Is Hobby Lobby Open or Closed On Sunday – Hobby Lobby’s Operation Hours

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 7, 2023
Is Hobby Lobby Closed On Sunday

Hobby Lobby is a retail company specializing in arts and crafts that has been around since the 90s. Already branching out to all states with over 900 stores, it’s attracting a large number of customers daily, who pay great attention to their open hours. Nobody wants to drive all the way to the stores only to realize it’s closed, after all.

What is Hobby Lobby’s schedule? Is Hobby Lobby closed on Sunday? If you find yourself frequenting the place searching for craft supplies, you shouldn’t skip our guide.

Is Hobby Lobby Closed or Open On Sunday?

Unlike most businesses out there which deem Sunday as a golden chance to draw in profits (customers are usually free on the day), Hobby Lobby chooses to close its stores. 

This applies to all locations across the country, regardless of the lost opportunities to earn more. If you have a shopping list to be finished here, arrange your time so that you can come to Hobby Lobby during the week.

Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed On Sunday?

Part of the reason for the closure of all Hobby Lobby businesses on the last day of the week lies in its Christianity (the founder, David Green, was the son of a preacher). 

The belief that Sunday is the time for worship and family has been carried into its own working policies, hence the non-operational period. This has been something the company upholds ever since its establishment and is not likely to change anytime soon.

The employees and the shoppers at Hobby Lobby are encouraged to spend the whole day home with their loved ones, which they can’t afford to do most days of the week. This can also be seen as an implication of the company’s ethics. 

Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed On Sunday

Hobby Lobby claimed that even without the religious side, its stores would still be open throughout the week, yet not Sunday. The employees need a full day of rest so that the stress won’t get to them, and many other businesses have added days off into their system as well. The overall financial performance of the company is to be compromised, but the benefits regarding the workers’ health surely outweigh that.

What Time Is Hobby Lobby Open Or Closed?

What Time Is Hobby Lobby Open Or Closed

If you intend to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, apart from making sure it won’t fall on Sunday, don’t be sooner than 9 am. All the shops start welcoming customers after that hour, no exception. 

This policy about the opening time at Hobby Lobby means their locations open at the same time as most typical businesses in the USA. A proof that none of their activity is overly affected by their own religion.

Hobby Lobby ends its day at exactly 8 pm the entire six days of the week. Keep the time in mind and get your shopping done before its closing time. 

What Days Are Hobby Lobby Closed?

To conform to the moral and cultural standards required for having a business up and running, Hobby Lobby has specific rules about its operation on holidays. They’re different depending on what occasion you’re thinking of, however. 

For example, Hobby Lobby will have a nationwide day off on Christmas and Thanksgiving, whether it’s Sunday or not. Despite that, on a grand holiday like New Year’s Eve, each store decides to do nothing but reduce the working hours for the most part (usually to 5.30 pm)

The reason might allegedly be that New Year’s Eve is still considered a busy shopping day until midnight, while Christmas and Thanksgiving are obviously the times to drop everything for the family. 

It’s true that Christmas is another time to bring in the shoppers, but to honor their Christian principles, Hobby Lobby decides it’ll be a non-working holiday.

You can get the essentials for your themed party last minute on Christmas Eve, but note that the stores will be closing at 5.30 pm on New Year’s Eve.

By default, if any of the occasions above falls on Sunday, all Hobby Lobby locations still close for a whole day.


The well-known crafts and arts company won’t work on Sunday, allowing their employees at each store to take a break and stay with their loved ones. It doesn’t do this simply to maintain the Christian values but to ensure that the staff doesn’t overwork themselves. 

Other important information about Hobby Lobby’s operation time has already been mentioned. That said, their policies might change on a certain special period, so you had better check their website for updates if you’re uncertain about Hobby Lobby’s schedule on that day.

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