Does Amazon Take Apple Pay? – All You Need To Know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Amazon Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is famous for being one of the greatest and latest methods to pay by the app on your phone since the electronic wallet of Apple supports mobile payments available at many popular stores. That is why many people prefer this payment method, and “Does Amazon take Apple Pay?”. 

Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

Apple Pay

Amazon does not accept Apple Pay in 2022, sadly. You can not use Apple Pay on Amazon to pay for items, but this top retailer allows users to take Apple Card or Apple Wallet. Besides, this company accepts these payment ways with:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • EBT cards
  • Personal checking accounts 

Let’s check out all the interesting things below in our guide if you desire to learn other alternatives to Apple Pay on Amazon.

The Reason Amazon Does Not Allow Apple Pay 

You cannot use Apple Pay at Amazon simply because these two parties don’t have any direct agreement about using Apple’s payment service.

Besides, Apple Pay is popular when shopping directly because it allows customers to pay through their smartphone instead of a physical card. You don’t have to worry about it because of its digital payments.

Additionally, this retailer doesn’t miss out on many companies just because of unaccepting AP. Being the largest e-commerce business globally, the annual revenue of Amazon is $386 billion and grows each year continuously without cooperating with Apple Pay.

The company hasn’t planned to accept Apple Pay so that buyers can use Apple Cards for payment instead.

Does Amazon Take Apple Cards?

Except for Apple Pay, Amazon allows you to take Apple Cards for payment. Apple Cards was launched in August 2019 and is known for the signature of the credit card technology giant. It mainly supports this app on Apple Watches and iPhone.

Apple applies Mastercard to the payment network, so the merchants taking Mastercard or Amazon also accept Apple Cards.

When you pay on Amazon, you simply need to enter your information related to your Apple Card. You can log on to your accounts, then add a new option for the payment method. 

Remember to type the following information promptly:

  • Apple Card number
  • Security code 
  • Expiry date

After you save your new payment method, Apple Card, on your account, you will enjoy the better thing over AP. For example, with one click, you can buy anything you like on Amazon’s app or its website,, by paying through Apple Card or your other credit cards.

Apple Cards is known for the same convenient payment method as others on Amazon. This retailer always finds ways to help people pay easily every day, even if it doesn’t accept this payment.

How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon

Amazon accepts almost all payment methods except for Apple Pay.

When you buy items, you may pay with debit and credit card as follow:

This leading retailer accepts gift cards from Amazon and Store Card site, like EBT cards and individual checking accounts.

Log on to your Amazon account, then select the payment method you want and enter all information related to your card to install all the payment ways.

Quickly check out online because the payment is set up with information similar to Amazon. 

Which Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Although several customers feel unfortunate, many other stores accept Apple Pay for online or in-person transactions:

Final Thoughts

If you prefer this paying method, don’t feel sad because you can’t use this payment method to purchase anything on Amazon, but there are other methods like debit or credit cards, especially Apple Cards, instead.

Similar to Apple Pay, you can choose which card you like to charge and experience ultra-quick payments as well as easy online check out because Amazon never reveals users’ payment information.

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