Amazon Relocation Package 2024 – All You Need To Know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Amazon Relocation Package

Amazon Relocation Package comes with a lot of benefits and perks. You can get yourself relocated to Seattle and get a chance to participate in a customized selection process. This can help you land a job on Amazon and enjoy the perks of the package.

Amazon Relocation Package 2024 Overview

Does Amazon Pay For Relocation?


Amazon offers some relocation assistance so that one can at least settle into life in Seattle to help its employees move freely between their homes and the workplace.

The company’s employee relocation assistance program can cover part of the individual’s cost-related expenses like moving costs once you’ve arrived at your destination.

How Much Does Amazon Pay For Relocation?

They will compensate their employees between $20K and $40K for related moving costs. The money can be paid in one up-front sum or installments over ten years starting next year.

Amazon relocation packages help new employees get settled in a new location when the company decides to transfer someone else into a vacant role. The relocation process can sometimes be quite expensive and time-consuming, depending on the distance.

Amazon helps relieve this burden by subsidizing a significant part of it and providing funds that cover moving costs, providing an employee with three months’ worth of stable housing. Partial assistance moving things into a rental property or selling an employee’s home. 

Are These Relocation Packages Applied For International Moves?


Even though Amazon pays for state-to-state moves, they also provide considerable funding to help employees with international moves. According to past employees, Amazon will pay up to $40K to help an employee with relocation fees.

They will also help you get a flight set up and find transportation upon moving here and the home initially provided. If you are at a highly-senior level (L4, l5, l6, l7…), there’ll be an additional cash allowance to cover any other incidental fees that might come up in relocating from another country.

The Process For Getting Amazon Relocation Package Lump Sum

Process For Getting Amazon Relocation Package

Rather than filling out a form, a relocation support package is granted to new employees after they directly ask for the offering from the company. Relocation packages tend to be negotiable, and some even suggest that the initial offering be discussed in writing to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

Keep in mind your specific needs, including your moving and settling into your new location; this will make it easier to negotiate a good deal!

Do The Staff Need To Repay The Relocation Package Costs?

If someone joins Amazon and then decides to leave it before the year or fails to move as promised, they have to pay back any relocation fees lent by Amazon.

Amazon is a great big place with a lot of employees. Sometimes a person can get lost in the behemoth of a company and may want to move on. So, it’s good to make sure that your business relationships reflect generosity and trust. 

Which Cost Does the Relocation Package Cover?

Amazon provides relocation & moving expenses for new employees in the process of finding an apartment/home in Seattle. The plans include temporary housing, which accommodates employees and their families for up to nine months, travel expenses to and from the company (via airline tickets or moving vans), as well as costs for transient hotel lodging during travel. 

Employees may earn amounts ranging from $20K to $40K based on how far they live from Seattle. Apart from personal relocations like finding a new place to live, this plan also helps with professional affecting moves.  

Is It Bad For Employees When Asking for Relocation Packages?


Although new employees of Amazon may feel uncomfortable requesting relocation support, there’s nothing wrong with asking if you have extenuating circumstances. You should note that this assistance works as an employee’s compensation package. 

You just need to remember to request the needed assistance for your situation only as it could be considered rude if you asked for extra money. 

Amazon doesn’t have to spare or would not want to give out as opposed to something else like daycare or food assistance if this is your case. Even though it may seem like an easy way to make money on the side – engaging in such misconduct will be incredibly costly in the long run.

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The package has many benefits and incentives attached to it, making it an attractive option. We hope you found our blog post on all you need to know about the Amazon Relocation Package 2024 helpful. If you know anyone relocating to the new Amazon headquarters, please share this article with them. Thank you

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