracts customers with vanilla frosting topped with beautiful blue and red colors of raspberries.

Molten Lava

This product is derived from dark chocolate and cinnamon, which promises an ecstatic aroma and seductive sweetness.

Ninja Frost

This product is a harmonious combination of creme de menthe and white chocolate. Overall, a cup of Ninja Frost looks like a thin layer of mint mist, giving it a particularly pure feeling.


If you are a fan of oranges and vanilla, order this drink immediately to enjoy your favorite flavor.

Peppermint Bark

The combination of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and mint will give you a feeling of freshness right from the first try.

Pink Flamingo Frost

This drink contains ingredients like peaches, strawberries, and white chocolate. It has a distinctive fruity taste and a hint of vanilla sweetness, which is well worth your consideration.

Pumpkin Pie Frost

This product always bursts with the fall because it includes pumpkin and other typical autumn spices.

Toasted Mellow Frost

It has main ingredients, including vanilla chocolate and macadamia nuts, creating a soft texture and sweet taste.

Vanilla Bean Frost

This drink is similar to Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino because the main ingredients include macadamia syrup, chocolate, and vanilla.

Dutch Bros “Rebel” Secret Menu

Are you looking for a secret menu at Dutch Bros for Rebel energy drinks with explosive flavors? Look at our list and choose the best products that suit your taste

Bugatti Berry

This drink is made by adding blackberries and grapefruit to the Rebel, creating a rebellious taste that is hard to resist.

Cowboy Sunset

Looking for a strong yet healthy drink? Then try the Cowboy Sunset with the main ingredients coming from grapefruit and peach lemon.

Daydream Rebel

This seasonal drink with elderflower and passion fruit ingredients is usually served only in the spring.

Dinosaur Egg Rebel

If you love the delightful taste of raspberries, then this drink will surely satisfy you.

Dirty Girl Rebel

Rebel combined with almond and blackberry is the mysterious element that makes up Dutch Bros’ delicious Dirty Girl Rebel.

Dirty White Girl

It’s similar to Dirty Girl Rebel’s recipe but with the addition of white chocolate, adding sweetness to the overall flavor.

Double Rainbro

Want your Rebel to have lots of natural fruit flavors? With a combination of coconut, peach, and strawberry, Double Rainbro will surely satisfy you more than expected.

Electric Berry Rebel

The combination of blue raspberry and lime promises to create a unique product that you will not find similar flavors anywhere.

Fuzzy Navel Rebel

Blue Rebel is infused with an extremely sweet peach scent that will make a cup of Fuzzy Navel Rebel explode in your mouth.

Gummy Bear Rebel

This product is a rebel type combined with kiwi and white chocolate. Its specialty is reflected in the use of cute marshmallow bears as decorations.

Irie Rebel

This Rebel product is Jamaican-inspired and served with banana and coconut.

James Dean Rebel (Double Rainbro)

The combination of Rebel with natural fruit combination of coconut, peach, and strawberry promises to create an explosive flavor.

Laser Cat Rebel

This product includes coconut and raspberry combined with Rebel, creating a strong cool taste.

Midnight Rebel

Enjoy the sweet taste of the combination of pomegranate, blackberry, and Rebel through Midnight Rebel. 

Ocean Water Rebel

This amazing blue-green drink is made with lime, blue raspberries, Rebel, and coconut.

Sex on the Beach Rebel

The taste of this product is similar to a cocktail you usually enjoy, but with more combinations of oranges, pomegranates and peaches.

Shark Attack Rebel 

Ocean Water combines with a pomegranate-shaped frost on top to create the famous Shark Attack Rebel product by Dutch Bros.

Sour Patch Rebel

If you love the taste of Sour Patch candy, try Sour Patch Rebel. The main ingredients, including pomegranate and green apple, bring an interesting sweet and sour taste.

Starburst Rebel (Unicorn Blood Rebel)

Try this mix of Rebel, strawberry, almond, and white chocolate because it will make you fall in love at first sight. 

Starry Night Rebel

What a beautiful name! Besides, it also attracts customers by its mysterious sweet taste combined with blue raspberry and blackberry.

Stop Light Rebel

If you like drinks with a combination of sweet and sour, then Stop Light Rebel is a wise choice. Fruity ingredients including pomegranate, passion fruit, and kiwi will take you to heaven on the first try.

Trixie Rebel

The secret recipe behind this product’s distinctive flavor includes oranges, pomegranates, and almonds.

Turkey Trot Rebel

Another top-notch combination of Rebel and fruit that you should consider. If you are a fan of oranges, peaches, and strawberries in the form of “drizzle”, order it now!

Unicorn Blood Rebel

This drink is made with almonds, white chocolate, and strawberries.

Vampire Slayer

Strawberry and pomegranate combined with Rebel have created a drink with an eye-catching red color – just like the name Vampire Slayer. 

Wookie Spice

A mixture of Oregon Bottle and Rebel steam has released Wookie Spice with a breakthrough taste similar to cider.

Dutch Bros “Italian Sodas” Secret Menu

Do you love the typical taste of refreshments from distant Italy? Visit Dutch Bros because this store will serve you two great choices that promise to satisfy your expectations.

Shirley Temple

This drink combines soda with almonds and cherry flavors, creating a special sweet and gentle taste.

Surprise Soda

You didn’t mishear! After ordering, you will receive a random combination in your drink.

“Odds & Ends” Secret Menu Drinks

If you don’t know about the final choice among Dutch Brothers secret menu here, let’s explore the hit products with huge sales in this store. Scroll down to see which secret recipe you fit

Christmas Morning

This drink is similar to the Oregon Bottle but combines white chocolate and extremely high milk content, making the taste much sweeter.

Dirty Caterpillar

The subtle green apple and caramel scent makes it your go-to drink.

Ocean Water

Don’t worry because its taste is not as salty as the name suggests! Instead, it exudes explosion with a combination of lemon, coconut, blue raspberry, and Italian soda.

Electric Berry Green Tea

Are you passionate about the combination of green tea, lemon, and blue raspberry and want to order a beverage with a similar taste? Try Electric Berry Green Tea and Dutch Bros, which will satisfy all your requirements.

Dutch Mojito Iced Tea

This drink comes from the Caribbean, with the main ingredients being coconut, mint, lemon, and iced tea.

Iced Paris Tea

Iced Paris Tea

Enjoying this sweet tea in hot weather promises a special refreshing feeling.

London Fog

Earl Gray Tea combines steamed milk and honey to form London Fog. If you want to add sweetness, add more vanilla to your drink.


The cappuccino recipe combines a rich layer of whipped cream to create a great drink to enjoy at the beginning of the day.

Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea

A drink with interesting sweet and sour flavors worth considering! It includes green tea, passion fruit, lemon, and strawberry, creating a refreshing sensation suitable for hot summer.

Sweet Sunrise Tea

This popular product combines Paris iced tea, banana, orange, peach, and passion fruit. 

Thanksgiving Morning

This autumn drink is made with pumpkin and other delightful seasonal spices.

The Bob Freeze

This fun name comes from the Jamaican cycling team. In terms of ingredients, it includes coconut, banana, and chocolate processed according to Dutch Bros’ special recipe.

The “Why Bother (The Just Stay Home)

If you want to sip a cup of coffee with milk but still have to be healthy, this product is definitely for you. It comes from decaf espresso and unsweetened milk, which is perfect for those on a diet.

Trifecta Freeze

It is the key to looking for the perfect refreshment for a hot day! The Trifecta Freeze product will satisfy you with its dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel recipe.

Wallaby Freeze

This sweet drink is made with regular chocolate, chocolate mac, and caramel.

Whip Stix 

This drink is extremely suitable and will surely suit your kid’s taste. It is simply a layer of whipped cream that appeals to any child of any age.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu: We Taste Them For Ya


What Is The Most Popular Item At Dutch Bros?

According to statistics from Dutch Bros, the Picture Perfect is the frozen drink with the highest sales. With the perfect combination of chocolate drips and caramel, its taste is promised to satisfy all customers.

What’s The Strongest Drink At Dutch Bros?

The 9-1-1 is a combination of six espressos with Irish cream syrup. If you order this product, you will receive a cup of coffee with a strong and explosive aroma.

This energizing drink is suitable for enjoying hot and iced drinks. Starting your day with a glass of 9-1-1 will give you a productive day beyond expectations.

Is Dutch Bros Cheaper Than Starbucks?

The answer is probably yes

According to our statistics, a cup of Dutch Bros will hold about 24 ounces. Therefore, it will be the same size as a Starbucks Venti but at a much cheaper price.

Final verdict

Successfully uncovering the secret recipes in the Dutch Bros secret menu is the key to choosing products that suit your taste. Through this article, we hope you have gained more understanding about the drinks available on the menu of this shop, as well as the drinks you will choose in the future.

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