How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Amazon?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Old To Work At Amazon

Amazon is one of the most prominent online retailers, being the iconic instance in the online commerce industry. We bet that all of you here have already had at least one time to go shopping on Amazon. But have you ever wondered how old to work at Amazon?

We have that question run through our minds; therefore, we decide to research and find many facts about the Amazon age requirement for employees that will surprise you.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Amazon?

Amazon only employs people who are 18 or above, according to the year 2022. Moreover, this company particularly states that they don’t hire 15-to-17 years old students due to legal reasons. 

Especially with the warehouse or driver jobs, candidates need to be above 18, and the driver is 21 years old. Generally, all recruits must have permission to work in the U.S and meet age requirements.

We know that these pieces of information are not enough for some of you. You will want to know about the age requirements of other positions, and does Amazon hire 17 years old? After all, they are almost 18; people may think: “Why not?”. If this is your concern, keep reading!

Are 17-Year-Old Students Qualified For The Job?

As mentioned earlier, some people may think Amazon will shorten the restrictions, allowing 17-year-old people to work since they are almost 18 years old.

But, the restrictions extend to the age of 17, too. Seventeen years old people are also prohibited from working at Amazon. 

You may ask why they have that rule. The primary reason is that the labor laws in the U.S, precisely and globally, strictly forbid companies from hiring underages, making Amazon comply with the rules. 

Plus, you will be asked to hand out your high school diploma or GED, abbreviated as General Educational Development, to demonstrate your knowledge during the recruitment process. 

Therefore, if you are a 17-year-old early graduate, you still need to wait until you turn 18 to grant yourself a spot to work in this multinational company. 

If you are still eager to work, there are still businesses that will recruit people at this age. On top of this list, we have a brilliant candidate for your workplace, McDonald’s. So, let’s apply now! 

If you want other options, find your favorite company and read reviews and company policies to see whether they hire teens. 

Is Amazon Suitable For Students?

The answer is no. Amazon is not perfect for high school students looking for part-time jobs.

 The reason is that with a vast and busy firm like Amazon, it is challenging for them to catch up with the minors to keep them safe and comply with the labor laws. 

Consequently, with all the vast types of machinery, they will be more prone to danger, ending up hurting themselves, and Amazon will waste a lot of money to compensate for these underages. 

That’s why it is more cost-effective for Amazon to recruit people more than 18. The correct amount of training sessions will help them become the most efficient labor force. 

If you still love working part-time summer jobs, consider working at small supermarkets or businesses to make money and develop vital soft skills for your future. They will surely give you opportunities to challenge yourself.

Amazon job available For Students

FAQs About Amazon Age Requirement 

How Old Are The Amazon Delivery Drivers? 

This position’s requirement is relatively different. You need to be above 21 to be qualified for the delivery driver position. This requirement stems from Amazon’s demands to hire experienced drivers, not somebody who has just been licensed. 

You can apply since Amazon will recruit this driver position regularly, especially their driver partners’ program. In case you are qualified after the background check and drug testing, you are good to work!

One unique point is that you only need to prove that you are 21 years old when being the driver-partner. Having special licenses is not compulsory. 

Can I Work At The Warehouse If I’m Above 18 Years Old? 

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Due to heavy, dangerous, and complicated equipment and technology, only adults can handle them cautiously and efficiently, combined with proper training.

When applying for the job, your application file consists of proof of your identification, such as the identification card or driver’s license to confirm you meet the age requirements and the high school diploma. 

If you don’t have the diploma, please attach your GED results to validate your current education situation. We are confident that most adults will pass these requirements and may be offered the job by Amazon. 

And you shouldn’t worry; Amazon will constantly hire new employees, so as long as you are a hardworking person and successfully go through the background check, you will earn a warehouse worker position. 

Not limited to the position in the warehouse, various working positions in Amazon will be in the hiring process regularly, from entry-level to management-level jobs. 

That’s why we see that Amazon is an ideal working environment for people who want to participate in the labor workforce competitively. 

Finally, the salary is not too bad, starting from 15 dollars per hour, it will be suitable if you are a recent high school graduate with zero working experience.

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To summarize, you have to be above 18 years old to be ready to work, even in the warehouse. 

Amazon doesn’t hire high school students from 15 to 17 years old, so consider applying for local businesses or companies that have policies to accept younger workers. 

The primary reason is that labor laws restrict most companies from employing underages to avoid exploitation and harassment they may face. Therefore, Amazon will be more beneficial in using adults. 

One unique point is that the delivery driver requires more than 21 years old candidates. Thank you for staying with us till the end. Goodbye and see you in the following article.

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