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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Amazon Rehire Policy

There are a few policies that Amazon employees must follow while working at the company. Those policies include business ethics, how to treat people in the company, as well as their day off. 

Amazon’s rehire policy is also a concern of many people who have left the company but desire to return to work and employees planning to leave. If you’re curious about this or want to learn more about Amazon, continue reading our article.

Amazon Rehire Policy 2024

According to Amazon’s relevant recruitment policies, employees quit their jobs without any violations or wrongdoings during their work. In case there is a need to return, the company will support them all.

However, it is not always possible for former employees to return to work if they are terminated, violate the rules, and do not meet the standards set by the company.

The company will always support employees who are enthusiastic about their work and quit for objective reasons. However, for some cases, such as leaving work without notice or being fired for violating company rules, the company will not support returning to work.

In addition, Amazon sees the ability and talent of an employee, so the company will give that employee one more chance when the contract is terminated based on Amazon rehire policy after termination.

If You Quit Amazon, Can You Go Back?

With Notice

Suppose employees leave without notice so that the company can find a replacement Amazon and that employee will end the partnership happily and fairly. Employees will always be welcome to return to the company as long as employees do not make too big mistakes or violate the rules too many times in the working process. 

The announcement of leave is an act of respect in the company and is considered official permission to the management. Amazon will accept leave applications if their employees want to and are always happy to take them back.

Without Notice

If employees leave Amazon without formal notice, it will be difficult for Amazon to apply for a position at the company. When employees leave without notice, they must pay a fine, and the company will denylist their names. That would be a black spot for that employee in the eyes of Amazon and possibly partner companies. 

Therefore, if employees in the company intend to quit, they need to give notice a period in advance and send a resignation letter as soon as possible to consider giving a second chance to return to the working company. In addition, Amazon encourages employees to notify when they leave if they want to return to work in the future.

Amazon Rehire Policy After Termination 2024

Amazon Rehire Policy After Termination

Alternatives To Fired

When an Amazon employee commits a violation that causes them to be fired, they will not be fired and terminated immediately. Instead, their superiors will give them a chance by taking the Pivot course – a program to improve the quality, qualifications, and ethics that lasts for two months. 

If an employee chooses to attend the course instead of quitting and completes the tasks while attending the course, they will return to their normal work as before. Therefore, Amazon often encourages employees to persevere in taking the course to return to work without being fired.

Reason To Consider Rehiring

Whether Amazon rehires that employee when they are fired depends on why the employee was fired. The company has clear termination policies for hiring terminated employees, so Amazon will review the employee’s work history to assess the hiring process. 

Employees fired for extremely serious reasons are dishonest or continuously commit mistakes without change. The possibility of being reinstated in the company is almost impossible. Amazon has laid off employees to cut staff, and payor minor fault or misunderstandings will reapply without question like previous layoffs.

Amazon Rehire Eligibility 2024

Amazon also considers hiring you based on employee performance. Work quality and productivity will make employees a plus in Amazon’s employers. Furthermore, the employee needs to show tact and close relationships with their superiors during his previous employment. 

Although there is a possibility of being re-hired, the employee who has been terminated will have to wait a time before being registered (From 90 days to a year after being terminated). Amazon’s hiring time for employees who have left is different, depending on the position and why they quit.

Source: Reddit

Will Terminated Amazon Employees Receive Severance Pay?

Once a year, Amazon applies a policy of giving away from 2000 5,000 USD to each full-time employee working at fulfillment centers if that employee leaves. Employees must have worked for at least one year at Amazon to be eligible for this policy. Once the employee has received the severance bonus, the employee will never return to work at Amazon.

When employees are terminated from Amazon, they have the option to leave with a 5,000 USD severance package course to improve their knowledge and qualifications. However, Amazon’s employee termination policy does not allow employees to return to work for the company in the future if they accept this severance package. 

Therefore, Amazon encourages employees when terminating their contracts because if employees receive a severance package, they will automatically cancel their conditions to return to the company later.


Amazon states that employees can be fired for various reasons and will be given a choice between 5,000 USD and a course to improve their knowledge and qualifications. If they choose the severance package, they will not be welcomed back to the company.

In addition, former employees who have left their positions for legitimate or objective reasons will be able to re-registered and return to their company positions based on Amazon rehire policy from 90 days to 1 year after they leave the company.

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