Does Amazon Take Afterpay in 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does Amazon Take Afterpay

Whether you are looking for some new clothing, a book, or want to treat yourself to something fancy, Amazon is always there with great prices and fast shipping. But if you don’t have enough cash on hand, what can you do? 

Does Amazon Use Afterpay In 2024?


As of 2024, Amazon no longer accepts Afterpay for purchases. However, they offer unique options for their customers who purchase Kindle e-readers and other devices on the site. 

In addition, this retailer users may utilize Afterpay at Alexa gadgets from places like PetSmart, Forever 21, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more!

Go here if you’d like to learn more about why Amazon doesn’t accept Afterpay, including other purchases now and pay later alternatives. Then, continue reading our helpful instructions!

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Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Basically, the company does not accept Afterpay because it is not profitable for the world’s largest e-commerce company.

A lot of businesses are now providing Afterpay to incentivize customers and give more flexible payment options. But, Amazon executives are skeptical about including Afterpay on their top e-commerce platform.

Many shops use Afterpay to give their customers more flexible payment options. However, this retailer doesn’t need to use this system because it already attracts many customers.

Amazon seems to have found the ideal customer who will stay loyal even when paying for their purchases with another option. But, of course, that is not to imply that this place will never provide Afterpay.

Afterpay is not well-known. We don’t know if people want to use this option. They might just go with Amazon’s options instead.

Even without Afterpay or similar programs, Amazon still leads in e-commerce as of 2024.

Is It Possible To “Buy Now, Pay Later” On Amazon?

Buy now Pay later

Absolutely! “Buy now, pay later” is a famous phrase that has taken the financial world by storm. 

Some companies like Afterpay and Klarna allow people to buy items without paying for them all at once. You can buy many things on interest-free payment plans by using your credit card or an account on this retailer to order items. 

It can be inconvenient not to choose your option while checking out on the site, but there are ways for you. You will have the ability to arrange a monthly plan if certain items and purchases qualify as well! 

This payment option is for items that this company makes. They are called Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, and Echo intelligent home gadgets. These are best sellers.

Amazon is the best place to find great tech gadgets at affordable prices. Any available plans on the product detail page should be visible if you decide to purchase one of their leading tech gadgets.

The first payment is payable before the gadget is sent to you, and then four equal monthly installments are charged to your chosen paying way every month.

Besides, if you sign up for and are authorized to use an A-brand unique credit card, then when making purchases on the site or app – both during checkout and in between transactions – more choices to pay will be available. 

By signing up for a store card, you will see more choices and special incentives when you purchase on a website or app.

What Online Retailers Accept Afterpay?

While Amazon does not take Afterpay, many of its rivals do, mainly clothes stores.

Many retailers in America accept Afterpay, especially those selling clothing or beauty items! The list includes 7400 merchants located across all 50 states at the moment, but it continues expanding every day.

It’s easy to find Afterpay-enabled apparel retailers that span the globe, including Forever 21, Levi’s, UGG, Pacsun, Old Navy, and more. With just one click, you may also get your hands on a variety of cosmetic items, such as Jo Malone London or Credo Beauty.

Although this retailer offers thousands of reasonably priced home products, customers who like to purchase now, pay later may prefer the Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond since both allow Afterpay.

This supermarket is another popular destination for purchasing accessories. Still, if you need to buy now and pay later, Steve Madden, Crocs, Pandora, and various other brands offer Afterpay.

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