Amazon Bereavement Policy 2024 – Proof Require & How To Apply?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Amazon Bereavement Policy

Many U.S. retailers have started to recognize the role of bereavement policy for the staff because they can get time off for funerals or other plans.

You wonder what bereavement leave Amazon for employees is, especially when you are a worker or are looking for a job at this world-renowned retailer.

Amazon Bereavement Policy In 2024

Full-time or part-time staff is eligible for Amazon paid bereavement when the members of the employees’ families immediately have died since 2022. The absence duration varies depending on each different state, probably requiring longer time off. As follows:

  • Full-time employees shall receive up to three (3) days of bereavement leave with pay (up to a maximum of 24 work hours or 36 hours for 56 hour employees).
  • Part-time employees shall be eligible for bereavement leave equal to three part-time days off with pay (i.e., pay equivalent to their normal part-time schedule).

Suppose you would like to know more about those workers who qualify for paid bereavement Amazon and how to apply for Amazon bereavement leave. Keep reading

Does Amazon ask for proof of bereavement?

Generally, the internal documentation relating to these retailers has never been published on the Internet. Still, several workers can present the proof with managers in some different anecdotes.

If a supervisor requests you for documentation, consider using a death certificate or obituary to confirm that a family member has passed away.

Consider confirming that a member has perished by using the death obituary or certificate in case that the paid bereavement Amazon proof is required.

Does Amazon Agree Bereavement Automatically?

Typically, the manager must allow your absence before getting paid leave. If your company does not recognize your relatives as one of the direct members of your family, your request can be rejected. 

Therefore, claiming bereavement leave Amazon is impossible when a non-relative or close friend passes away.

Can Amazon Apply Bereavement Leave Policy For An Employee’s Pet?

Unfortunately, Amazon’s bereavement leave policy is not taken if you lose your pet.

This benefit, though, remains in few employers, such as

Are You Eligible For Bereavement Leave Policy At Amazon?

Typically, all part-time or full-time staff qualifies for Amazon bereavement leave. 

Make certain that you consult your supervisor before taking time off. Even if an employee doesn’t normally get paid time off at Amazon, they will be eligible for bereavement benefits. Still, those independent contractors of this company typically can not get this policy.

How Long Can You Request Amazon Bereavement Time Off?

When many members of your family have passed away, there is no certain policy limiting bereavement time off. However, it can be wise to ask your manager to get more details first.

Workers in Oregon can request time off up to twelve weeks per month, depending on the law of each state in case six members of a family have passed away.

Will Amazon Fire You Because Of Negative Unpaid Time Off (UTF)?

Negative-Unpaid Time Off amazon

You may use UPT if longer than three days are needed to grieve, but Amazon can terminate the working contract with any employee exceeding UTP limits, regardless of one hour.

Besides, remember the number of hours that you spend can exceed the allowed period once you aren’t busy working.

So, it is important to plan to utilize time off precisely and carefully to prevent unforeseen consequences.

How To Take Amazon Bereavement Benefit?

Make an appointment with your manager to ask for your time off as quickly as possible to confirm that you are eligible for this policy and provide enough notice.

Moreover, keep in mind to keep and obtain the death documentation so that if your supervisor requests proof relating to the death, you will have to present it.

Do You Need To Get Bereavement Leave?

Suppose a family member has passed away, and you are eligible for this policy. Why don’t you have the leave?

You will still receive the standard wage in your time-off period, and it also will not decrease the unpaid or paid leave period that you’ve got.

The Bereavement Policy Of The Whole Foods Market

The majority of staff does not qualify for the bereavement policy if you are an employee at Whole Foods Market except for the law required.

For example, Canadian supermarkets, Whole Foods, comply with the law in this country by offering three-day unpaid leave.

Besides, Whole Foods and many Amazon companies located in Oregon, whose government provides bereavement leave for most employers.

Oregon employees can exit the office without informing a minimum of 24 hours and paying a maximum of two weeks.

But several part-time employees are not eligible under the law of Oregon unless they work an average minimum of 25 hours per week. The working time is also a minimum of 180 days and only asks for an absence minimum of 60 days from the death of a person.

Note that this policy applies to the following family members of the staff:

  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Child
  • Domestic partner
  • Spouse
  • Father-in-law or mother-in-law

Besides these direct relations above, the spouses’ relatives also qualify for this benefit.

Over the past few years, many states have weighed implementing bereavement leave, which is yet to apply in the law.

Other subsidiaries of Amazon don’t need to implement the same regulations as Whole Foods. For example, Glassdoor provides bereavement leave for its personnel.


The Amazon bereavement leave always creates the chance for the employee to claim paid three-day off if there is an immediate member of their family passing away.

Several supervisors can request documentary proof relating to the death, like the death certificate or newspaper obituary. This policy doesn’t apply to independent contractors, non-U.S workers, or other subsidiaries such as Whole Foods.


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