How To Return An Item To Amazon After 30 Days Policy Has Expired?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 7, 2023
Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days In 2021

You bought merchandise on Amazon about 30 days ago, but it had an operating problem that made you unsatisfied. You want to be refunded but have not known the policy in this mall.

Everything will be alright when you have found out the answer to “Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days”. Keep reading to get more information about this policy. Let’s start!

Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days In 2023

According to the rule, Amazon allows buyers up to a 30-day duration to return products. However, the staff can apply the amazon late return policy for merchandise below:

Besides, you also may have to pay a return fee for restocking postage.

How To Return Items After 30 Days To Amazon?

Although the 30-day duration to return your merchandise has passed, see whether the return function remains visible by checking the “Your Orders” part. 

This is the quickest way to check whether your product can be returned or not. However, this policy does not apply for items bought over a month. If you can not see this option displaying, choose the “Help” item instead.

In some cases, you’ll have to exchange with a representative of Amazon via online chat or phone. Right after the employee accepts you to return the product, check your email to find a detailed guide, and read these needed steps to ship or drop off unwanted merchandise carefully.

Amazon normally refunds customers under two forms, cash or gift cards. Once its employees have confirmed the returned merchandise, it may take 4-5 days to deposit money into your account.

Are There Any Exceptional Cases For The Return Policy Of Amazon  After 30 Days?

There are also some exceptional cases for a 30-day return window to send goods back. For instance, shoppers can send these items below back to Amazon despite the 90-day duration:

  • Baby products
  • Refurbished goods certified by the warehouse
  • Ordered from birthday present lists or personal cust

Additionally, there are such brands that have a 365-day window to return the merchandise like:

Amazon’s 30-day Return Policy For Marketplace Sellers

It may vary if you order goods from a third party of Amazon when you are answering “How long do you have to return something to Amazon?” as a seller. Some sellers give more than 30 days to return. The exact policy is below “Sold By” in the merchandise lists.

Remember that they will apply restocking fees up to 20 percent if you can meet the deadline.

The Extended Holiday Return Policy Of Amazon

During the holiday, marketplace sellers and Amazon allow returning for a considerably longer time. The time frame usually is not fixed, Amazon always informs the detailed policy yearly.

The company applied the extended return policy to goods that buyers received from 1st October 2021 – 31st December 2021 and required shoppers to return these items before February 2021.

The Amazon Prime 30-day Return Policy

Amazon Prime 30-day Return Policy

These members of Amazon Prime have to comply with a 30-day duration to return like other normal buyers because the time to send goods back begins counting from the moment goods reach your doorstep.

Is It Possible To Return Amazon Items Provided Fresh Service When 30 Days Are Expired?

The company normally does not allow returning grocery products provided by Fresh service. If they are stale or damaged, you also can get a refund, but Amazon requires about 30 days for this action without exceptions.

The Amazon FBA 30-day Returns Policy 

The return policy for retailers typically qualifies these orders to be fulfilled for a third party, and a representative will accept return goods after around one month.

However, you have to return any unwanted products to Amazon.

In Which Case Are Amazon Returns Shipping Complimentary?

The majority of goods fulfilled or sold by this mall are allowed to return without any shipping fee for 30 days. The “Free Return” will appear close to the product price on the purchase listing.

Over a 30-day window, buyers can drop off products at some stores eligible for complimentary Amazon returns but pay attention that different policies can apply to the third-party sellers and heavy items.

What Is The Amazon Item Return Timeframe?

The timeframe is about 30-365 days calculated from delivery, depending on the kind of products and sellers.

All you need to do is drop off or ship your items within the accepted return window.


It will potentially be money-saving and easier to send Amazon goods back in 30 days. However, you also can return most products within a longer period as long as you’ve got confirmation from a representative of Amazon.

Besides, some kinds of items or certain brands are usually provided longer return periods with the flexibility in the extended holiday purchases policy.

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