Costco Employee Discount & All Benefit Policy In 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 24, 2023
Costco Employee Discount

Costco is a very successful retail store chain. It is based in Washington and has almost 800 stores in the world. It is a company that has a good relationship with its customers. So for staff, they can get any Costco employee discount? 

Here, we will be looking at Costco employees’ policies, what benefits the firm provides, and more! So let’s check it out!

Do Costco Employees Get Discounts In 2024

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t provide an employee discount on any services or products as of 2023. Since the retailer already offers fantastic pricing on bulk-purchased products.

Furthermore, the firm makes most of its income through memberships rather than product margins. As a result, if they were to give an employee a discount, they would lose money.

On the other hand, they provide their workers with a $20 gift card to spend on any dental coverage, health insurance, and extended shopping hours all time, even a Sunday. In addition, discount 50 percent of your pay into a 401(k) account.

Do Costco Employees Receive A Store Discount?

Unfortunately, staff does not earn a percentage off their in-store and online purchases. As a result, employees can only make purchases just like regular consumers.

Costco staff members enjoy a special perk that typical consumers cannot. For instance, Costco staff enjoy the advantage of shopping after hours when the shop is empty.

In addition, they allow Costco personnel to avoid huge crowds and long wait times at the checkout lines.

On the other hand, Costco workers are given two free yearly memberships for every employee: one executive-level membership and one standard membership for them to share with as many people as they would like.

Still, an executive membership typically costs $120 per year, whereas a standard Costco membership costs $60. After a staff member has worked at Costco for a specific amount of time, they are entitled to free supplementary memberships.

Costco’s executive members receive up to 2% cashback for goods purchased at their local stores. This means that a $6,000 purchase can earn up to a total of $120 in cashback for one year.

What Employee Benefits Does Costco Offer?

What Employee Benefits Does Costco Offer

Employees at Costco have access to many advantages, such as a 50% match on every staff’s 401(k) investment. In addition, the company offers its employees up to $500 in a 50% match after only two years of employment.

The company also offers 3 percent of your total income toward savings and gradually raises their contribution percentage annually. 

Another benefit of working at Costco is health coverage. Employees are eligible for benefits after working at Costco for 180 consecutive days and 24 hours a week.

A significant advantage of this program is that employees need only pay 60% of their medical insurance, with the remaining 40% paid by the employer.

Employees have the opportunity to pick a health plan that fits their needs. Thus, numerous current employees claim that the benefits offered by Costco are much better than those of competitors.

Furthermore, you have access to low-cost dental insurance for all your family members. It covers basic treatments like teeth cleanings and cavity fillings and more advanced procedures such as root canals.

Finally, Costco offers higher wages for its employees. In addition, they pay staff for working on holidays and weekends. As part of the benefits, the warehouse retailer provides each employee with a free turkey for their family over the Thanksgiving holiday.


How Much Do Costco Workers Get?

The firm believes that hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn is by far the best form of education and training. As such, they do not offer an employee discount.

Current Costco staff disclose that their pay ranges from $15 to $29 per hour, based on the type of employment that they are engaged in.

Furthermore, if a representative or an image individual demonstrates their ability, Costco may advance them to a management or cashier position.

Overall, Costco is a great place to start working and has room for you to advance. You can also work in multiple positions within the company before being promoted.

Do All Costco Staff Have Access To Benefits?

Yes, both part-time and full-time Costco employees have access to the relevant perks. 

Compared to other retail establishments, Costco is one of the few that allows part-time employees to obtain benefits.

Do Costco Employees Get Discounts On Gas?

No, Costco staffs are not eligible for gas discounts. As a result, even if you work at Costco Wholesale, you will pay the same amount for petrol as everyone else.

Besides, you can’t make any cashback or reward points at Costco’s petrol station as well as use your Costco rewards.

Only Visa cards and other debit cards with PINs are accepted at the Costco petrol stations. In contrast, Venmo, Apple Pay, EBT SNAP, PayPal, cashier’s check, or personal cash cheques aren’t accepted at the pumps.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article provides you with the Costco employee discount facts. Still, to give back to the employees who have made the company a success, the company provides many advantages.

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