Does AutoZone Change batteries? (All You Need To Know)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Autozone Install Batteries

As one of the largest American retailers, AutoZone supplies aftermarket automotive accessories and parts through thousands of stores across the US. Besides selling, AutoZone provides installation and testing services. Battery replacement is one service like that.   

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone installs batteries for free. The technicians are professionally trained, so they’ll check your battery. In certain cases, the batteries are not dead but need fixing. 

If the battery doesn’t hold a charge during testing or your vehicle does not start, it’s time to change with a new one. AutoZone’s technicians also determine the problem with your car and apply relevant repairs.

However, if your battery is complicated to install, the technician may reject replacement. Especially when reaching the battery compartment requires removing the vehicle’s components, the employees can deny installation.  

Expenses Of Installing Batteries At AutoZone

If your battery has been bought from AutoZone, they’ll install it for free. Conversely, the battery bought from another retailer is not replaced freely. When visiting AutoZone, one tip is to ask technicians to check whether they can install your battery.

At AutoZone, a car battery costs from 50-200 dollars. Based on the information about the car model, manufacturing year, and battery type, AutoZone’s experts will advise the proper options that suit your needs. If you have a tight budget, choosing from the catalog is a suggestion. 

The normal range of the battery is from 50-120 dollars. With premium batteries with extended warranties, the cost is 90-200 dollars.         

Types Of Batteries That AutoZone Replace

  • Lead-acid type

The lead-acid battery is very common and affordable. When fully charged, its voltage reaches 12.6V. Lead-acid batteries have six cells. This battery has to be installed at a vertical angle. 

A cheap price also means low maintenance. When the electrolytes of lead-acid batteries run low, they need refilling. 

  • Gel type

Gel batteries are newer designs of lead-acid batteries. Despite a kind of flooded battery, they last longer and are more durable than lead-acid ones.

Gel batteries don’t spill easily. They have calcium to avoid acid spilling out. Additional silica thickens electrolytes up and turns into a gel.   

  • Deep cycle type

Deep cycle batteries are made of dense material and a thick shell. Despite drawing a lower current and being heavy-duty, they last longer. That’s the reason why they’re more expensive. Besides cars, deep cycle batteries are used in motorcycles, golf carts, boats, and campers.

Which Battery Is Right For You

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install A Battery At AutoZone?

Install A Battery At Autozone

It’s very fast to install a battery at AutoZone. In all cases that AutoZone approves to replace, it takes 15 minutes to be done on average. With some kinds of batteries, the skillful technicians at Autozone can do it more quickly than normal. You don’t need to be nervous about “How long will Autozone change my battery”. 

Is Autozone’s Battery Installation Included In Delivery?

The products of Autozone could be delivered to your house. Autozone battery installation service is only supported at the store and is not offered with delivery. If you buy an Autozone battery online and have it shipped to your address, drive to Autozone bringing the battery to install for free. 

Some people replace the battery by themselves and have it checked by Autozone’s employees. You can bring the packing slip or receipt to prove the purchased battery is from Autozone for free installation. At some stores, the staff can check the purchase by your phone number. 

Does Autozone Offer The Battery Charging Service?

Yes, Autozone has the service of battery charging. The stores offer this service for no cost. Therefore, employees will check the battery’s health before charging to avoid wasting space and time charging a bad or damaged battery.

The batteries that are not bought at Autozone are still offered this service. Depending on the capacity, it takes the battery from 2-3 hours to be fully charged. Browsing the store is a suggestion while waiting for the battery to be charged, or you could leave and pick it up later.

Some Autozone stores allow customers to charge a limited number of batteries at one time. The service is provided on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.    

Does Autozone Recycle And Buy Old Batteries?

Yes, Autozone receives old batteries for recycling. 

The stores even offer gift cards and store credit customers for this service. Batteries should not be thrown into the trash. In some areas, strict regulations about disposing of batteries at Autozone.  

Autozone does buy old batteries as well. The old batteries are not paid by cash but can be exchanged for the core fee when buying a new one. If you don’t buy a new battery while giving Autozone the olds, the stores will offer store credit and gift cards. 


Knowing information about Autozone’s battery installation service in advance would help save your time and money. 

The stores have high-quality service and the employees are professionally trained so you will be satisfied. Hope you can choose the appropriate battery and have a pleasant experience at Autozone.

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