Who Sells Hobby Lobby Gift Cards in 2024 ?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Who Sells Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Many people like to buy Hobby Lobby gift cards because they are beautiful and various. All it takes is just a swipe or tap to use them. You don’t need to worry about returns or exchanges.

Where To Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? 

One can purchase Hobby Lobby gift cards right away from business through their physical store or website. Each card is valued at least $10 and no more than $200.

If you purchase online, you might be charged for shipping, which currently costs only $1 with each gift card purchased. Other businesses do not offer Hobby Lobby cards at this time.

Where Can I Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby offers gift cards to be used in any of its stores. You might buy them with the underlying methods:


Hobby Lobby provides a multitude of services for nearly every craft enthusiast. You might ask a store associate for assistance in locating available gift cards. There is usually a display near the register that showcases many denominations from $10 to $200. 

Once you’ve found one that suits your needs, you’re free to purchase it immediately or come back later at a more convenient time.


Through Hobby Lobby’s e-commerce website, you will see a range of options available to you, add up to $200 to the card or choose to load another amount not listed. 

You can choose to send someone an e-gift certificate which is sent to them via email immediately. Some of these options include Standard Card, Daisy,  Flower, and Frame gift cards. The gift card can then be printed out at home or redeemed online. 

You should include a message with your gift card to ensure that the recipient knows how much you care for them.

These cards will require an additional shipping fee if purchased online but will be delivered free if you have them mailed directly to the recipient by going through their customer service department instead.

Does Anyone Sell Hobby Lobby Cards?

Other than many internet sources say, it is not possible to directly buy Hobby Lobby cards from anywhere but the original retailer itself.

Hobby Lobby gift card sellers such as Cardpool might offer you these gift cards which appear to be affiliated with its retailer. However, when you plan to use these cards, they are deemed invalid by employees and will likely be kept right away.

Moreover, the customer received their gift card for about $191; Cardpool reported that its price is around $212.39. Hobby Lobby does not have gift cards greater than $200 because each gift card can only go up reaching $200.

Is The Cards Printable?

Does Anyone Sell Hobby Lobby Cards

No. Hobby Lobby refuses to offer printable cards. Whether you’re purchasing the card through its website, the shop will only ship a physical copy of the card to your mailing address in addition to giving you a coupon code for online use.

Can I Have Email Cards? 

No. While some companies may provide a service for sending gift cards through email, Hobby Lobby does not. This is because the company provides physical gift cards only.

Can I Find Hobby Lobby Gift Cards On Amazon?

No, Amazon surely has its hands in everything, but they don’t even sell gift cards with their own logo on them. You won’t see anything from Amazon because they don’t want you to buy anything off of their site unless it’s directly related to something sold on Amazon!

Does Cvs Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? 

No. CVS has many products ranging from food to beauty and health care. They also sell gift cards for popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and even Visa, but they do not offer Hobby Lobby Cards.

How To Check Balance Of Hobby Lobby Gift Card? 

To check your card balance, you can visit Hobby Lobby’s page, which also allows you to purchase new cards. Once on this page, choose a button that leads to the section of “Check balance”, where you will be able to have the PIN and number of gift cards so as to view how much money is still available on your card.

How Long Can A Hobby Lobby Gift Card Stay? 

Hobby Lobby cards are prepaid gift cards and can be bought from your local store. They do not expire, so you can use them at a later date after you have added some money to the card. However, they still have an activation fee that comes with the purchase of each one, but this is something that you will only have to pay once. 

This activation fee can appear as a negative balance if the card hasn’t been loaded, so don’t pay attention to this when you go to check out at Hobby Lobby because they would rather just load the card themselves instead of dealing with your unactivated one. 

As stated above, you must try not to leave these cards sitting around as they could be considered abandoned by some state laws.


Some people have heard about the great deals and want to order gift cards for themselves, while others have heard about the great deals and want to buy gifts for others. 

Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place! We have done the research for you and put together a list of the best websites to buy any Hobby Lobby gift card you want, in any amount you want, for any reason you want. Hope your best wishes!

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