Does Walmart Have An ATM? (Type, Price, Location…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Does Walmart Have An ATM

Walmart is the leading retail chain in the US, offering many different items such as household goods, gift cards, repair items, etc. Most of its stores support many different payment methods for customers to choose and feel the most convenient.

Yet does Walmart have an ATM? Many customers often ask. This article will answer it and provide more related problems. Continue reading to get useful details for your shopping!

Does Walmart Have An ATM In 2024?

By 2022, most of the stores under this retail company will provide ATMs for customers. They are usually located in the front of the store near the customer service counter.

Transacting here will also incur fees, but usually quite small, depending on the location. It is more convenient than searching or traveling a long distance to find a bank.

If you still have inquiries about related issues besides this question, do not miss the information below!

What Type of ATMs Does Walmart Have?

The Walmart ATM mostly belongs to MoneyCenter Express, installed with the MoneyPass logo on the side. It is an interbank network owned by Fiserv, established in 2003. The network usually provides free services to consumers or cardholders in North America and is the 3rd largest financial company.

In addition to MoneyPass ATMs, some local banks install their machines next to or in front of customer service counters. As a result, you may often have more than one option to reduce transaction costs.

What Type of ATMs Does Walmart Have

Which Stores Have ATM Machines?

Most of the stores in this retail chain install the ATMs in front of the store or near the service counter. These locations make it straightforward for customers to seek help when facing any problem. However, to be sure, you can call the store to confirm first.


Do Walmart ATMs Incur A Fee?

Yes. Based on the store’s location, you may have to pay a small fee to use it. Typically, this number ranges from $1 to $4 per transaction using MoneyCenter Express.

The fee will usually be lower for the local banking system because there is no extra charge for out-of-network transactions. As a result, you can save a small amount of money.

Does MoneyCard Allow Access To ATMs Without A Fee?

Yes. You can use MoneyCards at all in-store ATMs at no charge. You can also use them at several other machines with similar transaction fees outside the store.

This card is issued by this retail chain and Green Dot Corporation, a large financial technology company in the US founded in 1999. It was created to optimize the incentives that the retail chain wants to bring to its customers most conveniently, like cashback, etc.

When trading, you need to note that the card has a maximum limit of $3,000 per withdrawal and a minimum threshold of about $10,000. To create a card, you may access the service counter or the company’s website.

What Denominations Do ATMs Offer?

Usually, they will offer all types available on the country’s currency system. Nonetheless, you often do not know what denomination you will receive because of each type’s limited capacity. 

In some systems, you can ask directly on ATMs for the currency you want to receive, or you can seek help from the service desk for further assistance.


Walmart retail chain stores will often have ATMs in front of or next to the service counter. They come from MoneyPass and sometimes even local banks, with transaction fees ranging from $1 to $4. You can avoid this fee by creating a store’s MoneyCard card for additional incentives and withdrawing money at in-network machines.

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