Does McDonald’s Drug Test at orientation? For A Full Understanding

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
Does McDonald's Drug Test

For the most part, drug testing is done by companies in various industries to make sure that their employees are in the right condition to work. McDonald’s is one of the most popular and well-known fast-food chains globally. 

Because of this, they have to have a large number of employees to keep on the payroll. This blog aims at answering the question: Does McDonald’s drug test 2024 for their employment process?

Does McDonald’s Drug Test In 2024?

No, McDonald’s is no longer required to drug test all their employees starting in 2024. But to be more precise, it is left to the discretion of individual franchise owners, so whether or not employees are subject to drug testing at any given location will depend entirely on what the store owner chooses. 

The testing is only largely performed when any suspicion arises that a worker is suspected of using hard drugs. However, managers are more likely to be tested than regular workers.

The main reason for the decision is that the large number of members hired at “fast food” places tend to leave soon after being hired. Company turnover costs tons of money, so mass testing may be more stressful for both parties than anything else could bring. 

If you don’t seem intoxicated during your interview, you should be able to avoid being tested!

Does McDonald’s Do Pre-Employment Drug Screening?

The company announced that it might begin this screening process starting from 2014. It might seem like a bit of overkill to some people, but the truth is the company is trying to rid the workforce of any risky employees.

Before any real judgment can be made about an applicant, they must complete all forms that express their commitment to their health. The results from these screenings determine whether or not the candidate will even be considered for working with Mcdonald’s.

However, you should probably know that not all locations follow the same standards for their employees. For example, some states, such as Wisconsin, make testing mandatory for everyone as a requirement to work there, while other locations do not. 

The takeaway is that there isn’t a definitive list of which branches or regions follow this policy. Contact your local branch and see their regulations if this kind of thing matters to you!

Does McDonald’s Do Screening At Orientation?

Generally, the fast-food chain does not require applicants to undergo a test at the time of orientation. Instead, each franchise owner is entirely capable of making decisions as they see fit, and some could choose to ask for certain screenings to be done during orientation for employees, depending on their hiring protocols.

Although some might see their screening process as an invasion of privacy or unfair, the company insists it’s because they don’t want any risks involved from dangerous forces on their team members. 

What Substances Does McDonald’s Testing? 

The company normally screens for five different substances, including PCP, THC, methamphetamine, cocaine, and opiate. Moreover, workers at McDonald’s mustn’t be allowed to be drunk while on duty.

Therefore, the possibility of taking a urine test is likely during employment, in addition to checking whether or not they have drugs in their system while working.

If the initial result comes back with errors and the employer believes that any potential employee might be trying to cheat the system and dilute their urine, they will ask to resubmit another sample. 

What Will Happen When You Fail The Screening At McDonald’s?

McDonald's drug test result

While you might wonder, “Do you get drug tested at McDonald’s?” many worries about what will happen if they cannot pass the screening process.

If you cannot pass this screening process, you will be denied an opportunity to work for your chosen location. However, establishments need to make potential workers aware of their policy related to testing them for drugs during the pre-employment process.

If the screening is related to Worker’s Compensation and is a medical bill, you should be notified that the employer won’t pay for your medical treatment. The hospital will likely charge you directly for the cost of your check-up. 

Therefore, to pass your screening process, there is something you should keep in mind. Many medications could interfere with a drug test, giving wrong results due to the interaction in medication. 

If you’re taking any medications, you can avoid this by consulting with a physician before any testing takes place and getting prior approval from your doctor to undergo an accurate test (which will increase your possibility of passing).

What Can McDonald’s Employees Do To Ask For Help With Their Alcohol Or Drug Problem? 

If you’re employed by McDonald’s, you can tell your manager about your problem and seek help for addiction without jeopardizing your job. Your employer may be happy to assist you with a counselor in which you have the option to be anonymous. 

Additionally, the company will offer an extended leave of absence so you can receive the help that treats your drug abuse or alcoholism. Nevertheless, suppose you have been reprimanded for an alcohol or drug-related offense. In that case, you will probably also be fired because it is clear to the company that you have no control over yourself.

Implementing this kind of program is just one way McDonald’s can help its employees cope with stressful times. One may not realize it, but this kind of policy is important to implement for the well-being of their workers for many reasons.

Under company policy, it is illegal and prohibited to discriminate against those taking legally prescription medicines. However, the company has the right to discharge anyone from employment should they determine that they are abusing any specific substance.


We hope this blog was able to answer some of your questions on the McDonald’s drug test in 2024. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below. Have a great day, and thanks again for reading!

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