What Is The Amazon VTO Policy? – Summary Of Questions And Answers

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023

If you are currently an employee or are planning to join AMZ, you must know the “Amazon VTO Policy”. This approach is one of the company’s top incentives that many people love and appreciate.

Why do so many people love it? Is this type of policy related to salary or not? What are the benefits of participating? All the answers will be right here. Read on for details!

What Is The Current Amazon VTO Policy?

V-T-O (Voluntary Time Off) is a policy that allows warehouse workers to take “unpaid” leave without being penalized by relevant Amazon (AMZ) policies.

Amazon Voluntary Time Off is also a guideline geared toward efficiency in managing wages and benefits in their warehouse. Specifically, members of the workforce can flex their period off without worrying about having their benefits or wages cut.

There are a lot of valuable details surrounding this AMZ benefit. If you are inquisitive or are learning about this V-T-O policy, please continue to explore the following sections!

Why Does Amazon Offer A VTO Policy?

Besides benefits and salary, VTO Amazon is a great policy that allows workers to have more freedom to take leave or do their work without incurring benefits or status risks.

After workers finish their work before the deadline for the day, they can get Voluntary Time Off and leave early. This great policy is often offered to employees before busy holidays. This policy helps motivate employees to work better and take advantage of the excess period for their work or rest on sick days. 

In addition, this is also a method that AMZ uses to optimize costs and maximize work efficiency. This issue includes ensuring that employees have the period, support, and resources to carry out their work and daily life responsibilities. 

What Can AMZ Workers Do With VTO?

AMZ employees can utilize their Voluntary Time Off to do work related to personal reasons such as personal affairs, household errands, or childcare

Furthermore, workers can take advantage of V-T-O if there are visitors. Overall you can take advantage of any reason. Usually, Voluntary Time Off will come faster than weekly or monthly leave.

After you finish your work well early and can comfortably leave with V-T-O. This offer is great because you can enjoy some period off while still getting paid.

Especially V-T-O users will not be penalized, not be deducted other benefits and their accumulated leave balance. Whether to use Voluntary Time Off or not depends on their choice.

How Do Amazon Workers Participate In Voluntary Time Off?

AMZ Workers Do With VTO

V-T-O ​​options will vary between locations in the AMZ. Voluntary Time Off options depends highly on the number of employees and workload at those hubs because many centers will be busier than others.

This issue is pretty easy because AMZ encourages you to sign up for email or text alerts about receiving V-T-O opportunities when an offer is available. Remember to seize this opportunity to get the benefits for yourself quickly.

After receiving the notification, quickly register to participate. Register as soon as possible when the opportunity opens because these positions will often fill up quickly and run out of slots. 

In particular, the employee’s Voluntary Time Off will be stored separately from the leave and PTO.

Do Warehouse Employees Need To Join VTO?

Employees at AMZ have the right to participate or not participate, depending on their preferences. In particular, employers do not have to force their employees to reduce working hours.

In some cases, such as the number of employees assigned to more than the number of jobs, the excess period is obvious, so the company’s management will promote employees to use the benefits of Voluntary Time Off. 

If this benefit still has a slot, the notification will still be sent to you until the staff fully books it. 

In general, the period before the “winter vacation” will be when V-T-O is popular. The busyness of the last months of the year leaves most AMZ facilities with fewer opportunities for VTOs because more people demand them. 

In this case, although workers can do well and create optimization in the workload, the slot to benefit from Voluntary Time Off may be narrow. 

Does VTO Have Any Impact On Full-Time Employees?

“Unpaid period off” is always a top concern for workers because it can affect their benefits and pay.

The Voluntary Time Off offer appeared and alleviated workers’ concerns because those who work 40-hour/week and AMZ hourly workers who leave early are not punished. 

You can specifically understand that the V-T-O will allow you to take leave without affecting any personal benefits for both full-time and part-time workers. 

This form was born to optimize the salary costs for workers but also help them have the option to rest without fear of penalty.

It is essential to learn about AMZ policies and benefits if you are currently an employee or are planning to join the company.


If a person does not work, they will certainly have no money or deduct their salary. On the contrary, workers who work and leave early can rest comfortably without fear of affecting salary or benefits. Those are the great elements that Voluntary Time Off brings. That sounds great.

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