Amazon Return Limit 2024! What Should We Note?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Amazon Return Limit

Almost all popular retailers provide customers with a detailed return policy to keep their satisfaction while maintaining a profit. And that’s the same for Amazon.

Let’s scroll down to read amazon return limit 2024 to see what to pay attention to when you want to return their items!

Amazon Return Limit Warning

Most Amazon items have a return policy of 30 days. However, the retailer always keeps an eye on returns to ensure customer satisfaction and protect sellers. 

If you return too many products, you may receive a written notice even though the return numbers are various based on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, Amazon may find it distrustful and limit your returns when you require a refund or return for almost all your shipments.  

Amazon Returnless Refund Limit 

Amazon applies an overseas store return policy of 30 days for the majority of its products. They, however, do not apply such a policy for some perishable items or some products from third-party sellers. 

Unluckily, some people sometimes take advantage of this policy to return lots of goods. That’s the time Amazon does something to stop those shoppers from misusing their fair policy of return. 

When you require returns for too many products, Amazon may send you a warning to prompt you about the return policy. They also remind you that the retailers can ban or limit your account according to their caution. 

We can observe the unusually high rate of problems with requested returns from such a message. Amazon makes an individual evaluation for each account, and they may close your account if there’s a requirement. 

Generally, it’s advisable to return Amazon items when it’s truly a problem. Otherwise, you may get disruption and subscriptions to your shopping.   

Will Amazon Ban Customer Account For Returning Too Many Items?

Amazon will never want to lose its customers if it is not a serious issue. In most cases, they only send customers warnings about returning too many products, and it is efficient to keep customers from shopping overboard. 

Nevertheless, Amazon can occasionally follow a case-by-case basis to ban clients when they abuse the Amazon return policy. Specifically, it only happens if the returning rate accounts for over 10% of all purchased items and customers cannot provide clear evidence of actual issues.

Nevertheless, Amazon can occasionally follow a case-by-case basis to ban clients when they abuse the Amazon return policy. Specifically, it only happens if the returning rate accounts for over 10% of all purchased items and customers cannot provide clear evidence of actual issues.

Hence, it’s very important to provide a clear explanation and photo proof whenever you want to send multiple items back to Amazon in a short time. 

In case your account is at risk of getting banned, you will receive messages or calls from Amazon to announce that. They will also contact you when they need to shut down your account after repeated violations. 

One more thing to remember is that they will remove your access to your Amazon Seller or Amazon Associates account if you’re banned from shopping on their website. 

Does Amazon Check Returns?

Does Amazon Check Returns

Amazon does not usually take a close check when requesting a return for only one or two items. It’s easy to understand because they have millions of transactions per day.

Nevertheless, their staff will notice and closely look at your account activity if you require regular returns and refunds for too many goods. 

It’s true when your returning rate accounts for more than 10% of your total purchase orders or when you ask them for refunds and returns too many times. 

Amazon associates can check all of your shopping activities on their website. Thus, you’d better not order many products just to return them several days later.  

Is There A Limit On Amazon Returns?  

It’s unfortunate that Amazon does not make public their return limits. When it comes to unspecified limits, Amazon will take notice of nearly every order if customers request returns. 

Customers who make between 5 and 10 returns or above may receive a warning from Amazon. Or if 10% of their purchased orders result in a return or refund, Amazon will warn them. 

They also remind customers about their return policy when the return goods value higher than the purchased and kept ones. 

So when you get a reminder from Amazon regarding the return policy, it’s advisable to limit your return requests. 

What Should You Do If There Are Issues With Your Returns? 

You may occasionally have problems with your Amazon orders or products. So if you suppose there’s a mistake from Amazon in warning you about regular returns, you ought to contact them and let them know about that problem. 

It’s essential to send them photos of damaged products or items different from what you ordered. When there’s a reasonable backup explanation, it’s unlikely for Amazon to cancel or ban your account. 

When you receive their email notification, reply to it and explain to them why you need to send your orders back. The Amazon associates will closely look at your orders to see if they can help with faulty goods or mistaken orders. 

Once you have already gone overboard on your returns, it’s best to make a response to them to acknowledge their concerns and promise to be more careful with your future shopping on their site. There’ll be no more trouble if you can maintain your returning rate under 10%.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1/ Is It Possible To Return Products To Amazon After 30 Days? 

Most of their products have a 30-day return policy. So if you send your items back after 30 days, there may be an additional fee for that. 

2/ How Many Returns Does Amazon Allow? 

The returning rate should only account for 10% of the total purchase orders. Over 10%, you may receive a reminder or warning from Amazon. 

3/ Does Amazon Have a Return Policy For Detective Items? 

Yes, you can send the defective things back to them within 30 days of the delivery date for a free and full refund. But remember to send them clear photos of defective or damaged products when requesting for return and refund. 

How many returns is too many before your Amazon account is banned?


Even though there’s a 30-day return policy for almost all their provided products, you’d better not request returns for too many items. Otherwise, they may ban your account. 

We hope this post is valuable to you. You’ll likely have the most wonderful shopping experience on Amazon!

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